Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Viennese Cookies!!!

Helloooo... I'm at Flamingo Hotel now typing away on a Word coz there's no internet connection in the hotel room. Well, technically there is, but I hear we've to pay for it. Haha wtf I don't even know why I'm saying all these things.

So anyways, I'm at MPYO music camp now. And we've been staying at Flamingo Hotel since Sunday. Tomorrow.. which is Wednesday, we'll be off to Bangi... far far awayyy with no internet. Well, there is... but I won't be able to use my laptop. :(

Sigh... I prolly won't be updating that much the next two weeks, coz after the 9th, which is our concert in DFP, we'll be off to Kuching and Kota Kinablau next until the 16th. And I'm not sure if I can get free wifi or even free enuff to blog.
That's why I'm blogging now. Uhm.. yeah.

Imma tell you about what I did the day before I left for KL. Well, the evening+night. Instead of packing for the tour, I baked cookies HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA.... of course, with the help from my sister! Coz she's the cookie-baker at home. Mom's the uhh... cake-baker and biscotti-baker.

Oh... so what we baked was... Viennese Cookies!!!

It's actually quite easy to make. Not difficult at all. I mean... a noob like me even understand what I've to do. So first, there's the instructions.
Of course there's instructions, we're not like geniuses who know what and how to make Viennese Cookies just by having a bite of 'em bought from grocery stores.

You can try it(if you're bored like me and wated to make something out of nothing). It's a safe recipe. Coz we tried it and it works haha.

These.... are pistachios. Really really really awsome uh... nuts.
So... just chop them into really really really small pieces. Like they're crushed, although I know this picture doesn't look like it. Coz I took it before I finished cutting them thoroughly. And then there's butter and icing sugar which I didn't take a picture of. You have to beat it and stuff. I'm lazy to explain already. Go look at the directions. (that's why my sister hates making cookies with me, coz she says I always give up halfway haha) Seeeee! So nice :) Creamyyyyyyy butter and icing sugar. It actually tastes really good haha. Then you start uhm... scooping some flour and putting it in the butter-ish thingy and start making the dough. Which, in the end will end up looking something like this. Then you put it all into a piping bag with a nozzle and then it'll look like this. It's quite an obscene picture but oh well. Slowly squeeze 'em out into well.. even pieces. Then! Sprinkle the crushed pistachios on the top! In comes the oven. Shove 'em into the oven for about 20 minutes! Ooooooh... now comes the chocolate part. Melt some chocolates, well the one which you'd like to coat your cookies with lah. And then you coat the top part with chocolate. (by this time, the cookies should be out of the oven edi.) I didn't take pictures of us coating it coz we were both too busy coating the cookies, obviouslyyyy! It was quite a funny scene though.

In the end... they will look like that!! We kinda ran out of chocolate, so we had like... milk chocolate and some dark chocolate on the tip haha. At least they looked cute!

This is how they look like when they're(the chocolate) still wet.
I do know that it's a repeated picture wtf.

And this! Dry!! I prefer the wet look though.

Nice or not!!!!

So after that, my hands were still feeling a bit itchy and I still felt like making something. I was planning on giving them to my tutors. One who taught me before and I was gonna have a lesson with him when I reached KL. One who's my current tutor. And another who was gonna teache me/us in camp.

The end result became like this!!!
HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA.... I know it's a bit early but oh what the hell.


Blogger Ho Jiak said...

is it nice? is it nice? it looks so buttery and delicious

December 3, 2008 at 5:03 PM 
Blogger Nels said...

I made them today after reading your post. They are awesome!

December 4, 2008 at 5:23 AM 
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