Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hello again!

Sorry for the disappearance. But I swear! I really wanted to blog when I came back to Singapore. But.. the room that I was given.. for a year, well.. let's just say that it didn't want me to or something.


And I survived for almost a week without internet. Ok, fine. I survived with just I think 30 minutes of internet. And what's the more amazing thing is that.. I've been sleeping by 11pm latest every night (minus the first night coz I was cleaning up the room and minus yesterday night coz it was concert night and we all went out for late supper) and waking up at 8am/9am ish.

Now.. I'm going to show you my room. And then I'm going to sleep coz I have a headache and I don't know why. It's the first day I have internet in my room and I'm going to bed early?!

Ok.. so. Ta daaaaa! My room for the year.

My friends call my room the bridal room wtf. They are very weird. I love my quilttttt (got the quilt cover from aussino, with a huge-ass discount. Something like 60% if I remember correctly), but not when the weather is fuckin hot. Coz I have a small window, well one small and one big. The big one also not much use coz my view is like, facing the rooftop of the old canteen and it's just.. hot and.. hot. And the small window... I don't even bother opening it anymore, coz I realized that it doesn't make any difference. No wind is gonna come in through that small hole :(

My minibar. Filled with milo, strawberry jam and south african apples brought from home :) There was some Virginia ham in there this morning, but I finished it already, along with the banana walnut bread I bought few days ago. Weird combination but it's still food..

I also bought myself a portable fan. You see that thing on my table.. yeah.. it's apple-shaped wtf. I was still having trouble sleeping yesterday a bit coz it was so hot, I already had the fan blowing at my face but I was still sweating. Maybe that's why I'm feeling tired today. Hmm...

Ok. I think that's it for now. I promise I'll blog a bit lahhhh. I won't disappear for so long again. I'm still here limsuann. You don't need to be so fierce. I sked.