Thursday, January 31, 2008

Rumor has it that I heart Michael Buble *gushes*

I came back home(home home as in Penang) this afternoon and found out that apparently my family knows about this blog. So.. if you're reading this now.. helloooo family!!

Anywayyys.. I was going to write something but I was very distracted, coz the tv was on. And sooo.. I just watched a movie by Jennifer Aniston called Rumor Has It(on HBO or Cinemax or StarMovies, can't remember). I actually quite like the movie although if I remember correctly, I think it was a flop or something. But I don't care! I likey!

It was funny.. and they have emo parts. And I thought this line was fab!

~I didn't come here to tell you that I can't live without you. I can live without you. I just don't want to.~

Like... OMG... o___O

I'm speechless wtf. I like chick flicks, so kill me wtf.

-after a moment of speechlessness-

I just like the movie. And Jennifer Aniston always have the nicest hair... sighhh..

The end.


Now I'm gonna make Michelle happy and do the meme thingy(again i know). But I'm not going to follow exactly what it says. I'm suppose to talk about my first fav pop group/singers, things like that. But I'm not even going to do that! I'm just going to share with you guys of my infatuation with this guy, going by the name of... Michael Buble *swoons*

And this
voilà him!! I'm gonna put a lottt of pics of him! You've been warned wtf.

awww.. look at him dancing happily away with Tony Bennet!

Ok lah, I admit the last picture of him is not THAT flattering but who cares!! He's not only cute.. he can sing! And oh boy... he can really sing! I can say that I love almost all of his songs.. I'm saying ALMOST.. only coz some covers that he does, some people will argue that the original was better.

And when Hasan(stewie's friend from Bahrain) came to Malaysia. We will always fight in the car on the way back from KL to Penang. Because dear Hasan is a very very hardcore Frank Sinatra fan. And hey, I'm not saying Sinatra doesn't sing well, he sings good too. But I prefer Buble!

Oh oh!! And he also guest-starred in the series Las Vegas! Seriously, it was soo funny.

Just watch! I call this... Buble.. in a Bubble!!! (hahahahahhahha so cute, and cheeky wtf)

Anyone who's been to his concert will tell you that he's an AWESOME entertainer. I mean.. he's just really really gooood. I just love him to bits lah. And some more once I saw this interview, he said... I'm bringing chunky back.. and and.. maybe when I'm older, I'll be bringing hairy back! HAHAHAHAHA... *big smiley face*

I <3 you, Michael Buble! Please don't stop singing/entertaining! Mwah! Mwah!!

p.s. KY asked me to tell you guys he says that Kimberly sucks in badminton, and I told him Kimberly will be angry but KY says she knows she suck. Damn bad right, KY!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Smoke. Hmph!

Today, i shall talk about smoke. -__-

Anyone, well... who knows me a bit, would know that i can't stand smoke. Okok, smoke as in.. cigarette smoke. I get extremely annoyed by the smoke. I just can't stand it. I don't know why in the first place do people smoke when they know it's going to kill them. Fine.. they can argue that they're gonna die anyway right? But come onnn... do you guys have to let other people around you suffer?!? They should all just dieeee. i dun care! >.<>
you think this girl's attractive??

what would you be thinking now if she opened her mouth to speak and it looked like this?!?! UGHHH!!!

I hateeee people who smoke in hallways.. in an enclosed area. WTF!!! And the smoke will linger around.. like foreverrr.. and I've to hold my breath till I get out of there. I don't know why my nose is so sensitive wtf.

And oh! I especially hate people who are smoking when people around you are eating. Like... I know it's a free world and all, but let people have some peace eating!! At least be considerate and go smoke else where or something. Not when there are non-smokers around! Stupid people!! Mindless!!

And Firdauz!!! I thank you soo much for quitting!!! I'm soo proud of you! I give you a strawberry trophy ice cream! *nah!!* Don't ever smoke again Firdauzzzz.. *big smiley face*

That's Firdauz with his face all scrunched up. And Ming pointing at dunno what. And quiet Raff behind.

p.s. i want to thank Skyler for inspiring me to write this post wtf.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Real Update wtf!!


Showered - check!

Did the obligatory phone call to my mum - check!

Sitting on the bed comfy-ly - check!

Have a pillow plop-ed up behind AND on my lap for the nuffie laptop -check!

Finally not angry for the day and ready to write something - check!

Oooh.. let's see what I'm going to talk about. Nope, I didn't finish my work for the day, I've to continue it tomorrow, sniff. It was a really reallyyy loonnnggggg day today.. but it's fine, I still have a tiny bit of energy left inside me to blog wtf.

And Stewie just said to me.. in his own words..
"Eh, quickly go blog or else later no one read your blog then you sad!"

And I think I just haha-ed. wtf.

Ok.. I... am going to do the tag!! which uhh.. Skyler uh.. how do you say this... which she tagged me? Ahhh... you guys should know what I'm blabbing about wtf.

Apparently... there're some rules in the tag or something. Lemme just copy paste it.

Ctrl+c... Ctrl+v!

The rules are:
Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
Share five random and/or weird facts about yourself on your blog.
Share the five top places on your "want to see or want to see again" list.
Tag a minimum of five random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment in their

There! Done!

Being me... I don't think I'll follow the rules, coz it seems stupid. I personally think people should only do it if they want to. So I'm not going to 'tag' anyone.

Ok.. Let's see... 5 random/weird facts about myself.

1. Su Ann says I'm weird. Her reason is that.. uhh... when she gives me a snail in msn as a gift... I uhh.. tell her how my snail is so much smarter and prettier than other snails. And that.. she(my snail) is going to win the beauty pageant. wtf. Can't anybody tell that I was just layan-ing her?? She still kept insisting that I'm weird, sniff.

2. I eat slow.. but I'm sure a lot of people know that already. But... what they MIGHT not know is... that.. I'll chew my food like... slower.. and slowerr.. and slowerrr when I'm full but feel bad coz I'm wasting food. WHAT?! Think of all the poor and hungry people in the poor land wtf!!

3. I really really realllyyy want a laptop of my own. DO I NEED TO EXPLAIN?? I think not.

4. A doctor once said that I was a bionic woman/girl(whatever you want to call me wtf). coz I've been in accidents(one which a car hit me and I literally flew, my shoe also flew off my feet, I think my shoe didn't like me then wtf and fell on the road) but I'm still in one piece wtf. Plus some more I'm soooo clumsy it's not even funny.

5. Number 5 number 5... hmmm... lemme think! Oh! Oh!! I know!! Christopher Tock(only coz I asked him what's weird about me) says letting myself be named Samantha is weird. Might as well be Elsie. Coz last week at a mamak session, a few of us were talking about names. And they were all saying how I actually do look like a Samantha, but also look like an Elsie. And one of them, Joel says I look like a Sarah. So Christopher sometimes call me Elsie and Joel calls me Sarah. And here I am with the face -____- (or as KY would put it, the blur face wtf) coz they keep making me confused wtf.

Ok... 2nd one! 5 top places on my "want to see or want to see again" list!

1. Perth. I know some people may think, wtf why Perth. Well, coz I remember the last time which was agesssss ago when I went with my family, I had a really great time! And I wanna go to the animal farm again and see the rabbits and chicks and sheep wtf.

2. USA. Simply coz I've never stepped on U.S. soil before and I think it'll be cool to say I've been to America! And I miss Suet Li and I wanna see her!

3. Taiwan? coz Ringo says the stuff there really really cheap? and and... she buys all these nice things from Taiwan! So I like shopping, keel me! wtf.

4. A place with snow wtf. Coz I've never seen snow before. Although I've seen hail before. According to Stewie it's called hail.. the one where it rains and before it hits the ground it turns to ice. So.. it's a bit painful wtf. I saw it in Londonnnn when I was... 13 i think. Seems so long ago. I feel old wtf.

5. Oooh... why am I always stuck at 5?? I dunno.. sigh.. *ponders for awhile* *after talking to Skyler* I KNOW!!! I want to go to Bangkok and Singapore with Skyler and Su Ann!!! for an only girls trip! Don't be sad Suet Li, of course you can come, it just had to be soon wtf, and we still love you.

Since I'm not going to tag anybody else.. I think I'm quite done here, aren't I? hmmm... *scrolls up*

Yep! I think so!

Okayyy.. I shall click the publish post now and go back talking to Skyler wtf. LIM SU ANN!!! Why aren't you online?!?!

And THIS!!! Everybody! Is what your beloved Stewie did to me!! (altho most of u prob know d)

p.s. sorry lah everyone, I dunno why the font crazy wan... keep getting smaller wtf.

p.p.s. wtf.. it seems to be working fine now wtf o.O

Update wtf!!

yes yes.. i know i should.. but gimme a lil time ok?

i've work to do(work that never seem to end wtf, but it will at some point, and i hope that point is soon).. u guys want ur moolah rite? and i've to follow stewie out for meetings...

i shall do a proper update by tonight. i promise.

toodles!! wtf

p.s. i'm currently an angry person wtf

Sunday, January 27, 2008

This cool dude..

Ok, I actually wanted to write something about how I'm so amazed by some a lot of people who can write about soooo many freaking things + normally they're not boring. Oh well, I guess that just means I've a dull life.

And so I was talking to this friend of mine.. and the conversation went like this...

wenqi says: ehhh i dunno what to write about laaaaaaaaaaa my life is so boring wtf

KYspeaks says: lol, u can write about how i am cool or, how cool i am. u can start out with something like I got to know this cool dude not too long ago, his name is KY

So.. *ahem*

I got to know this ultra cool dude not too long ago, and his name is KY.

Behold.. KY THE GREAT! and a small part of suanie the cute!

I'm very very sure anyone who reads this knows this cool dude. I mean.. he's soooo cool everyone should know him by now. And.. and.. this cool dude is not only uberly(i don't care that this blogger thingy doesn't recognize uberly as a word, hmph!) cool.. he blogs about good food too! So anyone, and I mean ANYONE!! Who doesn't know where to go to have some good food can call this number- 012 3xx 1xxx(tho i'm sure most of u know already wtf).

But beware! Coz the last time(which is just yesterday) when we went out for dinner with him and he suggested the place, it was so so expensive. Don't say i didn't warn you! Make sure you have big pockets before you decide to call him wtf.

And another reason that he's super duper cool is... he draws maps!!! He's a genius in drawing maps!! Isn't that oh, so so cool? We should just all get up and bow to this holy one wtf. (get up and bow while repeating oh holy one.. please don't stop drawing maps to the good fooood! we shall thank you always)

And he also just gotten a hair cut. He looked so different now.. I couldn't recognize him when I saw the back of him wtf. Only when he turned, I went... oh.. it's you. the weird one.

And in his own words..
KYspeaks says: "KY is so awesome he took this cool picture of me"

All I can say now is.. wtfffffffff -____-

KY I dedicate this whole post to you wtf. Even if you took that -___- pic of me.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

*cough cough* *sniff*(literally)

This is going to be extremely random wtf..

I don't feel very good :( stupid cough and runny nose and.. and... uhh.. sore throat! and of all things!!! my ears are blocked wtf! seriously.

And I really do not know what to write about. All I can think of... is....

(insert picture of the most comfortable bed and prettiest one anyone has ever seen)

MY BED :) my comfy comfy bed!

And how lovely it is to sleep away the day wtf. oh.. so nice, so sooo nice..

I shall go sleep now. good night everybody(which consists about 3 people? lol)!

On another side of note, stewie had made me do something i don't really want/can do wtf. made me feel so silly.. i shall get my revenge!!! sooner or later, and stewie won't see it coming! (hopefully)

Buh bye..

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pinkpau Guestblogs at!!!

Hi everyone, this is Pinkpau guest-blogging at!!! :D i am so excited because i have so many things to say. donno where to start. okay i try.

i'm currently at the Nuffnang office. nobody is doing work. all the girls are camwhoring and gossiping and Stewie is playing with his boobies. I SWEAR. i even have pictures documenting all of this. sigh. Wenqi wong is beside me and she is still weird. Skyler and Michelle are talking about certain ... er... issues involving certain bloggers! jengjengjeng.. that's right, we get all the best gossip here at Nuffnang, and we get it FIRST!!! Raff and Nicholas are not in. Firdauz is trying to ignore all of us but very unsuccessfully. firdauz come lah we go party this saturday...!!!

everybody, i give you all snail. (insert picture of snail)



oh ya and these are my 1,2,3,4,5 Fingers lala pictures that Wenqi insists on putting up wtf. i donno why she likes them so much -________-

One finger!





okay byebye. wong wenqi i love you always and forever!!!! i dedicate the Number Four picture to you! mwah!

hmm.. *squint eyes and think*

For once, I will try... tryyyy to write a proper post wtf.

Since KY guessed my so-called blog URL right.. I shall give him a prize.
"Nahhh KY.. *hands you the dust ball*"

For today, I shall write about all my favorite people in the world!!
(which is not much... but oh well, it's enuff for me!)


Ms Lim Su Ann!!! (See lahh... so cute!)

I'll be seeing you tomorrow, you better not ffk us again ok??
This girl is uhh.. awesomeee!! She's a B-E-A-U-TIFUL and awesome chick! And I thank youuu for being my friend. We shall run away to bangkok/taiwan?/singapore to meet cute guys like you said... hopefully ;) And you shall not call me weird again ok?


Ms SkylerFYS!! (I only have this pic of you in Stewie's mac.. we shall take more pics!!)

I'll also be seeing you tomorrow wtf.. in the office.
Youuuu... are... uhh.. uh ohh.. I dunno what to say.. OK I KNOW!!
You're AWESOME! Just like the one above wtf. And I shall be there for you to bitch about yadda yadda yadda, ok? And and.. I will share my mille crepe with you next time, I promise!


Ms Liew Suet Li (see how satisfied she is!! *I jealous wtf)

You... are so far awayyy. Sniff. Sorry I didn't tell you about this so-called blog I have wtf. Coz Ms. Lim Su Ann wasn't suppose to link me here wtf. You will always be hot, and you know it yourself. Boobies are not everything wtf. Come back soon ok(I heard... in May?)? Everyone misses you here lahhh...


Stewie.. with a gun (I sked! *runs away screaming!)

Yes.. coz HE'S DA MANN!!!
And if I don't put him in, he might just keeeeel me.
I kid you not... the picture above is proof!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Su Ann ffk-ed us again.. why.. why do you have to do that?

Skyler said i should put "hi! my name is Wong Wen-Qi, also known as samantha, and I RULE THE WORLD!!!!!!!!" as my profile, wtf..

Michelle is... eating "bek" now wtf.

and p.s.

i still want my curly fries..


p.p.s. i linked!! i linked!!!! yay! i know i'm lame :(

Thursday, January 17, 2008

*bloop bloop bloop

omg i can't believe i'm doing this.. hahahahahahhaha...

i'm.. bored.

the end.~