Wednesday, June 24, 2009


As I was forcing myself to sleep again yesterday, I was actually thinking about what to blog about. And now I'm sitting with my bare butt on the floor typing, ok.. not bare, just that the sleeping shorts I have on now makes me feel like I'm not wearing any.

It also occurred to me yesterday that I don't really care anymore. About blogging that is. I mean.. it's not like I can write about the things/people around me in the past(or even the present) freely. Of how they made me feel, good/bad/happy/sad/giggly/wtf. Well, not that I can't. Just that I won't I think. Or maybe I'm just plain lazy. So it made me think that it's a bit pointless for me to keep this blog. However much fun and entertainment it has given me.

And lemme tell you something, it is hard... having to entertain myself for more than a week.


I just helped my mom join facebook.


And now I have forgotten what I was going to write about.

Ok.. the above was written last saturday I think. I'm not 100% sure. It's either saturday or sunday.

Right now, as of this moment, I am in KL. I made a decision on sunday afternoon that I was gonna come to KL on monday. Will be playing in highwinds coz they needed a trumpet. And with this.. at least it's something rather than rotting away at home watching series wtf. Rehearsal's on Monday and Thursday and concert's on Saturday. So I'll be here all week wtf. It's nice. Different from home.

Anddddd... I just had pan mee for lunchhhhh! Oh how I missed that pan mee, even though I eat it without the chili but it's still good for me :)

Ok, not much to say now.. so byebye wtf.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Of Purples & Ducks

Yes. So, I know I have disappeared for awhile. To those who still come by here to see if there's any updates, sorry.. and thank you.

So here goes.. updates, heh.

#1 For the past few weeks, I was at camp, 1st week was chamber, 2nd normal music camp, and then after the concert on the 7th, was a 3 day thingy in Penang. They were all.. fun. And one thing I realized was that.. I do get butterflies in my tummy. It was before/during the chamber concert. Ooooh boy... I felt like I left my tummy backstage wtf. And that I wasn't as nervous when I'm in the orchestra than in chamber, coz.. well, for chamber, it's like I'm naked. Which is just plain scary.

#2 My whole family minus me and my brother is still in Australia. Tho I think they're on a plane back to KL now. And flying back to Penang tomorrow morning so I gotta pick em up from the airport. I couldn't go coz I had mpyo and pessoc... which, weirdly, I still can't decide whether I'm happy or sad about it. So.. ever since I got home, I've been home alone... trying to entertain myself, and failing miserably.

#3 I've been craving for hokkien mee ever since I got back to M'sia. The one with the soup of course, not the dry one.

#4 limsuann, this picture is dedicated to you.

I know how much you adore ducks.

#5 I'm thinking of a number 5. I think I'm just gonna stay home today and practice since.. well I don't exactly know what else to do. And it's just officially the 3rd day of my holiday. Actually on the 1st day of my holiday I was already bored. Dammit. This sucks. I still have approximately 40 days to go before I have to go back to Singapore.

#6 I was craving for some good pork last night. And so I called up Stella, an Austrian lady I think, who makes really good stuff near my house, and tapao-ed back. And then put it on a plate and ate alone in front of the tv. And nothing good was on tv. Ahh.. life.

#7 I think I'm going to start reading again. To kill time. Maybe, or maybe not.

#8 This is a note to self. Get batteries for tuner. Coz it has been blinking and blinking non-stop.

#9 Oooh oooh, right. During the mpyo camp, all of us went for the Mahler 6th, "Tragic". It was omfg awesome!!!!

#10 I found a huge ass purple straw hat lying in my room yesterday. Okay, maybe it's been there for awhile just that I didn't notice. And so.. what do get when you add a huge ass purple straw hat with a very bored person?

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you.. the bored-out-of-her-mind-girl and the huge ass purple straw hat!

The end.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Not Dead

I am not dead. I'm just in camp now and have limited internet.