Sunday, April 26, 2009

J. U. R. Y.


It's Sunday!!! And you know what that means???!?

That means.. in LESS THAN 12 HOURS from now........

I'll be having my jury.



*picks myself up from the floor*

Oh my god.. after that.. it's like.. I'm done with my 1st year. It's sooo bloody quick, goes by in a flash I tell ya! Ok.. technically I'm not done yet, coz I still have one more exam on Wednesday, which is my singapore studies, and I've yet to begin to study it.

Greeaaaaaaaat!! Then.. you know what fun I'll be having? I'll be having damn a lot of fun.. packing my liferoom into 2 suitcases wtf. Hopefully all can fit in.


But then!!! I'll be going back home... and there'll be movies to watch wtf. I haven't watched a movie for the longest time. I don't even remember what was the last movie that I watched. No kidding. Huh....

Ok.. I should sleep late today. I have to get alllllll the energy maybe I can from tonight sleep and just.... *shiver* go for it tomorrow at 9.30 freakin am!!

Omigodd... okay. I shall not think about it. No... you shall not think about it. You will be fine tomorrow. You will wake up at 7am. Take a shower and get ready. Go to the canteen and eat the porridge the duck uncle & auntie prepared for you. Take the bus to school, and then... warm up. Then... off you go into the orchestra hall. Do your thing... then you're done.

Holy crap....

Ok.. I need to go sleep now and hopefully I won't think so much about it and everything will be fineeeeeeee.

FINE... it will be fine. It has to. It will. I can do it wtf. Yes.. *whimper* noo....

Uh uh I can't think like yes yes.. think.. positive wtf. I'm floating in the sky....

Oh great... how does that help wtf.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Untitled wtf

Just a short one now, coz it's late and I need to sleep.

And it was amazing how I slept from 6pm to uhh... 10am ish yesterday. Well, considering that I haven't got much sleep from the past few days and I'm sigh... sick. Again. But I did woke up to my alarm at 9.30pm but decided to go back to sleep. Then I woke up again at around. 3.50am, came online a bit, then went back to bed until it was finally time to wake up. It was a loooooonnnnnggggg nap.

And it also sucks that I couldn't practice much or even properly today, coz of my stupid nose. It's like this, once I started playing, my left nostril will.. well... be dripping mucus. Ugh... so annoying and I feel like I wanna die wtf.

Sigh. Anyway.. I'm not gonna blog much today insteadddddd......!!!!

I'm gonna post up a video. Uhm.. of my quintet performing last monday in the noon recital. It was fun... tough piece, but fun. But all the while, when I was on stage, I don't know whether it was nerves or what, I was sweating like mad! I tell ya... like.. beads of sweat forming and not stopping at all!

So all I could think about when I was on stage was.. quick quick... quickly finish the piece and lemme go backstage and take off my clothes wtf. Damn hot.

Not kidding.

Anyways.. here's the video!! Hope you guys like it.. *I liked it*.. hahaha.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Guess what people!!! I'm gonna blog now wtf.

Yeah I admit this is rare.. I mean, my last blog post was like a one-liner. And I'm suppose to go do my laundry now.. no wait.. actually I was suppose to do it yesterday... or the day before, but I'm delaying and delaying it until I really really really run out of panties wtf... which is like, two days from now. Sigh..

Today I had the most awesome dinner. Well.. ok maybe not like the greatest greatest one on earth.. but it was really good for today, just today. I had crayfish pasta, tomato base. Mmmmmm... tomato base, I likey.

It looked something like this..

Except that you uhh... change the lobster into 3 half (quite tiny) crayfish.. and the fettuccine to spaghetti and.. uhh.. the tomato base is more.. watery ish.

But it was still good nonetheless!!! I really enjoyed it. I haven't had pasta for the longest time, I don't even really remember when was the last time I had pasta, I think it was when I was back home in Penang wtf. Damn long ago.

Ok enuff about my dinner. What I have been doing these past few days.. or spending a lot of my time on is.. my.. myspace page wtf.

Yes.. why myspace? It's coz.. one of the subjects I've to take in school is professional development, and one of the things we have to do, is make a myspace musician page... to... 'promote' ourselves and our playing or something like that. Other than that, we had to uhm.. come up with a presentation thingy.. and do it for like.. kids.

What we got was 4th graders, and we were playing some excerpts from peter and the wolf to show the different instruments and stuff. And also playing excerpts from carmen, william tell overture and blah blah. Showing them simple musical terms. It was all great fun, they were all really responsive and cheeky students.

Then the next day, we had to do the whole presentation for a class in school.. so.. it's like we're gonna be presenting stuff catered to 4th graders in the first place to... university students. And oh gawddd... it was like.. I asked them something, and no one responded. That did not happen only one time, happened like 4 times to me wtf. I was like.. wokayyyyy.

Back to pd's myspace wtf. One of the things we needed was.. well, we were told to get like.. professional pictures of ourselves and our instruments. And to save cost hahaha... me and my friends just took the pictures ourselves in one of the ensemble rooms in school. They came out not that bad. There were like 3 different cameras.. and 3 people clicking away hahaha. Lemme show you how some of the pictures turned out!

These were all taken like.. uhmm.. 3 days ago. Coz.. all the brass quintets in school had to play in the noon recital on monday, including mine haha. And so I had my black formal clothes with me, so we all took it that day haha.

So.. there's this.. with me looking all weird and not knowing what I was doing at all, I just quite like my hair in this one haha.
And this. Which is actually the same pose, just different camera and different angle. I know Skyler likes this one the best!! :) But actually there's something in this pic that's not suppose to be in it.. but I dunno how to photoshop it away wtf. I don't wanna tell you what it is, if you want, you can see and guess! But it's quite obvious lor..

And then this one.. hahaha.. I have nothing to say. Hmm.. actually my trumpet quite shiny huh.. but the truth is.. it's not hahahahha... that reminds me, I should clean it soon lol.

And then a candid one wtf. My arm looks a bit weird coz.. the one holding my trumpet is my left hand, and that one is my right arm wtf. Kinda looks like I have only one arm or something wtf.

And then one of my quite fav pictures. coz it's prolly like almost the only one of me kinda smiling properly haha.

Ok.. the end wtf.

Monday, April 13, 2009


I feel deprived.

The end.

Yes. I know it's just a one-line blog post. So what? It's going to be a one-line blog post wtf.

So again....

I feel deprived.


Thursday, April 9, 2009

La di da

So this is going to be more of a picture post as all of you can see. This was taken like.. sooooo long ago. Ok lah.. maybe not that long. But long enough.

It was when I was back in KL for that one week for MPYO camp and had a free night. And limsuann was in town!!!! So.. me and Skyler(the girl below with no face) met up with her!! :)

And well... most people who know Su Ann, know that she's not exactly known for her punctuality wtf. And both of us(me & Skyler) specifically told her "don't be late ahhhhh... " and she promised she won't be. Guess what? Sigh sigh sighhh... limsuann ahh... you disappoint me. I think I should just give you my "sorry I'm late" t-shirt. So instead of me wearing it, you can wear it!!!

I think that's Skyler trying to squeeze Su Ann's head but was unsuccessful. I remember I had another better picture of that but Su Ann deleted it from my cam. Hmph!

So now I will show you the pictures we took when we had some time to kill.

And we didn't want the waiters there to take picture for us.. coz.. we did try and they were all blur. So we decided to use the timer function!!!

Picture #1

Fail. Coz apparently all my settings on my camera was kinda.. wrong. So limsuann the pro went to change it for me to make the pictures nicer.
We were taking those pictures like.. 3 in a row. So it's really quick.. and we set it to THREE cameras. Skyler's, mine, and limsuann's. And limsuann was the one setting the timer. Lemme show you 3 failed pictures wtf.

Picture #2

I think I was calling out to limsuann, asking her to quickly come coz the time was up.

Picture #3

Still calling her wtf.

Picture #4

Wah.... hair advertisement wtfwtf. And I just noticed that there's a girl at the back... in the first photo her face was like.. huh... then second and third.. she looked like she was either laughing with or at us. Probably at wtfwtf.

Picture #5

These are also the ones in 3. Skyler ah... why's your expression the same one... in all these 3 pictures!!
Picture #6

Limsuann why you so cute!

Picture #7

Dunno what to say... oh. The table is a bit messy.

Picture #8

Ok, last but not least, we must take the limsuann pose!!! Wait... actually I'm not even sure whether this is the lsa pose or not. But I know that it was lsa who asked us to pose like that wtf.

The end.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Fake happy wtf

I still don't know what to blog about but I just think that I should. Oooh... wait, I just realized I forgotten to do something that I needed to do.


Oh.. great. Guess what? I'm back and I don't feel like blogging already wtf.

I just want to snuggle up in my bed and forget about everything else since it's a good day to just stay in bed coz the weather is perfect for it and just feel at peace and happy and contented and just.. sigh.

*mind wanders off to a place which I won't reveal here wtf*

*snaps back to reality*

Sigh.. but I can't do that. I've still got much work to do and I've to go to school later to work on my jury piece, which is certainly still far from what I want it to sound like but hopefully it'll get better. It has to.

For now, I guess I'll just stay in my room for awhile more and just eat some chocolate to make myself happy(even though it's fake happy, to hell with it!). And maybe... maybeeeee, I just might finally open that bottle of evian that's still sitting pretty on my table.

p.s. limsuann, i will post the pics soon, prolly in my next post, then u can steal from there!