Sunday, March 30, 2008

Meeting the Malaysian Dreamgirls In Flesh!!

Oooh ooh, guess where I was today?? Eh wait.. I mean yesterday.. coz it's past 12am already.

No one? *echo echo echo wtf

I was at the Dreamhome!! Ok.. as in.. the Malaysian Dreamgirls' Dreamhome!!! I met all the girls in flesh!!! Ooooooh... are you jealous?? Hmm? Hmmm??

Ok lah.. I shall be nice and share with you guys what we did there.. and what we found out from the girls.. the uhh... *cough cough* juicy details, cat fights *Ooooooh* and dirty secrets *Ahhhhhhh* wtf.

We, meaning Stewie and I, reached the Dreamhome about 4pm ish.. coz it was quite difficult to find the place. I just remembered it was right left right right left.. or uhh... left right right left left right... eh.. uhh.. whoops! I conveniently forgot coz no one is suppose to know where the girls live.

Su Ann was already there by the time we arrive. That poor girl.. never slept for 2 days coz of her public speaking finals. Never eat also. I bet she's sleeping like a pig very very pretty princess right this moment.

She was hanging out with all the girls. Well.. not ALL the girls, coz some were missing re-touching up their make-up upstairs haha. The girls were all so nice. They made all of us tea! We had tea with the Malaysian Dreamgirls.. ooooh. Well, technically it was coffee but hey.. normally it's called tea time not coffee time wtf.

After saying our hellos and stuff. And hugging Ringo wtf hahaha!! She's soooooooo deprived of the internet.

We went outside to the living room and just hang around there waiting for the one and only ShaolinBadBoy to reach. And apparently he was lost. So Stewie had to go out to get him.

Ok.. then we were just sitting there.. I think we were having those moments when.. ooh.. I dunno what to say now, and it's like quiet ish. So.. coz I was holding on to Stewie's camera. Eyna asked to take some pictures.

So I did. Then.. she said take uhmm... cam-whoring pics haha. And my hand cannot make it that day, kept on shaking so all the photos I took came out blur. Then Eyna tried. And her hand damn steady (that is.. compared to mine wtf).

And when the big guy finally reached.. Stewie was like.. making a joke saying.. ok, Shaolin might look like an ang moh.. but he speaks with a Malaysian accent.

Coz well, I'm sure anyone of you who follows the show knows that well.. Cindy, one of the girls there speaks with an Aussie or dunno what accent.

But then right... horror of horrors.. ok lah.. not that horrifying, the whole time when we were there, Cindy spoke normal. Like.. you and I.. anybody. Just like a real Malaysian.. I think, well last I remembered anyway.

I shall skip the non interesting parts ok?

So bla bla bla.. then Stewie asked about who they think is the most popular one according to the audience. Jay's answer was very very politically correct hahaha. She was going on about how every girl has their own fans and voters.. they appeal to different people bla bla bla. Very very politically correct.

But she's really nice. And according to everyone, she's their favourite in the house. AND she's the souse chef!! The chef left already. It was Alison and everyone in the house missed her AND her cooking hahaha. Oh.. and one thing about Jay is that.. the pictures really didn't do her justice. She really looks pretty in flesh.

At this point, Hanis was nudging me asking me to eat. So.. I think in this picture I was contemplating on whether to have the sandwich or the uhh.. thing on your right which was made by Jay and fried by Hanis. It was goooood. I dunno what it was.. but it was yummy.

Ok.. then bla bla bla.. we were talking about these portraits they have stuck on the wall in the living room. They look like.. this.

We then found out that they got so bored they had to just get creative and think of things to do and games to play. The poor girls, they don't have any entertainment at home, no TV, no internet(poor Ringo), no magazines, no books, no newspaper! NOTHING!! Well.. there is a swimming pool but that doesn't count.

So this game was basically you have to close your eyes, and the people around you will tell you what to draw. They can ask you to draw the lips first, then the neck, then the eyebrows. So... to get it right, you have to have good bearings or something haha.

So we got Shaolinbadboy to try.. (wahhh.. he's so big o_O)

Then Ms LimSuAnn herself.. (you see lah.. she used one hand to cover her eyes.. then the paper kept running and she lost her bearings wtf, hold the paper lah limsuann!)

Then Stewie.. (taking a paper to cover his view making sure he doesn't peep!)

Then finally me. (wah look, I'm concentrating hard wtf)

I actually wanted to show you guys how our drawings were like. Then!! I found out that Stewie didn't take a picture of them. Coz he probably thought that his suck.. so.. sorry. Oooh! Unless ShaolinBadBoy or Su Ann took a picture of them, then you can see.. if not.. then you can try yourself and just imagine how our drawings looks like haha. Quite fun actually.

Time for group picture!!!!

There was.. me and Stewie and the girls.

Then Shaolinbadboy and the girls. (he looks huge compared to the girls)

LimSuAnn with the girls wan was very cute coz she was being her.. like doing the pouty thing wtf.. but Stewie didn't manage to take pictures. Sniff.

The girls themselves!

Ok lah... about the dirt and juice right.. Uhmm.. it's late and I'm sleepy and I'm tired already haha. Basically there's something to do with jeans, TOMATOES(hahahaha) and uhh.. borrowing money to buy the Brand Essence of Chicken or something. Oh.. and it just occurred to me that Nadia is involved in all of them.

I wouldn't know what is the truth but.. sighh.. just think about it.. if you put sooo many girls in the same roof... bitch fights are bound to happen innit? haha INNIT!! And I'm not saying Nadia is bad.. coz I heard her story too. I don't know why but I kinda believe her. Cindy told her side of story too. The jeans one had to do with Valerie. And by this time, she was gone already, so we didn't get her side of the story. You want to know what they told us? Go read Stewie's blog. Coz.. if I were to type, it'd be the same thing anyway wtf.

Ok, now I shall let you know what I think of each girl. I might be politically correct bwahaha, but maybe that's coz I don't have anything to say about them hahaha wtf. I don't even understand myself now. Ok.. here goes!

1. Ringo!
She really misses home and everybody and misses blogging hahaha! And sometimes she feels lonely :( But it's her Bday next Wednesday! So Happy Birthday Ringo in advance!

2. Hanis
Hahahha.. her nickname in the dreamhome is Datin!!!! Coz she once made a comment about her hair looking so pretty like a Datin! She's quite nice.. funny sometimes.. the girls say that she always make them laugh.

3. Eyna
She looks quite doll like ish.. according to everyone there. And some even say that she doesn't even need to put any effort in her pictures and nice pictures will come out. She's still quite quiet haha.

4. Nadia
Hottest lah I guess among them all. She oozes sex appeal haha. She's quite nice I think.. I guess. I mean.. for the 4 hours that we were there. Oh.. and she's quite talkative haha.

5. Adeline
I think she's a nice girl. And her english is not soooo bad lah. And she is tall!!! Wtf.. why am I so short??

6. Cindy
She's ok lah. What we all see in the show might portray her as like.. a very extremely bitchy person.. but.. I don't think she's that bitchy lah that's all. That is...again.. in the 4 hours that we met. She did say she feels alienated by the other girls sometimes.

7. Fiqa
Fiqa was ok. She's nice lah. But we've heard stories from others that she's very flirtatious.. so.. any truth in that.. stay tune to find out wtf.

8. Jay
Jay is everyone's fav in the house. She's the cook and takes care of everybody. She looks prettier in real life. And she's very politically correct haha. Oh.. and she made a damn nice dish.. the fried thingy I forgot what it was called.

Okay.. so I guess that's about it. I shall end this post with a cute picture of one of the Nuffnang boss having fun as a Lighting Engineer! Hahahahaha.


Ok... here I present you our drawings. Don't you dare laugh!! Try it yourselves first.. and if your drawings are better than ours.. then only you laugh.

Oh oh!! I also forgotten to add that uhmm.. when we left.. Su Ann was asked by Cindy to pass something to Stewie. It was a letter for all the girls from Valerie after she got eliminated. Ooooh oooooh wtf. I myself do not know what was Cindy's intention of giving us the letter. Weirddddd....

*continues pondering*

Friday, March 28, 2008

The Cute Waffle aka Tim2:)

I am currently taking a break from doing the cheques for the Nuffnangers who cashed out. You guys better be thankful. You don't know how much work and headache and cursing that goes into it wtf.

Reason I'm pissed is coz while I'm doing halfway, the stupid internet connection will go kaput on me, and I'll have to do the cheques all over again. Grrrrr!!!!

Ok, today.. lemme share with you guys a conversation with Waffle that I deemed weird.

While I was in the middle of doing the cheques, Waffle msned me.

Tim Waffle says:
hi wen qi <----- you see.. normally Waffle doesn't say hi, he just goes straight to the point
wenqi says:
Tim Waffle says:
how r u ! <------ and I definitely don't remember him asking how i was.. EVER.. in any conversation we had
wenqi says:
huh? <----- I was shocked in the beginning, hence my reply to him
i'm okayyyy <----- then I replied. after a few seconds....
what is wrong with u?? <----- coz I still find it weird.

AND THEN!!!! You know what he replied??


Tim Waffle says:
omg why i cannot ask how are u one <----- Waffle!! what happened to you?!
wenqi says:
haha wtf
okayyy i'm fineee
how are you?
Tim Waffle says:
i'm fine too ^_^ <----- ^_^ ???? THIS?!!? Coming from Waffle?? Waffle.. have you been talking to Su Ann too much lately?

And then.. this happened.

Tim Waffle says:
word from the office is that your face is glowing
wenqi says:
huh? what u mean
Tim Waffle says:
ya like someone in love
are you in love <----- almost everyone in the office kept msning me asking me this -_-
wenqi says:
wtf is wrong with all of u
why always ask me this question
no i'm not
Tim Waffle says:
your fingers say no but your face says yes
wenqi says:
who say wan
who ask u to say wan
nicholas issit
or robb issit
or or
ur michbaby issit
Tim Waffle says:
this is unanimous <----- wtf -_-


And then we went through a couple minutes of saying no and stuff.

And then!!!! He was talking about Nicholas being happy. Spelling it as happee. Then bla bla bla. The funny part was here. Well to me anyway.

Waffle says:
if i typed happe
it is a different pronunciation
wenqi says:
how to pronounce
Tim Waffle says:
happe = "hap PUH" <------ I was laughing like a hyena at this point. In the office.
happee = "hap PEE"
wenqi says:
so they are hap pee la issit and what has it got to do with me
Tim Waffle says:
we want you to be happy
are you happy
wenqi says:
who are we
Tim Waffle says:
concerned fans <----- HAHAHAHAHA wtf Waffle

And that's how our conversation ended.

Oh.. and when Michbaby msned him telling him I said that he was sick. You know what was his reply??

What? I can be cute also what!

Waffle you are so funny. You crack me up. Nah.. everybody! This is Waffle!

Sighh... wokeyyyy... break's over. Back to oooh so mundane exciting copy pasting for cheques wtf. :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I feel Tired...

Today.. I shall do the uhm.. tag which was given to me by Michbaby since quite some time ago. Heheh.. Personally I think the questions are a bit o_O but SHHHhhhh!! Don't tell Michbaby! And also Robb's tag from I forgot when.

So here goes...


1. When you look into the mirror…
I see... me? Duh! Of course I see me! Michbaby, what kind of question is this!!!

2. When did you last saw someone picking their nose?
Just 20minutes ago in the car. But I can't say who, coz if I do, that person will keel me.. :(

3. What are you doing now?
I am doing this tag lah!! Again Michbaby, what kind of question is this!! And I'm talking to Ms Su Ann. Would talk to Ms Suet Li also but I think she is asleep so.. Ms Suet Li, I miss you also ok, don't say I never really miss you! <3>


1. What's your favorite anime at the present time?
Uhmm.. I don't really watch or read? anime. So.. I don't have one.

2. Given the chance, what special ability/power would you like to have?
I'd love to be able to be uhmm.. fly? Be invisible? Be indestructible? Ooh ooh oooh!!! I've a good one! What I really want is to be able to read people's minds. That would be AWESOME!

A pic just for the sake of a pic. So that it won't be a picture-less post.

Sigh.. Heroes.. although I've stopped watching it but parts of it are still stuck in my head. Save the cheerleader, save the world! Mehhh... But really.. to be able to read people's mind is what I'd want.

3. If you were to be stranded on a deserted island, who are the 3 blog buddies you would take with you?
I think I would bring Stewie, Su Ann and Suet li. Oh noo.. what about Michbaby and Skyler. Dammit!! I dunno how to choose!!! T_T

4. Where is the place that you want to go the most?
A place that I've never been before. Preferably a place with snow, but I would have to have the option to go to some place else if.. IF I realized that I didn't like snow.

5. If you can have 1 dream to come true, what would it be?
It's weird that I don't have dreams. Ok lah.. I'm lying, but what I dream about will be kept only in my mind.

6. Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?
I think it's proven scientifically or something right? And rainbows are beautiful.. so colourful.

7. What are you afraid to lose the most now?
Uhmm... uhmm.. this is gonna be so boring for you guys.. I'm too lazy to think haha wtf. So... I dunno.

8. If you win $1 million, what would you do?
First I would get myself a nice laptop then spend the money on loved ones.

9. If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him?
If I'm really me.. then.. no. But if I was feeling not myself then it might just be maybe.. MAYBE yes.

10. List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you.
He's uhmm... confident, smart and uhmm uhmm... he exercises!!!!

11. What are the requirements that you wish from your other half?
Be able to make me laugh and we will be able to have wonderful conversations

12. Which type of person do you hate the most?
Well.. most people dislike annoying pretentious people, so do I.

13. What is your ambition?
Ooooh I hate this question! This always always comes up in high school and even primary school, and until now, I still don't know what to answer.

14. If you have fault, would you rather the people around you point out to you or would you rather they keep quiet?
I think I would want the people around me point it out to me nicely. And I stress nicely coz well.. according to KY and the rest.. I can scare people away with my evil look wtf.

15. What do you think is the most important thing in your life?
Uhmm.. like I said somewhere above.. I'm lazy and too tired to think, although it's just 3 in the afternoon now.

16. Are you a shopaholic or not?
Yes, I think I am.

17. What musical instrument do you like the most now?
My trumpet, duh.

18. If you have a chance. Which part of your character you would like to change?
My... moodiness? I think.

19. Is there anything that you have done which you regret?
Yes, but I try not to think about it. Leave the past in the past.

20. Do you love your life at the moment?
I guess so.. Yeah.. actually I quite like it at the moment. ^^


I shall go be tired now. Buhbyee!!

Ughhhh!!! I just published and then I saw that more than half of Michbaby's questions and my answers miraculously disappeared. Sighhh... I'm lazy to type allllllllll over again edi. It was soooooooo loooonnnnggggg. And Suet Li, just so you know, I actually mentioned you 4 times before blogger did this and everything's goneeeee.

Imma keel blogger now! *evil look wtf*

Monday, March 24, 2008

Bday, Bags and Behloon!

Look what we have here... oooooh a present! All nicely wrapped up... by me wtf. Last Friday was Gareth's aka Shaolinbadboy's birthday! Happy Birthday again, Shalinbadboy!! Just look at him blowing out his candles.. pay attention to the way he was standing.. I mean.. this is the first time I've witnessed a person blowing out candles standing like that! With a top hat that looks like cincau! Which KY tried to trick I suppose(which Stewie fell for!! hehe), quite a few people including the birthday boy man himself!


Okay.. so I've nothing much to say.. eh.. I actually DO have something to say! So in KL, there's like quite a few shopping complexes and stuff. And I've been to them. AND!!!! I noticed a few similar things which.. weirded/confused me. o_O

I noticed that.. uhmm.. how do I put this.. I see couples here and there. And.. quite a few of them.. no no.. A LOT OF THEM.. the guys will be carrying/holding the girl's handbag for them.


Why is that?!

I mean.. some of the girls' handbags were like small ones.. and I don't know.. but I just find it weird. I mean.. it would be fine if the girls were like.. carrying loads and loads of heavy stuff and the guy can come help carry some lah.. but to the extent of uhh.. the girl holding nothing.. but the guy some more go take her handbag for her? I find that weird!

GIRLS!!!! You do have hands and arms and all that jazz you know!!

Fine.. it did occur to me that.. maybe.. just MAYBE the girls wanted to let OTHER girls know that their guy are off limits. But.. come on
lah.. it's just a small tiny bag. How heavy can it be?! Damn weird.

Coz if it were me right, I'd of course buy a bag which I myself would like. And then hold it myself
lah.. why on earth would I go ask a guy to hold it for me.. damn weird right?

.. women are strange creatures.. I know.. I am one too.

Oh.. oh.. and won't the guys who are holding their girlfriends' tiny tiny cutesy lil bag feel uhh.. a bit.. uhh.. hmmm.. somehow I can't seem to find the word I want to use. I mean.. this would mean that.. the girlfriend is the one who's wearing the pants. She's the whipper and the boyfriend is the whippie. She's the one who's always.. ok maybe not ALWAYS.. but.. most of the time in control. And the guy would probably be like a puppy.. like a follower.

Ah.. I don't know where I'm going with this.

Anywaysssss... for all of you who has read Stewie's latest post about his behloon.. HAHAHAHA BEHLOOOOON!

I am telling you guys.. he is lying.. he's putting words in my mouth. And I never ever touched his behloon so I do not know how and why it burst. It just did. And you guys really should've seen his face when his behloon popped! He looked like a sad sad lil boy whose behloon just burst! Poor lil Stewie..

Friday, March 21, 2008


Just so you know.. this is gonna be like.. a bimbo-ish post wtf.

Ok, so.. not long ago, maybe about two and a half weeks ago, I bought myself a pair of flats from
aiyahh... Vincci lah. I guess it can be said a "dressier" one. Which looks something like this.

My goshhh.... my veins o_O

I was so happy when I got it. Dunno why but I just was.

Anywayssss... I wore it when I got to KL and went for the MPYO camp. Wore it everyday. Uhm.. okay.. uhh.. then... nothing.

Just 2 days ago, I was at Coffee Bean, following Stewie for 2 meetings, one which was with the New Straits Times which we came out in today!!! Nahh.. the link!

The Star also got! Nah... here! When I was reading, I found it absolutely hilarious, coz they were calling us the Nuffnangites!!!! Hahahahaha.. instead of Nuffnangers!

Ok, back to where I was.... And while we were there, I was.. looking at my shoes
*blush wtf* And guess what I saw wtf!!!

Do you see it??!?
NOOOooooo??!?!???!?? Nevermind, I don't blame you, coz when Michbaby and Firdauz was staring at them for a looonnnngggg time and they couldn't see what was the difference between the two.

Look closely.. again!!! Yes? No? Yes? No? Dunno??

Sighh.. fineee.. I'll point it out to you using the software Paint!!!! Haha wtf.

Aiyahh... Vincci ahh.. please do enlighten me, how come most of the shoes I buy from you guys are always like... break or things fall out.. or.. sighh... something will happen to them wan??


Sniff.. :(

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The One and Only Nuffnang Pajama Party!!

Pheww... so the Nuffnang B'day Bash is finally over, after weeks and weeks of planning by the uhh.. Nuffie Puffs. I usually call ourselves Nuffies, but that term was hijacked by the uhh... girls in costumes Nuffnang hired to uhmmm... take care of the bloggers that night.

A Policewoman to make sure everything was going as planned..

A French Maid to make sure everything is spic and span..

A Nurse to make sure that if anybody was feeling under the weather, they will definitely feel better (maybe) after a kiss from the Nurse!!

And a Japanese School Girl to keep the guys minds uh uhhh... ok I don't know what she's there for..


I was seriously soooo tired that day. As some of you know, I was having an on-going music camp for well.. that day was the last day. When I finished the concert at around 5.15pm on Saturday, I was suppose to walk to BBC, coz it is very very near to KLCC.

But luck wasn't at my side at all, it was raining sooooo damn heavily it wasn't even funny. And I couldn't ask Stewie to come fetch me even though it's soooooo near coz he and the other nuffie puffs are so damn busy making sure everything was going as planned.

So... I had to take a cab. Ooooooh.. my past experience with cabs aren't that great. They always always want to cheat me. Sniff.

Ok, so I decided not to waste anymore time, I just hopped in a cab and pray that the guy won't cheat me. Long story short, he wanted 5 bucks, I wanted 4 bucks (cheaper lah coz it's so damn freaking near), we settled for 4 bucks 50 cents hahah! When we were getting near the venue, I had the money prepared, I didn't have spare notes, so I wanted to give him 5 bucks and 50 cents. BUT!!!!! I was shocked!!!

He was so nice, he said, "Nevermind lah! You give me 5, I give you back 1. 4 bucks can already lah!"

I was so soooo happy, I thanked him profusely wtf. Hahah.


Ok lah.. I don't think I've a lot to say about the party hahaha.. coz it seems that everybody else had said what I wanted to say already, sighh..

And all of us at Nuffnang are extremely (x infinity) exhausted BUT happy that everything went well and I guess we could say that everybody was happy!!

Liang, our emcee for the night was AWESOMEEEE!!! Don't you guys think so too???

Look.. what he's doing in the picture also fits the theme of the night! He is yawning!!!

Oh oh oh.. and since it's suppose to be a birthday for Nuffnang, it wouldn't be right WITHOUT a birthday cake right??

We have to thank all the peeps at Mindshare a lot a lot a lot!!! The cake is very very nicee!! I heard that the cake wasn't meant to be like that.. but it's still very nice Marilyn!!! *Mwah* to all of you!

Oh and it came to a point where we, Nuffie Puffs presented to bosses with uhmmm... undies in a baby bottle. He he!! I was shocked too wtf, I didn't know that they were suppose to wear it on stage wtf, why was not informed?! Or uhh.. sighh, why am I so slow??

Oh yay! We have SuperBosses instead of Superman to rescue us now! We are saveddd!!!

And apparently Stewie has a bigger ass than Ming. Looking at the sizes of the undies hahaha wtf.

Oh oh.. and the Malaysian Dreamgirls were here too. Ringo was there too, they gave her a makeover, buhbye long black hair, helloooo sassy hair wtf. GOOooooooo Ringo!!

Not to forget the bloggers who came all the wayyyyy from Singapore! Woo hoooo!!

So nice seeing everybody (Malaysian and Singaporean bloggers) mingling with each other.

Aiyah wtf. I'm speechless already. Sighh.

Lookie here! Optimus Prime is here with Fireangel! Oh gosh.. I just noticed that Optimus Prime is drinking something alchoholic wtf!!

Oh, Fireangel was damn funny or maybe probably a genius, when us girls were distributing out Nuffnang money, she came to us, and gave each and every single one a us a kiss on the cheek, then we immediately gave her some moolah already! Hahahahaha!



UGHHHHH!!!! Damn stupid. I anger!!!! ANGER!!!!!!

Some more my nose sniffing power is like damn powerful wan... I sniffed smoke and found the culprits. Asked them to stop f-ing smoking and they f-ing ignored me!!!! Please enlighten me! Which part of please do not smoke here, if you want/need to kill yourself please go outside and do so, do not kill us too... don't you understand!!!!!!

Seriously... I wanted to keel them already. Some more Liang was being so nice, kept reminding 'those people' that they should smoke outside.

Not only that... I remembered when we girls were sitting on the stage handing out the Nuffnang money that time...

Those smokers came to play games with me! And I had to be nice and all and play games he he ha ha. WTF LAH.... go die lahhh.. I dowan to play with you dirty smokers!

And I realized that a lot of guys (big sized ones, except KY lah.. you've to admit he's not that big sized) wants to play thumb wrestle with me. WTF!! And I think I know why! It is because they know I surely lose wan.. and then they will win, ishhh!! I THINK I lost all of the thumb wrestling game, ishhh!!


Kudos to the one and only Su Ann, who made this kick-ass party a success! Mwahh!!

And duh.. without Chipster our title sponsor there would not be a partayyyyy!!! So Mwahh to you too Chipster!

Last but not least, a final picture a us Nuffie Puffs(missing a few) after the event, all tired and sleepy and smelly(ok, smelly I dunno lah, but I'm pretty sure I did smell of ciggy smoke! HMPH!)

Eh, Kenny (Kenny I don't think I need to link you wtf, coz you're fehmes!)? Why on earth are you in our Nuffie Puff picture?!?

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Disappearing Act

What a day what a day!! Oh... uhhmm.. meaning yesterday :p

I am still exhausted from both the MPYO camp AND the Nuffnang B'day Bash we just had yesterday. I think I shall save that for another time, seeing that(well I think) almost everybody will be talking about it these few days. I shall tell you guys a story about me with an encounter of a lizard.

Yes.. *ahem* A lizard.

I didn't take a picture of it coz firstly, I don't have a camera, and I don't think I was allowed to bid for the cameras you blogggers won yesterday, sniff.. as I was one of the people who were giving out money, but oh well. Secondly.. I don't think that I'd want to have a freaking picture of a lizard slapped here. No, thank you very much!

Ok, the story went like this.

After reaching home and lugging everything upstairs. The exhausted me decided(duh!) to have a shower.

Ok.. after taking all my clothes off (don't any of you dare to try imagining me naked wtfwtf -__- , or else I'll come haunt you in your dreams! woOOOooooooOoooo...) i jumped into the shower compartment. As my hand was about to reach to get the water up and running(Ok, I think my eyes are closed at this time).

I opened my eyes and right there!! RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF ME!!! Was a freaking HUGEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeee lizard staring back at me. It's like two inches away from me.

Naturally, I uhh.. freaked out hahaha..

I was shouting here and there.. &%$^#^&.... When I did that.. the freaking lizard also got a scare of its life. Coz I think it wanted to climb up but instead, coz of my shriek it fell head down to the floor. Whoopsie...

I immediately I think probably by instinct or something, took the shower nozzle and blast the water near it, coz well, I don't want it to DIE there... I was about to take a shower after a loooonnnngg day!

I splashed a bit of water at it. And was wondering why the hell it won't climb up, I certainly know it was trying to. But it looked like it has lost its strength wtf. After about uhh... 3 minutes.. then I realized.

I was splashing the lizard with hot hot HOT water. -____-

And I stupidly went to say sorry to the lizard and changed it to cold-ish water. Asked it to quickly climb away so that I can bathe. But... unfortunately.. lizards do not understand the human language. And it was like.. stuck there a bit for awhile.

So I couldn't do anything, I just stood at the corner AWAYYYYY FROM THE LIZARD and took a shower. All the while praying that the lizard don't come near me.

When I finished showering, I noticed that the lizard did not move. Uh ohhh.. That means I uhh.. murdered a lizard. And it was just there. I mean.. JUST. THERE.


I left it there for a bit, coz I noticed some movements going on. So I knew it was alive-ish. So after I brushed my teeth, I turned my head.. And.. And..!!!!

Horror of horrors!

The lizard wasn't there anymore!!!!

I uhh.. don't know where it went, don't really care. As long as.. well.. it's alive and it doesn't go NEAR my towel or my TOOTHBRUSH! Then I'm happy already :)

So that my friends, is the disappearing act of the lizard.

The end.