Tuesday, November 4, 2008


You know, I sometimes find myself wonder why I keep a blog. As in, like... what a blog is for, in a way. Yes, I guess I could use it to vent out all my anger or write down my happy memories so that I don't forget them. Coz you know, I've a memory of a fish. Seriously, I can't even really remember what I ate yesterday! So I guess it serves a purpose for me.

Ok, wait I've to go cut my nails first, they're bothering me coz they're a bit long. Yeah I somehow don't keep long nails. Used to. But haven't been for a long long time.


Ok, done! Where was I?

Oh shit, I forgotten what I wanted to say. See! I'm not lying about my memory. Uhmm... lemme think back.

*after a minute or two (serious! I'm not lying)*

Damn. I don't remember. Ahhh whatever this is my blog anyway right? I can write whatever I want to! Except... sigh. That is so not true. The truth is, I can't. I can't ever blog whatever that I please. People read this, and then if it's like I dunno... if you're writing about how much anger you have and stuff, people will uhmm.. actually I don't know what people will do. The thing is, people read. Not to say a lot but it's still a substantial amount for me.

And it sometimes really really frustrates the hell outta me that I can't just say what I want and when I feel like it. Like, I'm not having a good day today. Nope, not at all. It's a very pissy day for me. And I think I scared a few people haha. And if I wanna just vent it out here, I can't. I can't just write what I want. Well I guess technically if I'm brave enuff or something like that I could. But I'm not and I won't. Like I wanna write about how angry/sad/disappointed I am but...

Damn it.

Ok, you know what? Since this is like going no where.. I'm gonna blog about something relatively happy and fun for me. Ok, scratch relatively. It was a good week for me.

And you know why? Because.. the Boston Brass was here! And.... I have pictures! Although.... most of them didn't come from my camera, I don't know why. But still, there's pictures.

I had like.. a total of 3 performances together with my quintet. This is us. Brass Quintet B. HAHAHAHAHA. There was like an inside joke, I mean I guess you can call it that. Coz we didn't have a name for our quintet and so in the programme that night, our brass quintet's name was like Brass Quintet B. Coz there was another group which was Brass Quintet A.

Ok, maybe it's not that funny to you. Anyways..... this is us backstage after the concert. See, everyone's face is like damn relieved haha.

From left, ChingLing, WeiPeng, Boon Hua, HuangShan and last but not least! Me! :)

It was like.. well, very scary for me. I've never ever performed in front of an audience with just 4 other people together with me. It's just so scary but I think we did well. It wasn't bad. No one boo-ed us haha. Thank god!

And the Boston Brass's performance was just... amazing. To me anway, and I'm sure to quite a lot of other people that came that night. Everyone was like, cheering... screaming even! And when the whole concert is done, they(Boston Brass) had their lil autograph session out in the foyer. And oh my... they have like.. lots and lots of groupies hahaha.

This is me and the Boston Brass(after their groupies left haha).

From left: Jeff and Jose who both plays the trumpet. Andrew who plays the tuba. Uh.... me. J.D. on the french horn and Lance on the trombone+euphonium.

I got my poster autographed by all of them too! Which is up on my wall in my room now.

And this is me with Jose Sibaja(lead trumpet).

He.. has quite an interesting life. One fun fact for you guys. He played the trumpet for Ricky Martin for 9 freaking years! Which meant that.. he toured with Ricky Martin and stuff. He's a really funny guy, from Costa Rica with an extremely sexy accent according to Kelly haha. And he can really play the trumpet, notes so high up that.. pwoarrr.... I'm speechless.

And this.. I mean.. above. Is a picture of me, ChingLing and Jeff. Plus Jose trying to put bunny ears on the both of us. Jeff, is a really nice guy, I think I can say that. In a way, because of how he looks, during their performances, the guys will always pick on him. It's very funny. Haha. Like how they'll be describing each member from Boston Brass. And when it came to Jeff.

Lance said,
"And here we have Jeff Conner. And... he likes chicken."


And then not only that, they were playing some song titled Chicken or something for their encore. So they dedicated that song to Jeff coz he loves chicken so much. And when they were playing, Jose made chicken sounds by using his trumpet. It was so funny. You just have to be there to see it. Well, granted I'm actually quite easily amused by things.

I really hope that they'll come again next year. We learned a lot of things just in one week. And then we also went for supper... a very very long and expensive supper (which came up to SGD460++, and it's like the first time that I've eaten prawn since I came to Singapore, tiger prawn some more. Freaking huge!) with the Boston Brass. Coz they had an early flight the next morning so none of them were gonna sleep. So we hung out at the Newton Food Court or something like that until 3.30am ish. And more. It was quite a fun night.

Ok, I think this blog post is getting a bit long, till next time!


Blogger curryegg said...

Hello Wen Qi...
I've the same idea as you... as we don't get to blog whatever we can sometimes as people around us might be reading. Sigh... still.. diary is the best place to keep secret? emmm..

November 5, 2008 at 1:22 AM 
Blogger pinkpau said...

newton is horribleeeee and so expensiveeeeeeee

wwq what is the boston brass. who are they. what do they do. what is their purpose! why do they like chicken!

November 5, 2008 at 7:29 AM 
Blogger Unknown said...

memory of a fish........dun care bout that i'll choose a fish n chip anyday :D

November 5, 2008 at 2:26 PM 
Blogger Wen-Qi said...

curryegg: haha i don't think i'll ever keep a diary. as in.. a real handwritten one lol

pinkpau: yeah it WAS expensive! i felt so broke after that.

boston brass is uhh a brass quintet originally from boston? wtf. altho now the only founding member is jeff who lives in boston, the others come from else where. aiyah u want u go read lah. just go bostonbrass.com i think. and it's not that they like chicken. they like to tease jeff about chicken being his fav food. in their performances they joke and stuff. it's very funny wan.

u know, i lol-ed when i saw ur comment.why do they like chicken! hahahaha

choo: hahhaha wokayy..

November 5, 2008 at 11:11 PM 
Blogger Boss Stewie said...

i like chicken too!

November 5, 2008 at 11:22 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wwq, any youtube of ur quintetB performances??
waa.. u are so lucky able to hang out with the boston brass.. i googled their youtube, tat lead trumpeter is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

November 6, 2008 at 1:00 AM 
Blogger PInkorpooh said...

Hi wenqi, this is tuan siew. How come no tubist and euphnium player wan? Hey, I know wee wei peng!! she was my senior in high school.

November 6, 2008 at 1:17 AM 
Blogger Wen-Qi said...

stewie: uhh wokayy..

anonymous: haha we're in the midst of getting it. haven't heard ourselves yet lol. yeah he is awesome!

tuan siew: boon hua is playing the lowest part with the bass trombone. u don't necessarily always need a tuba player. oh u know her? what a small world!

November 6, 2008 at 2:53 AM 
Blogger PInkorpooh said...

oh I see. yea, chui ling for percussion and wei peng are my seniors. Same school, same band.

November 6, 2008 at 12:48 PM 
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