Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Just Breathe

Ok, this will prolly be a short one coz well.. not only I didn't exactly get better, I'm having trouble breathing and I don't know why. Like.. really. It's like someone has closed off a part of my throat or something. Wtf is wrong with me?? Sigh.

During this afternoon, I've had quite a lot of mixed feelings, I mean... I think I can call it as that, which of course I'm not gonna tell you everything coz some things are meant to be kept private. I think it has set in, I am sooo totally terrified of the coming months. Fine. Years. Just put in any synonym of scared and I'm it.

The people here, well at least my batch, are like.. I think at least maybe 85% from mainland China. I'm not sure if I wrote about it in my last post but I'm not gonna be bothered to check. I'm terrified coz I know for sure they're gonna be like... WHOAAAA. And like how one of my friends, also from Malaysia, illustrated it as.. ok, picture this.

There's this plate of Mango Chicken (only coz we ate that for dinner which is actually quite nice, it's like home-cooked food in a way) and he used his spoon and scooped up a teeny tiny bit of the mayo and said. There... THIS is our talent. And THAT(the whole entire plate of Mango Chicken) is THEIR talent. They're that good.

Although one of the advisers? I think. I guess I could call that guy as our adviser. Told us that we all have our own weaknesses and strengths. And well, we.. might be a lot better in the English language than them, but they're very very strong in their practical, which we lack. :( And that is an extremely crucial part studying here.

So we're (meaning uhm.. 3 of us Malaysians and some other people I think, oh and there're only 3 of us Malaysians I think, or maybe one more I'm not sure coz the person hasn't arrived yet, or maybe I heard wrong) are exempted from the English Language class coz he thought that we could use the time to practice our instruments. Although!!! All of us will have to take QET(Qualifying English Test... I think) this Friday. AND!!! If we were to fail, we gotta take extra English classes for the semester I think. Quite a lot of the seniors said that the test wasn't really easy.


Competing with them is gonna be sooo freaking hard. When maybe half of them studied in like.. music schools before coming here. I think. Sighhhh...




uh oh... I think I stopped breathing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Only about 10% of students are able to pass QET each year, so dun feel too stress,ok? take it easy =D

July 15, 2008 at 10:35 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh ya there will be a Malaysian Student Orientation in NUS organized by NUS Malaysian Group.. maybe you can join them, they are very nice people.. you can check out the their webby for more info www.nusmsl.org =D

welcome to NUS =D

July 15, 2008 at 10:42 PM 
Blogger Suet Li said...

ya chinese all very good one even those in my college! all of them seriously ALL of them can play at least one instrument and play it very well =( i cant even sing T_T_T

good luck wenqi~

July 16, 2008 at 5:56 PM 
Blogger mh said...

Don't worry too much. You were selected for a reason. Must have more confidence in yourself and keep the Malaysian flag flying high!!

July 22, 2008 at 6:38 PM 

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