Wednesday, August 12, 2009


So school has officially started today, I mean yesterday. So I had my classes today (I mean yesterday, ahh you know what I mean) and it was really interesting. One new subject (critical thinking for musicians) and another where there was a dead cockroach in class wtf.

Since I've been to sg, I've been out to the movies twice!!!! No wait... actually 3 times.. omg.. three times! Shit.. which means I've been spending. We watched public enemies, up and g.i. joe. It was all good and I guess we all needed to go out and have some fun before all the classes start and all of us become like super busy and no time to shit wtf. Ok lah, not that bad.

And it's 1.40am now, which means it's late and I need to sleep coz I'll be meeting my friends at 9am for breakfast then off to school to hunt for a practice room coz ALL of them are being booked coz I forgot to wake up early on Friday to book.

But I want to show you guys some very very very extremely cute mushrooms!!!! That sze ting showed me a couple of days ago and we caught him watching it over and over again in the computer lab hahahahaha....

I especially love the lil 'shroom when it was shaking its butt while everybody else was shaking their mushroom head! Hehehehe... damn cute!! I'm prolly gonna be thinking about the 'shrooms in 2 weeks time.

Ok.. I going to sleep now. Will post up some random pics next wtf. Byebye.