Saturday, March 28, 2009

Evolution wtf

Guess what?!!?

Remember my ice cream man? The one I blogged about before, who gives me bigger scoops of ice cream whenever I buy??

I met him!!!!

*big shiny eyes*


Except that uhmm... he's.. uhh.. not my ice cream man anymore.

Now.. he sells donuts wtf.

So.. now, from ice cream man.. he has evolved into donut man.

Hmm.... I think I still prefer my ice cream man. And he still remembers me!! Hahaha.. and we were in the donut shop talking about how nzn ice cream is the best!! I didn't buy any donuts though.

Oh... and I got something which I am totally in love with now.

It's a cocoa butter chapstick. It glides on smoothly and the smell itself is sooo yummy!!! So yummy that when I let my friend have a whiff coz he was looking for a chapstick too, he said, "No, I can't buy this one.. I might just eat it." Hahahahaha wtf.

It's yummilicious wtf. Mmmm.. I love it!


Blogger KY said...

ice cream & donut are the polar opposite in sexual references. :X

March 28, 2009 at 9:43 AM 
Blogger ruki kenishiro said...

sorry if this comment offended you..

but i have to get it out of my chest, you are the cutest girl i've ever seen.. i think i fell in love with those pair of big beautiful eyes you have.. they are totally hypnotizing.. there i've said it..


again, sorry if this comment offended you.. i don't meant it in any other way..

have a nice day..

May 11, 2009 at 12:11 AM 

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