Friday, December 26, 2008

23 days

Ok, lemme just warn you guys first. This post is gonna be filled with a lot of pictures. I actually have more but I've decided to make that one into another post. This post consists of pics from Kuching, KK and also Penang hahaha.

I've been feeling very lazy so I didn't blog. I wasn't lazy to blog actually, I was lazy to resize the pics, coz if I let blogger do it, it takes forever to load. I've finally did it so yay.


This is me and some of my friends after concert in Kuching. Apparently according to some, it was the best concert we've done.

And this is me in front of a cat statue in Kuching. Kenny brought me around to eat take this picture with this cat when I was in Kuching. He said I wasn't a true blogger coz.. when we were at the place we're eating, when the food came, even though I had my camera with me, I didn't go snapping away.

Thanks again Kenny for bringing me around and the kolo mee and all the food. So before he dropped me back at my hotel, he brought me to this cat statue to take a pic with it. Coz I haven't taken any pictures with the cat statues yet. So when we were there, he asked me to pose. So this was what I did. I posed.

Then he's like... noooo. Pose, like something funny. I didn't know what to do and in the end he asked me to put my palm on the cat's paw. So this was what it became.

This was the view from my room of the hotel we're staying in. If I remember correctly, this is the left side.
And this... is the right.

This is carpenter street. The street with quite good food.

Some temple I think.
And then I don't know we turned into which street and along the road, people are selling these layer cakes. They sooooo colourful until I don't quite dare to eat. The whole road has these. It costs like RM10 each I think.
In the end, me and my friends ended up in some shopping complex and ate in the food court which wasn't good at all. And then we all passed by this candy store and decided to buy lollipops. And then took a picture in front of the candy store.

The candy store guy really don't know how to take a non-shaky pic. I have 3 pics of us in front of the candy store. And this is the best one of the lot. Shaky wise.

Then while walking back to the hotel, we found these cats. And everyone wanted to take a picture with them!
This is of Kee Hong, Sze Ting and Brian.

This is of me and Chai Suang which Sze Ting took, I don't know why it took it more towards the right, apparently his hand shifted to the side when he clicked haha.

And this is the last night we have in Kuching. We went to Carpenter Street to have our foooood. This was my very refreshing drink.

Fish porridge was what I had that night. It was not bad, a bit too peppery for my liking.

And this is the very expensive dish we had. Or maybe it's not considered expensive I dunno. It's fried pork with salted fish and it costed RM16.

When we finished our dinner and wanted to go back to the hotel, Sze Ting insisted on going into the tea shop to drink some tea coz it was still early. Yeah well, the clock says 8.30pm.

This is Sze Ting and his tea.

And this is the next day already. The day we're leaving for KK. And our hotel was on fire wtf. Like really. And I've quite a funny story. Coz.. we didn't have anything in the morning, so we could sleep in. So me and my roommate slept in. I woke up around 9.45am and I asked my roommate whether she wanted to go for breakfast. She said sure.

As I was grabbing my phone to leave. It rang. And the conversation went like this.

Friend: HEY!!! Where are you!!?
Me: Uhmm.. in my room lor..
Friend: What floor are u at?!??
Me: Uhmm... 7th floor. Why?
Friend: 3rd floor is on fire now. QUICKLY COME DOWN BY THE STAIRS!!!
Me: Oh... okok.

And then we just walked out of our room and only realized that people are like rushing down the stairs already. Well ok, not everybody. Coz we got stuck halfway there coz this lady decided to walk very slowly down the stairs. And it was when we were at the 4th floor and there was smoke everywhere but she still walked very very slowly.

Everything was fine. Nothing got burnt, well that room got burnt. No instruments were lost in the process.

Anyways, our flight was at 3pm I think. So me and Chai Suang decided to go back to Carpenter Street and try this noodle which was quite popular the day before. Coz some of us didn't want to wait so we went to the food court which was a bad choice but oh well.

This was located at a corner shop. An old man and an old lady were cooking the stuff if I remember correctly. It was a bit slow coz they were making it it bowl by bowl but it was good. The unfortunately was... we were out of time, our bus leaves for the airport at 1.30pm and when the food came, it was already 1.10pm.

I'm a slow eater. And I can't really eat hot food. I like it when it's hot but it's unfortunate that my tongue can't take it. There was a bowl of noodles and a bowl of soup. The noodles were good, it was a lot though.

Come.. I show you.

Even when I got back to Penang and showed my mom the pics she said it looks really yummy.

And then we were off to the airport.

*Kota Kinabalu*

And then we reach KK. We didn't have much time in KK. We arrived at the hotel near 7pm and then we had a rehearsal the next morning, a matinee concert in the afternoon and big concert at night. And then off I fly back to Penang the next morning. So there wasn't much time for us in KK.

When we reached, Howard brought a couple of us for dinner. There was only a couple of us coz you can't exactly fit a lotttt of people in one car. And he didn't have a car that night, his friend was driving us haha.

They brought us to this seafood restaurant which apparently a lot of the locals go to.

It was really packed.

So of course we'd let the local order the food. And they were awesome. It was a really great dinner. The whole dinner only costed us RM155.50, if I remember correctly.

This was the really good big scallop. (I asked Howard what this was called and he said, if directly translate from Hakka coz he only know what it's called in that language, it's "sand white". WTFWTF sand white. I shall call it big scallop!)
This was dunno what prawns. Prolly just boiled or dunno what. They were fresh nonetheless.

These were the vege. Really good too.

And this was the fish. I didn't take a whole picture of the fish. Only a portion of it which was on my plate haha.
This was another dish of prawns which was really good. The hairy hairy thing was really nice. Oh I think you can catch a glimpse of the fish at the back

Last but not least, these are apparently called umbrella scallops or something. I dunno. Howard says so. Coz he only knows the Hakka language for them. It was good, and I don't normally eat these kind of seafood. Usually I just eat fish and prawns.

And then we went to Howard's home for him to get some stuff. And he has such cuteeeee dogs. It was quite funny coz I got to see them before he did haha. He didn't even know that he has puppies. They were sooo adorable!!!

Oh... ok. Then we had a 2ND dinner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He brought us to eat the according to him the best fried dumpling in KK or in Malaysia or maybe in the world wtf.
It was good. He wasn't lying. Hahaha. Might not look good but it sure does taste good.

This is Squid Kangkung. Which I also had in Kuching when Kenny brought me out to eat. This was sweeter. I'm not really a big fan of Kangkung or squid so this doesn't really do it for me.

This was beef. Quite yummy.

And this was squid in some spicy a bit sauce. Not bad either. We ended up really really really really really REALLY full that night.

And then this is the very cute christmas tree in our hotel in KK.

Thus ends our tour. We stayed up the whole night and chatted, no wait... we just watched AXN channel and chatted a bit coz some of us, like me... had to go to the airport at 4.45am in the morning and it didn't really make any sense for me to sleep coz it's just gonna be an hour of sleep after I finish packing. So we all slept in the plane for 3 hours and then I reach....


This is after the Bee9th concert. These are the peeps who studied/are studying in YST. And also our conductor, Mr. Jascha Shimano.

This is me with Mr and Mrs Shimano. I think his pony tail is longer than mine haha.

Ahhhhhhh.... it has finally come to an end. These 23 days were full of laughter and hardwork and even doubts and I dunno. It was fun nonetheless. I can finally let my hair loose...

And!!!! Party like an Irish.

Ok... not literally, coz I can't really drink.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Being emo is a bad thing

Don't you sometimes wish that you have this pill, where after you consume it, you can forget whatever that you don't want to remember. Whatever that hurt you or scarred you or whatever.. you know in the past or even up till now.

I know I do. I sometimes wish that I can just forget. For instance, right now. I wish I can just forget all my troubles and worries and whatever shit that I've been dump at. Just... forget.

Life would be oh so much easier. It may not be that interesting, but at least it's a happy life, I sincerely hope.

Right now I've a bad tummy ache and I need to sleep but apparently I'm awake here typing away. Not about my tour or what I've been doing but about nonsense. Why is it so hard to forget. Time, complete bs. These days I find myself staring blankly into space more and more which is not helping, I'm not being productive.

I promised myself to spend just 5 minutes sketching somewhat a post and it's been nearing 10 minutes now. That's because I spent quite a few of them staring yet again blankly into space. Dammit. This is becoming a habit. A bad bad thing.

I finally finished watching a movie around lunch time today. One which I left halfway last night coz I went downstairs to make "yii2" with my family. Multicolor ones. All natural. The movie was called The Women.

It was very strange watching a movie without one single man inside. You'd be surprised. I, for one, whole way watching the movie, was just waiting and waiting inside for a man to appear on screen. But he never showed up. There was no guy. It was all women, hence the title.

Anyway, I remember the housekeeper told Meg Ryan, asking her to go to bed and have a good night sleep, after telling herself that... she will wake up in the morning with the right answer or just an answer.

I think I'll do just that.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Ohhh godddd... I'm sooo tireddddd. Straight off from a tour to another music camp. Fun.. but it takes a toll on the body.

And.. I think I might be falling a bit sick too. Sigh dammit.

I actually want to blog. But.. I haven't uploaded my pictures into my laptop yet, so that has gotta wait.

Tomorrow or the day after. I promise.

It's coming to 1am now and I should be asleep by now if I want to wake up in time and get ready and make sure I've enuff time(like... 30 minutes) to travel to the camp place coz I'm staying at home. Damn far. :(

But what to do... I want to stay at home.

I'm not gone yet!!!! As in.. my blog is still alive! And hopefully I am too in the next couple of days if I want to play the Bee9th right.

Ok, my brain's too tired to think already and I'm feeling cold even though my fan is off. I'm gonna go sleep first.

Gnite world.

*plop(on my bed)*

p.s. I miss you very much to limsuann!!! but I don't see you online!!! When I am!!!! Sniff.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


So I'm now typing this in the hotel room we're all staying in Kuching, Sarawak. YES!!!! They have internet. And the best thing is... it's free!!!! And I'm quite lucky that the connection is not that bad in my room.

As you can see below... those are the luggages of the MPYO. Well, that's not all of 'em. There were more. Hahahaha. There were quite a lot coz seeing that we have maybe coming up to a hundred of us.

So while waiting to be checked in and getting our boarding pass, everyone took out their trusty cameras and started clicking away. This was our way of killing time.

That's me, Chie Haur flute, Howard oboe, Vincent flute and Ket Wei d.bass.

Hahahahaha... Ket Wei and Sai Kwang bassoon comparing who has the bigger nostrils I'm guessing.

Teng Aik bassoon, Su Yin percussion, Sheuezei oboe and Vincent. Oh, and I think it's Eben's big mouth at the back of us.
And this.... is the peeps who are from Penang. That's quite a lot isn't it. Coz the people who came from KK started to do this, so we followed and we outnumbered them by I dunno... a lot. Hahaha.

And these are the people who studied/still is studying at University College Sedaya International. This was how bored we all were.

And this... is my boarding pass!!!

After that, we headed over to the very very very extremly expensive Mcdonalds to have our lunch coz there were nothing else to eat. And none of us wanted to eat anymore curry coz we are all very afraid of it already. We've been all eating curry everyday for the past week.

And when we reached Kuching, checked into our quite nice hotel which is the Harbour View Hotel, we straight went to dinner. Which was awesome in some ways. The food was good coz there was no curry. Yay. They booked the whole restaurant, well the inside of the restaurant for us which was very cool. This was our table and on the table were pink coloured drinks which tastes exactly like cough syrup. I'm not joking.

There were balloons too. But I'm not sure if they were for us or not.

Oh, and during dinner, they were playing songs by ABBA. So... halfway eating, everybody will be like... singing the choruses. Hahahahahaha.

For the last hour there, there was karaoke hahahaha. It was quite funny. And we were all chanting Mr. Kevin Field's name, for him to sing. He didn't in the end, but he promised us if we all play really well on our concert in Kuching and KK he WILL sing. That is... if... we find another karaoke machine. Which is quite unlikely. Clever huh. Hahaha.

We just finished our rehearsal not long ago today. This is where the concert hall is. Don't really know what building it is. But it looks like this.

And... this is what it looks like from where I sit. The place is quite nice with the chandeliers and stuff. The acoustic though... is quite dry.

See... it's not that bad right?

A closer look.
Ooooh... I'm soooo hungry now. I'm gonna go have some local food now, I think. Hahahahahaha.

Should be good.

And I'll wake up tomorrow for yet another concert. A matinée concert in the afternoon which is more of the fun pieces like highlights from Carmen, P. Ramlee's Tunggu Sekejap and a Sarawakian folk song which is Puteri Santubong arranged by Vivian Chua. And another concert at night which is the bigger and heavier pieces, Dvorak's Cello Concerto in B minor and Tchaikovsky's symphony no.2.

Hope everything goes all well and dandy!