Saturday, May 23, 2009


So this post was suppose to be about the food and stuff. But... I'm now in KL and I did not bring my laptop this time. I initially thought I was gonna bring it, but then after packing.. I realized that if I was gonna bring it, I'm gonna be only using it for about a week, coz then I'll be shipped off to Bangi and there's no internet connection there. Well... there's inTRAnet. So I could maybe use the computers there.

In about 3 hours from now, I'll be at DFP having chamber rehearsals. Breathe.... breathe.....

Oh.. and I finally got quite a good night's sleep! I think one of the reasons was coz the night before I spent it packing my bags and only got about less than an hour's worth of sleep, which I think I wasn't actually deep in sleep at all. Then tried to sleep in the bus the next morning which was yesterday.. and the bus was actually quite empty. Only around 5 people including me.

So you'd think that the bus would be pretty quiet right?? And I'd be able to catch up on some sleep. That was what I thought too. Oh how wrong was I...

Two people apparently chose to sit at the seats behind me. And all through the bus ride... she was yapping and yapping away. I was sleepy a bit. And getting grumpy wtf. Until the bus had a rest stop and the girl went down to the lounge and sat there then I only had a bit of decent sleep. Sigh...

Anyway.. I've to go have my lunch now and start freaking out! Bye bye!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

New Bottle!!

I've got a new bottle!!!

This post is going to be all about my new water bottle wtf!! It's an upgrade from my older one which is.. uhh.. ugly and black and boring(one that I bought from singapore coz I needed a bottle).

Now.. well, just today.. I got myself this coz uhh.. ok lah, I got it coz it was cute wtf. And it's a smaller bottle and I thought it kinda suited me coz I don't really drink much water.. which is well, bad but I dunno, I'm not a big fan of water unless I'm really really really thirsty.

It's only like.. 350ml.

Really small. You see!!

And it's got all these adorable things on it. Like uhmm.. bunnies!!! And uh... heheh.. bras, panties, shoes, baseball cap, dresses and stuff. I know.. it's a bit weird. And according to limsuann, I am weird wtf.

Can you see the bunnies??


I really like my bottle!

The end.

I lied. This is not the end coz I suddenly feel like writing something. I think I look a bit washed out and tired or something in those two pictures. Well, I just came back from pessoc practice(and I got some icky dirty grease on my white shirt that came off the slide) and practiced on and off half of the day. And I know why I look like that but I still don't know how to solve it. Sheesh... :(

I haven't been able to sleep well for the past maybe.. few weeks. It's terrible, it's like I want to sleep but I can't. My mind seems to wander around for the longest time and just won't shut off. It's actually very annoying I think. Sigh.. I need my sleep. I want my sleep.

Ooh. and I actually had another post coming up, and it's again bout food hahah. My sister was asking me whether I realised that whenever I'm back in Penang, I'm mostly blogging about the food I eat and stuff like that.. which is kinda true. But that's just what I do when I'm back home. Eat wtf. A lot.


And now my right eye's starting to itch again. Sighhhhh....

Ok I'm just gonna end this post here and go drop the eye thingy in my eye. Sheesh...


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Apple pie anyone?

Do you see what's that below? Yes.. those are apples. And the red ones? Are one of my favourite fruits in the uhh.. world. For now at least. I think they are South African Apples or something like that. Really sweet and crunchy, I love. I've been crunching on these for the past few days!

Well, I figured I haven't blogged in a while. Like.. duh. Plus I actually uploaded these pictures in like days ago. But only got to it today, coz I didn't feel like blogging wtf.

The thing on why I even have these pictures is actually quite a funny story. Well, ok maybe not really that funny. But anyway, it was like this. Sunday. It was Mother's Day right? So after coming home from my grandma's. My sister decided to make apple pie! Like.. you know, the real homemade apple pie, not the McDonald's apple pie although I must say I sometimes indulge in those too.

So she wants to make apple pie for dinner that is. And she's made it before, when I wasn't around coz I was in sg wtf. So I was helping her make it. And when she said she was going to make it, she told me.. "get your camera, so that you have something to blog about".

Sigh... so.. here it is.

Those were the apples that you saw. Now.. you have to peel 'em wtf. Like this and with this uhh.. peeler or whatever you call it.

And you see that swirly apple skin? That's how my dad peeled his apple wtf.

Then soak 'em apple cubes in salt water so that they don't get brown.

Oh... coffee break wtf. And if I remember correctly, it was a 6pm coffee break. Those 2 are black coffee that my dad made. I don't like black coffee. I've always prefer mine with milk.

Lots of milk! Here I added evaporated milk and some fresh milk!!!

Then uhm... throw in some stuff into the apples. I didn't exactly pay attention on what they were. But I know there's cinammon!! Coz my nose sniffed it when I was mixing it.

Mix 'em up until they're all uhh.. mixed. And then the apple juice will start to come out wtf. This will be the filling of the apple pie obviously.

And then comes the yummy part!! At least I think so. The crust!!!

Which is.. something I kinda forgot to take pictures of wtf. Besides I don't have the recipe.. all I remember is.. loads of butter and uhh.. flour and uhh something else and you gotta mix 'em up together and put it in the fridge.

Then after that my sister finish making the pie herself coz I went to my room and started to watch Changeling which made me cry a bit. Wtf.

Anyway.. this was how it turned out!! Looks pretty darn good doesn't it..

Ok.. maybe not this particular picture. You can see there was a lot of juice.

And here! Would anyone care for a piece of apple pie??

Friday, May 8, 2009


Right... I'm not dead. I just.. decided to rest awhile from uhh... blogging. I think.

It's actually like this. For the past two weeks.. it's either, I feel like writing something but don't know what to write.. or... I know what I'm gonna write about but I feel oh so lazy. And for the past week, after jury and my SS exam, I've been catching up on lots of sleep and some really really fun things!

Oh.. and I also got sick(don't worry, it's not the swine flue wtf) and lost my voice(which I always do, but apparently not when I'm with my friends, coz they were all pretty shock and were laughing away at how I sound. One of 'em said I sounded like a gnome wtf.)

Anyway, I'm home now.. as in, home HOME penang home now. It's nice to have my own bathroom again, and not needing to wear slippers out just to go to the loo in the middle of the night.

Oh... one thing I know that I absolutely hate... is packing up my whole room into one big suitcase to put in singapore and another smaller one to take back. I just.. literally sat there for about half an hour, just looking around, not knowing where to start or how to pack. So what I did then was lug out every single thing out of my closet and out of the drawers, and start from there. Threw out lotttttssss of stuff.

Shit. I think I have lost my blogging mojo wtf. If there even was one. And I need to cut my nails, coz they have grown a lil and it's bugging the hell out of me. Ugh. Ok.. you know what I'm gonna do? I think.. I'm gonna pick out some pictures of what I've been doing the last few weeks that I have in my computer and just chuck it here coz I think my blog needs some pictures.

So here goes..

This.. is one of the most awesome dinners I had when I was in Singapore. It was one of those trips where me and my friends go and just uhh.. de-stress wtf. It's like you can cook the beef yourself. It was awesomeeeeee. Very very very yummy..

And this!!! Was what I had for dinner on my last day when I was in Singapore which was also Dat's(one of our friends, who's still in Singapore and coz we've all come home, he's there.. playing computer games pretty much everyday haha) birthday.

We celebrated for him in Fish & Co. and coz it was his bday, we got everything 10% off and he got a free scoop ice cream!! There were 6 of us, so we ordered 3 of these!! Oh... the prawns were really good, and juicy!!
The platter's missing the fish coz we ate it already then only remembered to take a picture wtf.

This is me, Sze Ting and Teng Aik at uhh.. Clarke Quay. Oh... and I think me and Sze Ting just finished our jury that day! Woohoo..

And this was us, plus Dat. At some food court in some shopping mall near Clarke Quay or something, I forgot the name. Where we had shitty Korean food that made all of our tummies go crazy the next day :(

This was us in school with Jean(who plays the cello) and Ye Lin(the bf who plays the horn and is already back in China, and just won a job in an orchestra there).
That's Ha and I in a very very long,kinda looks really baggy here pants and my flip flops coz I didn't wanna wear my concert shoes the whole day. She's a Vietnamese and plays the violin. There was a concert that day and we were at the backstage in Esplanade after rehearsals, waiting to go for lunch.

Me and Leah.. in the Green Room(they call it) at backstage. Resting and killing time. Coz we have loads of it. The sofas were pretty comfy as I recall.

And this is me eating this HUGE HUGE sweet potato that Ha boiled in the morning and brought with her. And if you notice behind me.. there's a girl, with uhh.. white hair wtf. She's actually one of the cast in CATS. Yes. CATS.. the cast of CATS were there. We all went like wow. The girl had like her cat make up on and stuff coz they just finished a show. And we got to watch the show from backstage coz they had a small tv there and audio. But it was really tiny and far away, so I didn't really bother. What I remember tho is waking up to them singing Memory haha.

And if I remember correctly, behind me on the other side... are 2 guys with like... rippling muscles and all that. How'd I know? Oh.. coz they were like half naked wtf.

The end.

Oh.. one more thing, I can't believe that it's been a year. One freaking year!!!

The real the end.