Saturday, May 23, 2009


So this post was suppose to be about the food and stuff. But... I'm now in KL and I did not bring my laptop this time. I initially thought I was gonna bring it, but then after packing.. I realized that if I was gonna bring it, I'm gonna be only using it for about a week, coz then I'll be shipped off to Bangi and there's no internet connection there. Well... there's inTRAnet. So I could maybe use the computers there.

In about 3 hours from now, I'll be at DFP having chamber rehearsals. Breathe.... breathe.....

Oh.. and I finally got quite a good night's sleep! I think one of the reasons was coz the night before I spent it packing my bags and only got about less than an hour's worth of sleep, which I think I wasn't actually deep in sleep at all. Then tried to sleep in the bus the next morning which was yesterday.. and the bus was actually quite empty. Only around 5 people including me.

So you'd think that the bus would be pretty quiet right?? And I'd be able to catch up on some sleep. That was what I thought too. Oh how wrong was I...

Two people apparently chose to sit at the seats behind me. And all through the bus ride... she was yapping and yapping away. I was sleepy a bit. And getting grumpy wtf. Until the bus had a rest stop and the girl went down to the lounge and sat there then I only had a bit of decent sleep. Sigh...

Anyway.. I've to go have my lunch now and start freaking out! Bye bye!!!


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