Saturday, January 31, 2009


Ooooh dear, my days were filled with things to do ever since I got back on Tuesday night! So anyway, I'm going to blog about my really really REALLY short trip back home.

And it starts... now.

Remember I said there was some hoo haa about the bus tickets and got it all sorted out? Yeah. So I kinda wasted that ticket and bought another one for the next day. Took Odyssey back. Nah.. this is the bus.

It was okayyy.. the ride. My brother was suppose to fetch me when I reach KL, but before that, I was suppose to call him to let him know that I was about to reach. The thing is.. uhm, it was a midnight bus. And... naturally, I kinda fell asleep.

Suddenly my phone rang at 5.30am. It was my brother. And he asked me where I was, whether I'm reaching already or not. And.. just so happens, in that 2 mins time, the bus reached its destination wtf. The bus stops at Mount Kiara I think and my brother lives damn far away... I think.

So I waited for him. What could I do right? And at first I thought there'd be a place where I could wait, turns out that I was wrong. In the end, I just sat down at the pavement and waited for him. For 45 mins. Alone. Hahahahahahahha.

Well.. actually there was a guy also, waiting. But I think he works for Odyssey, and he's prolly suppose to make sure that everyone gets back safe or something. After like... half an hour waiting, he came over and asked me whether I was waiting for someone. Hahahahahahha. Poor guy. I'm sorry, you didn't need to wait with me.

While waiting, I got so bored that I kinda took out my mouthpiece and buzzed a lil wtf. And luckily I had my ipod with me, so Michale Buble was accompanying me waiting for my brother.

Ok so my brother arrived and then we headed straight back to Penang. Traffic was quite smooth last I remember. Although there was an accident. Not us lah, someone else.

And it was also like, damn foggy that day. Ok it was either fog or haze wtf. You see!

You can't even make out what the billboard is saying. At least I can't.

Anyways... once we reached home, it was already like.. 11am ish maybe. Then I think I had some food to eat and went to practice for a tiny bit. Then.. I joined my brother and sister and played guitar hero and boogie superstar hahahahaha.

We played a lot when we were back. Ahh.. haven't been playing games for a long long time.

Wokay.. so that was saturday. Then.. Sunday there was the reunion dinner at my grandma's. This year was kinda special coz everybody came back for CNY. Even my cousin who stays in Minnesota came back with her husband and her very very cute daughter. And since everybody was back, one of my cousins decided to take a family picture. This is my mother's side. There was almost 50 of us. I'm lazy to count.

So that's that. Now on to the 1st day of CNY. Woke up around 10 something coz we were playing xbox and wii again hahahaha. Went to my uncle's for lunch as usual. Then my grandma's.

Then for that night, everybody's suppose to come to our home for dinner. So I'm basically just pasting pictures below and prolly not gonna write much coz I'm very very sleepy already. And I've a super long day tomorrow.

Ok. So this.. uhh... is the 3 different thingys dish from Chili' s wtf. Which my cousin bought.

Ok... then there's the chili tuna fried rice which my mom made.

Then.. this is one of the different salads that my uncle made. I love the colour wtf. I didn't eat this one though, I ate the other salad lol.

And this.. is the uhmm.. baked cheesy potato that my cousin made. It was sooo cheesy.

This is lobak. And sister in the background... eating fried chicken if I remember correctly.

And this is yam rice which my mom made. I <3

Dammit, now I feel like eating some.

And this is my uncle squeezing thousand island dressing on the salad which was the one I ate.

Ok. The end. I'm going to bed now coz I've to wake up at 7am tomorrow to go to school.

I'm glad I went back for CNY even though it was like sooo tiring. It was good. I hope yours was good too!



Monday, January 26, 2009

Dong3 Chiang

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!

I'll blog properly when I'm back in Singapore. Which is.. tomorrow and it's gonna take almost the whole day to reach there coz I'll be taking the bus.

Anywayyyy.... if you're still in front of a computer reading this or doing something else in front of the computer, get up and go get your ang pows or uhh... give out ang pows.


Sunday, January 18, 2009


So what did I do this Sunday?

I refused to wake up to my beeping alarm at 9am. Dragged myself up at 10am. Had a honey-baked ham sandwich as breakfast and carrot juice. Had a shower and off I went to school.

Practiced for two hours. Coz that was the only free slot I found there. Then had my lunch at 2pm plus.

And my lunch was a very interesting thing. Well.. I got all this from back home. Looks like this.

And the very awesome thing about this is that... you just have to put hot water in it. Up to some level and voila!!!! You have instant rice. And it's not bad tasting. Quite uhh... fragrant.

This is what it looks like in the inside.

Ok lah.. there wasn't any meat inside. I went to buy the "sio bak" so that you know.. I'm not just eating plain rice. I was actually in school when I "cooked" the rice. And I came all the wayyyyy back to PGP to buy the "sio bak" coz it tasted too bland haha. And I needed some meat. So I bought it and came back to my room and ate while watching funny videos in youtube.

So that was about 4pm already. Then I accidentally fell asleep wtf.

Until 6pm.

Arghhhh all my time goneeeee.

So after I post this up, I'm gonna continue doing my homework. And practice reading alto and tenor clefs and blah blah blah blah blah.

Ahhh.. life as a student.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

My 1st week!




I just had like.. the busiest week ever. Not to mention tiring. And it's just gonna be more and more tiring as weeks go by.
*Brr* I dare not even think about it...

If you don't count weekends, I don't even have a free day. I used to have one free day last semester. Well, technicallyyyy... not really, coz I had orchestra on that day but I did not have any classes. Unlike this semester, I've classes every single morning. And to add on to that.. 3 of them are 9am classes!!!!

I've been waking up consistently at like.. 7 plus am for the past five days. I think I'm getting a bit used to it I guess. I have to. I was actually afraid that I couldn't wake up on the first day. Coz I had my studio class at 9am in the morning. And it is.. the first day of school, and I didn't wanna be late for it. So I actually asked my mom to do me one tiny favour and call me just to make sure I woke up. Haha. Thank you mother.

And.. I also wore my "Sorry I'm Late!" t-shirt to school! It's a very cute shirt. It's like in BOLD BIG RED letters. I kinda purposely wore that shirt coz I knew that I was gonna be like maybe 3 mins late for at least a class. Coz it was like.. 9-10am studio class, 10-11am musical concepts and materials, 11-12pm major class, 12-1.15pm noon recital then lunch break for like... 30 minutes and I've to rush back to orchestra rehearsal in the afternoon 2pm-5pm.

Guess what? I was late, well 3 minutes. Coz studio kinda dragged on a lil bit, when it ended I literally ran dowan with my trumpet and books, went into the classroom and said, "Sorry I'm late Dr Edwards, I had studio class and it just ended." While panting away.

And you know what he said to me? He was like," Oh no worries, I know you'll show up sooner or later. (coz he saw me in school already earlier in the morning) Oh look! You even have the appropriate t-shirt for it!" Hahahahahahaha. I like Dr Edward's class, it's.. fun. I think, I can't really find the right word for it.

And I actually really do enjoy every single class that I have. Well, some are hard, and we had one which uhm.. the teachers changed. Well last semester my year was kinda divided into half so 2 teachers are teaching the same thing except different way.. a bit. So we went to the new(to us) teacher's class and came out with either jaws dropped to the ground or just absolutely blank facial expression coz there was just soo much to process and he went like sooo freaking fast you don't even have the time to think.

I thought Monday was gonna be hell for me, but suprisingly it wasn't. I went back home happy haha. Didn't really get any monday blues.

Well that was Monday, and there's like the rest of the week and I'm not really into talking about now actually. It was just really tiring. And I've tons and tons of homework to do.

Oh... and I just wanna say that I'm really studying at a university now. You know why? I've finally been to a lecture hall, like a proper proper university kinds of lecture halls where you see in movies. The ones where there's like loads of seats and loads of people and the lecturer has to use a microphone wtf.

Something that looks like this!
I say that.. because the classes we have in YST are like.. smaller groups and our classrooms are not big. Most classes only have less than 10 people at a time. And well, I kinda got a shock too, coz I saw people like... eating during the lecture. Sorry lah, I noob. Like... behind me, this girl has a bag of potato chips and eating it when the lecturer was talking. I didn't know you can eat in the lecture hall!!! I mean, not to say that I wanted to eat lah, coz I just had lunch and I was full.

So, ladies and gentlemen, I am a... university student! *smile* Although the only class that I have which is at a lecture hall like above.. is my Southeast Asian Studies which was an extra module that I took. Not realizing that my schedule was already like damn packed coz I only found out this week that I have Professional Development.

Oh well. I'm off to bed now and hopefully waking up before 9am tomorrow. No wait. It's a Saturday... fine. I'll wake up at 9am. Then get ready and go to the bookstore to get my books, hopefully they're not all too expensive until I don't have enuff moolah to pay for.

*fingers crossed*

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Owww :(

Just half a day in Singapore and my legs are killing me wtf.


Friday, January 9, 2009

Byebye Home

Ok... one minute ago, I was actually very enthusiastic about what I wanted to blog. But now that I'm here. I kinda forgot what I was gonna blog about. Ahh dammit.

Anyways, today is my last day at home. I spent it by doing a bit of laundry, practicing, fetching my sister from school and to tuition and from tuition(haha), having a bit of hoo haa of the bus tickets coz of some schedule changes plus some miscommunication(I hope it is, if not then it's just forgetfulness wtf) and watching the other boleyn girl. Oh.. and well later I'm gonna have to do some packing! Coz I haven't packed anything yet!!!

Speaking of movies, I think I've a new pet peeve. Or maybe it's always been there, just that I didn't know about it. I like to watch movies in peace. As in, no interruptions if possible. It was especially annoying today when I was trying to watch this movie, and.. like every freaking 5 minutes I gotta get up from my seat.

It was ridiculous! Like.. one minutes the phone rings(which I had to run downstairs to get the phone), next the doorbell rings, next my mobile rings, next the dogs are going crazy barking non-stop, next the phone rings again!! WTF!!! Let a girl watch her movie in peace can or not!!!?! Sigh. It was a good movie though, I liked it. Eric Bana was so yummy as King Henry VIII.

And you know what I won't miss here at home?

And do you happen to know what this is?

It is my music stand. Because I left my music stand in Singapore... as you can clearly see, I had to improvise a lil.
So this is how I practice at home these days. I have to have to have to remember to bring back my music stand which was left on my desk in Singapore to rot.

Oh well.

Ooooh I got myself a watch a couple of days ago. And I really like it wtf. Lemme show you!
Nice or not!!!

A lil closer..
Oh... anddddd, I also got myself a hopefully reliable alarm clock. Coz I really do not know what is wrong with me, but every single morning, when my (phone)alarm rings, I kinda automatically switch it off. And I don't wake up until noon!!! And I can't afford to do that next week, at all!! When I have like three days of 9am classes to attend.

Nah... my very orange alarm clock!
Imma put it on my desk far far way from me when I go back, so that when it rings.. I'll have to literally drag myself up to switch off the alarm. I really hope that plan of mine works. If not, then.. I'm dooooooomed.

I'm gonna be quite busy for this next semester of mine. Oh... I won the bid!!! For the Singapore Studies module. I'm gonna be studying about uhh... Southeast Asia: A Changing Region. Pwoarrrr. Ok... I'm never that big about history kinda stuff, so I hope everything goes well and I'm not stupid in that subject haha coz there wasn't really any other choice for me and my friends to pick from, blame our schedule. Ok lah, technically I can't blame our schedule coz we didn't necessarily need to do singapore studies this semester, it's just coz we wanted to finish it asap.

Ok... I think it's time for me to do some packing and then have a good night's rest coz tomorrow I gotta clean my room in sg when I reach and hopefully get some practice, and I really really really hope that there won't be any kind of insects waiting for me....

Ughh yuck.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I'm still alive :)

I know I know... that I should be blogging more often. But I dunno. I seem to be.. not really in the mood to blog. Ahh I dunno. Damn.

I'll be going back to Singapore on Saturday and school starts on Monday! I honestly don't know if I'm eager to go back there. Well, I am excited that classes are starting again, I quite like going to class. And I also might be taking an extra module that everybody has to take I think, it's Singapore Studies. Well, we'll see.. by tomorrow I'll know if I'm taking it or not.

Why I'm not that eager to go back is that... uhmm.. I'm afraid to go back to my room. Coz... when I left for home, I kept having dreams that when I go back, my room will be filled with all sorts of worms and insects and it creeps the hell outta me! Sigh... I'm soo scared to go back.

Coz... one fo my friends, Howard who went back already... his room was uhh... infested with lots and lots of creepy crawlies... even he was freaked out. But Duncan went back and his room was clean and he even accidentally left a window open wtf.

And... Howard's room is a corner room, Duncan's not. My room's a corner room. HOW?!?!?! What if only corner rooms get creepy crawlies??!!??! I need to be saveddddddd!!! *cry*

Ok... enuff of creepy crawlies.. lemme show you some food pictures wtf. My mom's colleague, Aunt Linda wanted to buy my sister dinner coz she scored straight A's in her PMR. Congrats again lil sister. And so we all went to Shenanigans, a new Irish pub and restaurant near where I stay.

Look, it still has its christmas tree up! It was quite a pretty one too.

This is what it's like in the restaurant. This the uhh... restaurant area.. the pub is on the opposite side.

This is the soup of the day which is pea soup. I normally hate peas.. as in.. like.. if they put peas in fried rice, I'll pick them out. I don't really know why, but I just don't like them. But this soup is quite tasty.

This is Aunt Linda's lamb stew which was quite good, but she thought it was a tad too oily.

This was my mom's salmon dish. It was not bad.

And my sister's cottage pieeeeeeee(which she couldn't finish).

And my guiness pot pie(which I couldn't finish either).
Coz there were just tooooo many pieces of beef inside.

And these were the deserts that all of us shared!!! They were all very yummy.

This was the apple crumble with a scoop of ice cream!

And..... mango and orange sorbet!

The end! And I'm off to bed!

p.s. sorry some of the pics are like blurry wtf, I didn't have patience to take the pics, wanted to dig in to my food already.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Here comes 2009!

It's 1:41am now, 1st of january 2009. And here I am typing away, coz I feel like I haven't been properly updating my blog recently. I don't know, I just haven't been in the mood lately to blog. I think I even have some christmas cookies pictures which I think I don't feel like blogging about that anymore.

It's a very different new year compared to last year I think. Last year, I was all made up wearing a dress and everything for a formal event, this time around, I was in a t-shirt and shorts, went over to a close family friend's home for a bbq and potluck. Very different crowd. Still fun nonetheless.

Played uno with my mom and sister coz we were just too bored, which I won haha. Had a mixed drink with just a teeny bit of alchohol, which didn't have any kick but was still good lol. Then we came back home early at around 11pm, was contemplating on playing monopoly but unfortunately termites or something were all over the game wtf. So I ended up finishing the 1st season of gossip girl during the countdown I think lol. One season in 2 days. Whoa.... I feel so unproductive.

But you know what? Despite of everything that has happened in 2008, good or bad, I think 2009 is going to be a good if not great year. Or so I've been told. I think I'm actually looking forward to it. A new year, a new phone, a new everything. Yes... a new phone!!!! I realized that my old a bit bashed up phone's battery is kinda spoiled edi, as in... the whole thing is a bit "pong pong" edi, and I was still using it for quite some time before I changed into this. (and an empty inbox which is to me, the best thing ever for me now!)

Nah... come, I show you.

I think I've grown up(ignore the bear behind and the teddy comforter). And I will continue to do so, and live my life to the fullest... I hope.

Happy new year everyone!

p.s. limsuann, do you remember the bear???? :)