Thursday, September 11, 2008


OMGGGGG.... I'm feeling soooooo lazy today wtf. So so lazy.


Whyyyyyyyyy??? Why is this happening to me?! I've to go to school to finish doing my homework!!! Haih.

And also have orchestra rehearsal at night and the concert is like.. on Saturday. Whooppeeeeee!

I better eat before rehearsal. Oh, and I found out something very interesting. For me anyway. I think if I'm like.. super hungry. Such as yesterday again, coz I ate a tuna wrap from Subway (which was very yummy btw) at 11am and lasted until like... 10pm wtf.

So of course around 6 something pm during rehearsal my tummy will start growling and stuff lah. But I couldn't give my tummy food wtf. So... coz I got so hungry and wind will go into my tummy and then I'll feel bloated. Somemore I'll be playing the trumpet and takign deep breaths very often. Try taking deep breaths on an empty stomach then blowing the air out and see!! Feels very weird.

Ok, so my mouth will be super duper dry, I drink water also no use wtf. Once the water is consumed, my mouth will turn dry again. Haih.

Uhm. uh oh. I forgot the point wtf. Ok, I THINK my point was that my mouth will turn dry and I won't be producing any saliva(hahah eww?) when I'm super hungry.

Uhmmm... Ok. I shall go bathe now and go to school like a good girl coz I booked a practice room from 2pm-4pm (I think). Babai.


Blogger KY said...

ppl puasa also never complain so much. hahehahea

September 11, 2008 at 2:11 PM 
Blogger pinkpau said...

wwq i havent spoken to u in WAY TOO LONG :(

September 14, 2008 at 1:08 AM 

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