Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Today I'm gonna show you guys something you might have not seen before. I kid you not. I've never seen such a cuteeeee thing before ever.. in my life. Nor did the person who got it for me <3

I shall name it.. affectionately as....

Banana! With a capital B :)

Why? You ask.

Come... I shall show you.

Nahh!!! *giggles*

You won't believe your eyes. It is the most adorable thing I've seen so far. I shall cherish it for as long as I live.


And and!!! Did you guys notice that Banana has a stub too??? It's sooo cute!

Not only it's cute, Banana is soooo nice to sleep with, it has a tag which says that it's a Marshmallow Cushion!!! Haha, how adorable!

Ok lah.. I admit, to some people.. they might go, "Ughhh!!! A banana soft toy?!?! That's so disgusting!! What on earth were you thinking???"

But it doesn't matter, coz I love love LOVE it!! I love my banana :)

See!! Even my dress matches Banana!!!


Sunday, April 27, 2008

Extended Part of Thailand Trip :)

Ok.. so I spent yet another hour resizing all the pictures I wanted to upload up into Blogger, then Stewie asked me, "Why are you doing that? Blogger actually resizes the picture itself when you upload them in, just that it takes a longer time to upload it."


I just wasted 2 hours of my life resizing pictures. Sniff sniff..


Anyways, here are the pictures from Khaolak and also on the way back home to Penang. :)

1. I think this was either when we were on the way back to Penang or on the way to Khaolak when my dad spotted this house or something up in the forest/hill? The people who stay there must feel very lonely without any neighbours :(

2. Nah... a close-up-ish on the house in the forest/hill.

3. And then, we were at Khaolak!!! Which has a beach, obviously. And I uh... misspelled Khaolak here hahahhahahah *blush* whoopsy daisy!

4. Me, feeling bored ish. There actually WAS internet, BUT I dunno why I could only have it for like 10 minutes, then *poof* it disappeared. :(

Deprived deprived me.

5. Whyyyyy?? WHYYYY!!!?!?!? Why does this happen to meeeeeee??? Why won't you (internet wtf) just work!!!

6. Then all out of a sudden, I heard like footsteps coming near me.... like... running towards me!

7. It turned out to be this cute dog!!! :D

8. Then my dad asked me to take pics of them in the sea, uhmm. playing with the water. I have close ups, but I don't dare to put for fear of scaring off people o.O

9. Nah... the sun which was about to set I think...

10. The uhh.. sea water and my feet. Oh plus my new dress which I bought for 300 Baht in Phuket, weeeeeeee!!

11. Nahh.. this is the villa which we stayed in Khaolak Resort. This one's a suite I think, it faces the beach and each has a jacuzzi on front of the villa :)

12. Nahhh.. the jacuzzi close-up-ish. Although in this picture it's not working like how a jacuzzi is suppose to be like coz it's not turned on.

13. Then.. this is one of the swimming pools the resort has which is just situated behind the villa. The back door of the villa faces it. The resort has 5 swimming pools!!!!

14. Nahhh.. proof that our back door leads to it!

15. This is the breakfast area which I didn't quite like coz it was very very very extremely blazing hot! I just showered only before I headed to breakfast, and 1/4 way eating, I was already sweating like mad and had to go back to shower yet again.

15. This was the night that we had dinner, the guy on the left owns this resort! And those plastic bags contain the best of the best (to me lah) mango and sticky rice!!! Me likeyyy :)

16. These were some of the dishes we had. The fried roundish thing is some fried prawn thingy which tasted not bad. Then there the Tomyam soup and fish and vege.

17. To distract myself from the annoying mosquitoes biting me underneath the table, I spotted this tree above us which I thought was very nice. It fans out like an umbrella :)

18. And then while waiting for the grown-ups to finish talking, I indulged on their vanilla ice cream!!!!! Which they drizzled with lots of caramelllllll :D It was soooo good that I had to have 2 scoops! In the dark picture was when the nice waiter brought my ice cream for me :)

19. Ok, then no more already, now we were heading back to Penang already, we used this road which bypasses some town so it's kinda like a short cut. And we spotted this temple inside a cave. Which is uhh.. ok lah... very beautiful lah.. so I put up some pics for you guys to see.

This is uhh.. some of the rocks? in the cave? hmm..

20. And then my dad spotted this cat. Which is uhh.. all black as you can see. He loves cats. So... there you go.

21. Close-up-ish. I don't like its claws :(

22. My dad and the uhh.. Buddha? statues.

23. One of the spectacular views. Ok lah.. this one not that spectacular, but they're actually really nice.

24. Rocks.
25. More rocks.
26. Uhh.. my dad's friend attempting to uhh.. meditate. Coz apparently I think there was a sign saying that that's a place for you to meditate wan.

27. Obviously more rocks again.

28. Somewhere up there, I think that's an exhausted/out of breath me after climbing up the steep steep stairs. I know.. I no use wan :(

29. The view from up there. You see!! We people became so small.

30. And then after we finished walking almost the whole place, then we spotted this gong. Nearby it has a sign which says hit the gong for 3 times for good luck. Or something in the lines of that.

31. So.. off I go!!!! Readyyyy..... get settttt....

32. Gonggggggggggggggggg!!!

The sound is actually quite peaceful, I dunno how to describe it but it sounded like Gongggggggggg.. instead of Chianggggggggggg...

You know what I mean??

Ahhh.. forget it.

33. I shall end this post with this statue outside of the temple. I'm not 100% sure of who she is, so I won't put her name or what people call her here lah. Sorry.

Ok... so that ends my trip.

The end.

Friday, April 25, 2008

My Thailand Trip :)

Ok.. so uhmm... right now.. I'm just gonna blast you guys with photos. Not necessarily really pretty ones but.. they're still photos that my uhh.. dad took, well.. most of them anyway :)

Reason I didn't take much was coz.. my dad is like.. very particular and stuff about photos. And then if I were to take some, he'll criticize and criticize them like there's no tomorrow. And I gotta take it like a man uhh... girl ... woman!!!

The trip was long and tired. To me, I felt like I spent most of the time in the car travelling, not helping that we had my dad's friends following us there too. And they drive.... slow. Ok lah.. not like super slow, but it felt like super slow to me. Coz there were times when me and my dad and to slow down to wait for them to catch up.

Like on normal circumstances, since my dad always go to Phuket for work and fun, we'll leave Penang at 6am and arrive Phuket at approximately latest 3pm ish. But!!!!! You know what time we only reached Phuket that day??

6.30pm/7pm ish!!!!! My butt was about to crack due to long hours of sitting on the car seat!! Sighh..

Oh.. on the way there, I also saw an accident, you know the long long truck? Something that looks like that.

Well I think the driver lost control or something and it went down the drain or something... creating like a bridge for the cars below to cross. I lazy to draw edi but it was quite scary.

Anyways!! Photos!!!

1. Ok, this was before we reach Phuket, we were at Trang having lunch at this place my dad knows. The family is Hainanese so my dad was speaking to them in their mother tongue. And they have this dog who's very old already, his name is Modem. I'm uhh... not sure if I spelt correctly.

But thing was one day Modem went missing. Then they couldn't find him. He was prolly kidnapped. So the family gave out flyers saying that Modem is sick and needs medication and stuff(which is a lie, shhh!), and the next day, the dog was returned to them! :)

2. This is a place where we stopped and had coffee. They have quite good coffee, it's located in a petrol station. And outside is a uhh.. lake? where they rear the prawns.

3. Nah... a close up. The water is greenish as I remember.

4. Yay! We finally... FINALLY reached Phuket! Uh.. meaning the bridge leading to Phuket.

5. It takes only like.. less than one minute to cross the bridge.

6. Phuket!! Surrounded by uhh trees as you can see.

7. Then they had this Phuket Checkpoint which they set up only recently. There was a super long queue :(
8. And then we straightaway went to have dinner with my dad's friend (the very very dark guy, he owns Khaolak Resort which we stayed at for one night before we went back to Penang). And his family. Notice the grandma sitting in the middle? She's already 90+ and she can still walk and eat and stuff by herself!!! And she has a big appetite too!

We were at a Japanese Restaurant, Oishi... which has buffet, but I was disappointed, I felt like the food wasn't fresh at all. And there were a lottttt of people. Especially tourists.

9. We finally checked in to the hotel. Which was not bad.. I slept like super soundly, coz I was super tired.
10. Part of the bathroom. Oh.. it's chalet wan.. not like high rise hotel wan.

11. I think this was the pool . I'm not 100% sure coz my dad took this picture. I think I was still sleeping.

12. The view outside our chalet. I think.

13. A picture of my dad and the uhh.. view. This was the breakfast area. You can either eat inside or outside.

14. Flowers. Duh. This was uh... at one of the nice spas.

15. A lil part of the inside.

16. A pool in the spa.

17. It even has a tiny lil shop in the spa.

18. Nah... together with me are the people we went with. My dad's friends. You see they got white hair all already. :(

We went to FantaSea. It's like a uhh.. show in a way. There's also like things to do outside. Lots of elephants, tigers and ohh.. there were chickens and baby goats too!!! ACTING!!!!

The ticket is about RM100 per ticket? I think. There are cheaper ones lah.. and also more expensive ones. It just depends on where you want to sit during the show.

19. One of the.. scary monsters.

20. The girl was swinging around something. Dunno what it was.

21. Nah.. the dinner place. It was hugeeeee!

22. In front of the dinner building.

23. Behind me was where the show was held. Inside lah. We had to give up our phones and camera outside as we weren't allowed to take any pictures inside.

24. This was some diamond shop there. Which sells uhh.. diamonds? Obviously.

25. Random picture of a papaya tree which my dad and his friends were all so fascinated about. Coz they've never in their life seen a papaya tree with uhh.. so many branches and papayas wtf. Coz normally papaya tree is just like... one only wan mah.. right?

26. Close up ish on the papayas.

27. I think these are mangosteens.

28. Some statue.

29. A guard caught talking on the phone while we were leaving for Khaolak which is like.. 1 hour away I think, hahaha. Ok lah.. I'm not sure if he's on duty or not.

Up next which is I think just a lil bit only, is the pics from Khaolak. Oh.. I didn't go to any beaches in Phuket coz the hotel we stayed in (Centara Villas Phuket).. there were a lot of steps and stuff. And I didn't have the time to go see the beach at all haha.

p.s. I just finished another cupping session, hopefully my last! I currently have like.. uhh.. 600 holes on my left leg :(

p.s.s. And I'm still a wussy. I still went OW OW OW just now :(