Friday, January 9, 2009

Byebye Home

Ok... one minute ago, I was actually very enthusiastic about what I wanted to blog. But now that I'm here. I kinda forgot what I was gonna blog about. Ahh dammit.

Anyways, today is my last day at home. I spent it by doing a bit of laundry, practicing, fetching my sister from school and to tuition and from tuition(haha), having a bit of hoo haa of the bus tickets coz of some schedule changes plus some miscommunication(I hope it is, if not then it's just forgetfulness wtf) and watching the other boleyn girl. Oh.. and well later I'm gonna have to do some packing! Coz I haven't packed anything yet!!!

Speaking of movies, I think I've a new pet peeve. Or maybe it's always been there, just that I didn't know about it. I like to watch movies in peace. As in, no interruptions if possible. It was especially annoying today when I was trying to watch this movie, and.. like every freaking 5 minutes I gotta get up from my seat.

It was ridiculous! Like.. one minutes the phone rings(which I had to run downstairs to get the phone), next the doorbell rings, next my mobile rings, next the dogs are going crazy barking non-stop, next the phone rings again!! WTF!!! Let a girl watch her movie in peace can or not!!!?! Sigh. It was a good movie though, I liked it. Eric Bana was so yummy as King Henry VIII.

And you know what I won't miss here at home?

And do you happen to know what this is?

It is my music stand. Because I left my music stand in Singapore... as you can clearly see, I had to improvise a lil.
So this is how I practice at home these days. I have to have to have to remember to bring back my music stand which was left on my desk in Singapore to rot.

Oh well.

Ooooh I got myself a watch a couple of days ago. And I really like it wtf. Lemme show you!
Nice or not!!!

A lil closer..
Oh... anddddd, I also got myself a hopefully reliable alarm clock. Coz I really do not know what is wrong with me, but every single morning, when my (phone)alarm rings, I kinda automatically switch it off. And I don't wake up until noon!!! And I can't afford to do that next week, at all!! When I have like three days of 9am classes to attend.

Nah... my very orange alarm clock!
Imma put it on my desk far far way from me when I go back, so that when it rings.. I'll have to literally drag myself up to switch off the alarm. I really hope that plan of mine works. If not, then.. I'm dooooooomed.

I'm gonna be quite busy for this next semester of mine. Oh... I won the bid!!! For the Singapore Studies module. I'm gonna be studying about uhh... Southeast Asia: A Changing Region. Pwoarrrr. Ok... I'm never that big about history kinda stuff, so I hope everything goes well and I'm not stupid in that subject haha coz there wasn't really any other choice for me and my friends to pick from, blame our schedule. Ok lah, technically I can't blame our schedule coz we didn't necessarily need to do singapore studies this semester, it's just coz we wanted to finish it asap.

Ok... I think it's time for me to do some packing and then have a good night's rest coz tomorrow I gotta clean my room in sg when I reach and hopefully get some practice, and I really really really hope that there won't be any kind of insects waiting for me....

Ughh yuck.


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