Saturday, January 17, 2009

My 1st week!




I just had like.. the busiest week ever. Not to mention tiring. And it's just gonna be more and more tiring as weeks go by.
*Brr* I dare not even think about it...

If you don't count weekends, I don't even have a free day. I used to have one free day last semester. Well, technicallyyyy... not really, coz I had orchestra on that day but I did not have any classes. Unlike this semester, I've classes every single morning. And to add on to that.. 3 of them are 9am classes!!!!

I've been waking up consistently at like.. 7 plus am for the past five days. I think I'm getting a bit used to it I guess. I have to. I was actually afraid that I couldn't wake up on the first day. Coz I had my studio class at 9am in the morning. And it is.. the first day of school, and I didn't wanna be late for it. So I actually asked my mom to do me one tiny favour and call me just to make sure I woke up. Haha. Thank you mother.

And.. I also wore my "Sorry I'm Late!" t-shirt to school! It's a very cute shirt. It's like in BOLD BIG RED letters. I kinda purposely wore that shirt coz I knew that I was gonna be like maybe 3 mins late for at least a class. Coz it was like.. 9-10am studio class, 10-11am musical concepts and materials, 11-12pm major class, 12-1.15pm noon recital then lunch break for like... 30 minutes and I've to rush back to orchestra rehearsal in the afternoon 2pm-5pm.

Guess what? I was late, well 3 minutes. Coz studio kinda dragged on a lil bit, when it ended I literally ran dowan with my trumpet and books, went into the classroom and said, "Sorry I'm late Dr Edwards, I had studio class and it just ended." While panting away.

And you know what he said to me? He was like," Oh no worries, I know you'll show up sooner or later. (coz he saw me in school already earlier in the morning) Oh look! You even have the appropriate t-shirt for it!" Hahahahahahaha. I like Dr Edward's class, it's.. fun. I think, I can't really find the right word for it.

And I actually really do enjoy every single class that I have. Well, some are hard, and we had one which uhm.. the teachers changed. Well last semester my year was kinda divided into half so 2 teachers are teaching the same thing except different way.. a bit. So we went to the new(to us) teacher's class and came out with either jaws dropped to the ground or just absolutely blank facial expression coz there was just soo much to process and he went like sooo freaking fast you don't even have the time to think.

I thought Monday was gonna be hell for me, but suprisingly it wasn't. I went back home happy haha. Didn't really get any monday blues.

Well that was Monday, and there's like the rest of the week and I'm not really into talking about now actually. It was just really tiring. And I've tons and tons of homework to do.

Oh... and I just wanna say that I'm really studying at a university now. You know why? I've finally been to a lecture hall, like a proper proper university kinds of lecture halls where you see in movies. The ones where there's like loads of seats and loads of people and the lecturer has to use a microphone wtf.

Something that looks like this!
I say that.. because the classes we have in YST are like.. smaller groups and our classrooms are not big. Most classes only have less than 10 people at a time. And well, I kinda got a shock too, coz I saw people like... eating during the lecture. Sorry lah, I noob. Like... behind me, this girl has a bag of potato chips and eating it when the lecturer was talking. I didn't know you can eat in the lecture hall!!! I mean, not to say that I wanted to eat lah, coz I just had lunch and I was full.

So, ladies and gentlemen, I am a... university student! *smile* Although the only class that I have which is at a lecture hall like above.. is my Southeast Asian Studies which was an extra module that I took. Not realizing that my schedule was already like damn packed coz I only found out this week that I have Professional Development.

Oh well. I'm off to bed now and hopefully waking up before 9am tomorrow. No wait. It's a Saturday... fine. I'll wake up at 9am. Then get ready and go to the bookstore to get my books, hopefully they're not all too expensive until I don't have enuff moolah to pay for.

*fingers crossed*


Anonymous Anonymous said...

early mornings huh? you will get used to it soon... and if you fall asleep. nothing a cup of joe couldnt help..

hmm.. books! it usually cost a bomb! at least here. my text is usd145 from amazon and that is already dicounted by 55 bucks for one text.

January 17, 2009 at 7:27 AM 
Blogger Wen-Qi said...

crash: oh that's expensive. I dont' know about mine yet. coz I didn't go buy that day haha. gonna go tomorrow or something.

January 18, 2009 at 9:49 PM 
Blogger KY said...

this is like the longest post evarrr!

January 18, 2009 at 10:23 PM 

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