Saturday, September 19, 2009


Oh wow.. I guess I've broken a new record. One month plus of not blogging!

I mean.. yeah. I know that I've been blogging less and less. But this... is a whole new level. It's like I've been telling myself, I should update.. I should update, but I never do. Mostly coz I do not know what to update about. My life now is just like.. I dunno. Like a very routine-y life.

Go to school everyday. Get back. Sleep. Repeat the next day.

I don't have much to blog about. Don't really go out much either. Don't have an exciting life.

Let's see.. the most exciting thing I did yesterday was probably... taking a bus out along pasir panjang road and had a really really good meal. Which was duck rice. With Howard wtf. Coz everyone left to go somewhere and it was only us who were the ones left behind. We ate... quite a big plate a duck, a plate of tofu stuff, two eggs, TWO plates of awesome awesome kangkong, and a bowl of porridge and two bowls of rice... which is actually quite a lot come to think of it.

See.. that's how exciting my life is now wtf. And I'm really only blogging now coz I've got nothing better to do. Well, actually I could study. But it's recess week this coming week... so. Hmm.

Right. Maybe I'll just stop blogging all together. I'm thinking probably a lot of ppl who used to read me think that I've stopped already. Maybe I should.

Maybe. Just.. maybe....

In the mean time, I shall end this post with a picture of me uhh.. with a pole. After the Shostakovich concert where a huge bunch of us went out for drinks and some stress relief haha.

You have my word that I wasn't high or drunk, coz I never am. I was merely doing what my friends asked me to do. Cross my heart.