Saturday, June 28, 2008

Helloo again!

This is weird isn't it?

Here I am, everyday, well ok, maybe not everyday coz I went to the doc's yesterday. So, considering that I'm home every single day except half of yesterday, I should have loads and loads of free time. And it would probably mean that I'd be bored and would be practically blogging everyday right?

Hmm... well, as you can see, it's not working out so well! Heh heh. And I apologize for that. It's just that I am currently consumed by uhhmm.. ok, maybe not consumed, but addicted to watching series. Yeah.. I've been doing nothing else but watching series. I've finished watching Brothers & Sisters season one AND season two, and I'm currently watching Alias season five(yes I know I'm slow). Although I think I should stop now and then to rest my eyes, coz I'm getting a bit dizzy for watching maybe too long hehe.

And seriously, when I'm in the mood to write something for this blog, the bloody internet connections decides to play a very naughty game with me and not let me log on. So as of now, the connection is being nice to me(for now). So I hope when I'm done writing, it's still nice to me so I can post it up.

Ok, so other than watching lots of series, I have been recovering, I presume quite well. I can walk/limp somewhat normally already! But of course very very very very extremely slooooowwwwww. I mean, I don't know anyone can even walk that slow.

Oh, and I've gone to the doc yesterday and he took out the bandage to change it to a waterproof thingy so that I can bathe. I saw the uhh.. what do you call it? The cut? It was as long as my index finger. And next week I've to go back to the doc to get the stitches out. Oh, and also I'll know my results of uhh.. the tumour when I go back to the doc next week.

But for now, I don't really have anything to say so I'm gonna leave at that coz dinner is ready and I'm gonna eat now!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Tumour/Tumor (whichever spelling you want)

Hello everyone! Sorry for being away for quite a bit but I’m back... with only one good(usable) leg. Sighh... I got discharged yesterday lunch time.

You know, life isn’t really fun with only one leg, having to hop around.. ok maybe not so much hop, coz when I do, it hurts. So, kind of hopping with a walking aid or something. I feel so, oh so useless.

I can’t even pour myself a cup of drink. Well, I can pour, it’s just that, after I pour it, I can’t bring it back to the table, coz I can’t hop back to the table holding the cup, the water will just spill everywhere. Sighhh...

And not to mention the internet connection at home is soo soooo wonky, coz the wireless is not strong enough and sigh.. like, right now, I’m typing this in Ms Word so that later I can copy and paste it into blogger coz the internet’s not working. Sheesh.

So my calve’s all bandaged up and I’m not suppose to bathe. Well, the nurse said not to touch water. But guess what?! I managed to bathe with one leg out of the shower compartment!!! And not only that! I also managed to wash my hair!!!!

I keep getting pins and needles on my feet, very very annoying, I gotta put my leg up coz it’s still all swollen and stuff. And when I do, I get pins and needles, sheesh.

Ok, you guys wanna see something cool???

Ok, maybe it’s not THAT cool. To some people it might be yucky, and disgusting and people will get squeamish.

You know what I’m gonna show you guys yet?

It’s uhh.. my tumour. Heh heh. So here I warn you that below there’ll be a picture of my tumour, oh, and plus some of my muscle. Coz the tumour was situated inside my muscle, so... the doc had to cut some of my muscle out too.

Yeah.... Voila!!!


Ok... so.. that's my tumour, which was uhh.. sent for testing to see if it's malignant or benign since the operation.

My mum says that my tumour kinda looks like a fetus. But I think it looks more like.. uhm.. some meat where you bite and bite but still can't swallow so you spit it out on the plate to throw away.

I’ve nothing to say already. I shall go back to watching Brothers & Sisters. It’s quite an entertaining series to watch!



Aiyah.. stupid internet connection is all wonky. Won’t let me go online! And the thingy is upstairs if I want to restart it. And nobody’s at home now to help me. And it’s too much of a hassle to go restart it myself.

Coz you know how I do ah... I’ve to use the walking aid to help me near the stairs.. then sit on the stairs.. and lift up my butt, one step at a time. Wtf. Then crawl into the room and restart it. Then crawl out again, sit down on the stairs.. and slowly sit on the stairs, one step at a time. Ok, I don’t even make sense now. See! It’s too much of a hassle!

Gasp! The internet is working now!!! I shall go copy paste it in blogger right now!


Aiyah.. damn stupid wan.. once I finished putting the picture and stuff, internet's gone again and I can't update. Stupid stupid stupid. Ishh!!!

Ok, dammit! I'm done waiting! Imma go watch another episode of Brothers & Sisters and come back and see if internet is working for me or not! Hmph!

Just so you guys know, I've waited for four freaking hours THEN only the internet worked!!


Sunday, June 22, 2008


Hehe, this is becoming quite a habit now isn’t it? But I kinda enjoy this, blogging in the bus. It’s nice.. I think. The bus has stopped at a rest stop for people to go pee. The bus actually has a toilet, but I think those who wish to poo, have to hold their poo, I think you can only pee in the bus, their toilet.. that is.

I actually would really love a coffee right now, but I’m not sure if I can ask for a second cup. Hmm... wait, I think I shall go down and try to ask the “cabin crew” whether I could have another one.


Haiyah.. I think somebody out there.. somewhere doesn’t want me to have my coffee, coz I went down, nobody was there.. and then.. not only that, I knocked my head hard, very hard on the uhh, ceiling. I didn’t realize that it was so, oh so low. Sniff. Now my head bruise already.

If that’s the case, I just sit where I am and drink my water and eat my chocolate teddy biscuits! Hmph! Oooh, or should I eat my Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups? Can’t decide.. can’t decide.

Ok, I’ve decided! It’s Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups! Mmmmmm.. It’s sooo nice, just that it’s kinda melted already.


Yesterday was good fun! I had a very nice time and I think everybody did too. It was great meeting up with everyone! And thank you Hui Wen for making my ears for me! She was so happy that it stayed up all night and neither one of my ears fell off, haha.

I can’t believe that almost 90% of the people there dressed up for the night. As in.. dressed as animals! It was hilarious, some of the costumes! And most of the costumes are really really REALLY pretty!

Ok, what I’m gonna do now is just put up a lot of pictures and well.. let the pictures do the talking. Something which I think I don’t do very very often. Well, to some they may say that I post up a lot of pictures, but I don’t think I do. Like.. a lot. Anyways, here they are!


Sigh, back to.. uhh reality? Now. The bus is moving again and guess what? The cabin crew came up to count heads and I asked for another cup of coffee. And in my hand now is a cup of hot coffee! Ok I’m happy now, but I’m also getting a lil bit dizzy. I guess a person like me who gets dizzy finding her stuff in her purse in a moving car should not be blogging in a moving bus huh...

Heh heh.


p.s. I don't have the time to load a lot of pictures in now as I'm rushing to post this up then off to the hospital already. For a few days, and I'm not sure if I'm gonna have internet access or not, if I'm feeling rich, then maybe I just might have. If not, then it's just going to be loads of book reading and movies!!!!

p.s.s. I actually quite regret drinking two cups of coffee coz it made me want to pee so, oh so badly.. :(

p.s.s. ok.. damn stupid.. blogger used too much time to load up the pics. I've to run now and no time to post up. so byebye

Friday, June 20, 2008

The News

Here I am again.. on the bus, Friday at 4.06pm on the way to KL. This particular trip is going to be a down to KL for the Nuffnang Wild “Live” Blogging Party, to see my Bambi and to bring home my Banana.

This is my first time taking Aeroline, it’s actually not bad. I’m on a double decker thingy one. They served me my chicken rice on the bus as lunch although I was expecting Subway sandwiches coz that was what my dad got when he sat Aeroline. Had my coffee.

And here I am typing away, with uhmm.. one pillow behind my head, two by my side and another one on my lap to support my laptop. Each of us are suppose to have only one pillow but guess what, there’re only 4 passengers including me in this bus! Ahhhh..

Oooh.. it’s getting a tiny bit bumpy. Ok, so... reason I have to be back in Penang by this Sunday was kinda caused by the news I received yesterday, when I met up with the doctor after my MRI scan. I, Wong Wen-Qi, have a uhmm.. tumour on my leg, well.. more specifically, my calve.

So, come Sunday, I’ll be on an 8.30am bus back to Penang to see my doctor at 2pm, to prep me or something for the operation the next day. Sighh... At least the doctor says that the tumour is most likely benign. And.. shouldn’t spread.

Just that.. it has gotten so big. Well actually, the doctor told us (me and my mum) that it was 10cm-2cm-8cm big. But on the report it was in mm. So the doc was confused, coz he was looking at my MRI and said it can’t be mm coz it looked too big.

Ah well, the tumour is in my muscle, that’s why I have been having some pain on and off on my leg. He also said something about the nerve, I think the tumour grew in my nerve? I’m not sure... and he also used a term... neuro-thingymagic. Heh.. I forgot what it was. Said that what I have isn’t really common but also not very rare. Ish!

I think I was just.. kinda speechless when I heard the news. And then I became pissed that I have it. That I have a tumour. Me. Huh. Then.. I got sad. But I’m much much better now.

Just gonna take the fucking tumour out and hope there’re no complications. Excuse my French. And I believe that I can be excused, right? Haha. Operation takes an hour approximately. He says I should, SHOULD be able to walk in 3 days, but I gotta use crutches if it hurts too much. Sheesh! Oh well... I guess we’ll see. Hmm..

That’s why I remember that my calves were never this big.. as in.. like fat lah. Coz I did kinda notice that it has been getting bigger and fatter slowly. And that constant pain. Well, now I know why. It’s because I have a tumour which is slowly growing inside me. Feasting on my muscle, or something like that.

You know how I’m comforting myself now? By eating my fav Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups!

And I also have a Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramello which is Milk Chocolate with Smooth Flowing Caramel. Yummyy!

But this can’t even compete with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups!

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups foreverrrrrrrr!


Thursday, June 19, 2008

MRI !!!!!

I went to the hospital just now in the afternoon(which is technically yesterday) to uhmm.. see an orthopedic to find out what's wrong with my leg.

Remember? That left leg of mine which when I did the cupping thing, a lot and a lot of blood clot came oozing out? Yeah.. that one.

Well.. I've seen him and guess what? He doesn't know what's wrong with me :( I'm broken :( Like a broken clock... or something. :( So anyways... will be going to the hospital again tomorrow
(which is technically today) for a MRI scan. MRI stands for magnetic resonance imaging. Heh... I googled that.

An x-ray is just not enough for me.. I had to do a MRI scan. Which looks something like this...

And I think it comes in colour too! Watching too many episodes of Grey's Anatomy.. Sighhhh... Dr. Mcdreamyyyy... Sighhh...

*mind wanders off*

Anyways, back to reality. I dunno what is wrong with my leg,
ish. But good news is.. the doc told me that(if I remember correctly) it might be a tumor or something, non cancerous and won't spread... *phew* or it might be some tissue thingy dunno what... or some mass thingy dunno what. Hmm.. actually I don't know much.

He says that the MRI scan should be able to tell him what it is and then... hopefully he can just prescribe me some meds to make the pain go away and I won't need any operation or whatsoever. :)


Now.. I shall go to sleep and hope everything is fine tomorrow
(as in.. today!)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Reese's Peanut Butter Candies :)

As I’m typing this, it is 12.04pm and I am sitting on a bus, on the way back to Penang and munching on one of my craving now, which is NutRageous by Reese’s. It’s very very heaty, yes... but it’s extremely yummy.

I’ve always known about Reese’s Peanut Butter candies (and I think Lim Su Ann also has a shirt of it) but I have no idea why only now I’m trying it. The one I’m eating now... which is NutRageous is a chocolate candy with peanuts, CARAMEL(yummyy) and the most important one, Reese’s Peanut Butter!

I bought this yesterday so that I can eat it in the bus. I actually wanted Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups instead of NutRageous but I think the shop I was at ran out of stock. L Oooh.. that one is a totally different story!

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup is awesome! It’s like.. almost having an orgasm(or so they say). Even Firdauz agrees! This is also Bambi’s favorite one. With the milk chocolate coated outside, which I think also has a bit of Reese’s Peanut Butter taste, and Reese’s Peanut Butter inside melts in your mouth.. I think I can promise you(that is.. if you love peanut butter) that you will definitely go ooooooh.. oh my god..... this is heaven! OR this is nice(if you don’t think it’s like heaven)!

Wahhh... I just realized that this bus has like.. powerpoints for us to charge our phone or laptops. Right now the bus is driving down the curvy curvy road which uhh... scares me a bit also sometimes even when I’m the one driving ever since my accident. Uh oh... I think I’m gonna puke now.. I shall stop typing until we’re on a straight road.


Ok, I’m back! Sitll a bit dizzy tho.. but I can’t keep sleeping already. I have now finished eating NutRageous and I’m high on Peanut Butter and Chocolate! Wheeeeee!!! And I also drank the coffee that the Nice guy gave me. It was ok. The food they provided is nicer than the last one that I had. This time was a uhh.. freach loaf with spicy tuna thingy, a pastry and a chocolate wafer thingy.. which is nothing, NOTHING(!!!) compared to my Reese’s NutRageous. J

Ok.. back to Reese’ s Peanut Butter Chocolate! There’s also another one which Firdauz let me try. They’re like M&Ms but only better! Coz it’s peanut butter inside! Hehe! They’re called... Oh no! I don’t have the pictures in my laptop! I think it’s still in the camera(which is not with me at the moment, duh.. coz it’s not mine).

Ok, when I reach Penang, I shall go and buy the thing that I don’t know what it’s called.. AND also Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, just coz they’re yummy.

I shall end my blog post here and try my best not to feel dizzy coz I’m never good at doing things in the car.

Oooh oooh oooh, yes Reese’s Peanut Butter Chocolate candies are yummy, but they’re are probably extremely heaty too! So make sure you drink lots and lots of water after you’ve had a taste of heaven.

And there’s no way that I can publish this post now even if I want to, coz 1. I’m on the highway.. (ooooh I think someone in the bus just farted or something.. I’m trying to hold my breath now) and 2. I don’t have any of the Maxis Broadband thingy L so 3. I’ll just have to wait till I get home to publish this.


p.s. aiyahh.. actually I've got pictures of how they look like wan.. but they're not with me and I didn't go and buy when I reached. Sighh.. I lied.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Growllllllll.. *edit to* Roaring My Way to Nuffnang Wild ‘Live’ Blogging

So there's this party that I want to go to. And.. therefore I have to draw something in order to get the ticket. Or so Robb tells forces me to do.

A few days ago, I was wondering what animals to draw.. coz duh the party has an animal theme and to get a ticket you have to draw an animal.

I drew FOUR!!!

And then I couldn't find any colour pencils in the office.. so I took a picture of them and used MsPaint to paint it. I think I used a few hours... Scrap that.. I used like.. a very very very very long time to finish painting it.. coz I couldn't use the paint bucket. I had to use the paint brush coz it was a picture and uhh.. uhh.. aiyah.. I dunno how to explain. :(

So this is the original.. which I drew on a paper.

And these are the uhmm.. coloured ones..

My favourite of the bunch, the Lion! Su Ann kept on giggling and said that it's the Kodomo lion. The toothpaste one. Ok, I shall let you guys compare.. This is my lion...

And this is the Kodomo Lion! Tell me... which one is cuter!

Then there's the Hippo.

I coloured the background also coz it was grey-ish and then cannot see the contrast.

Then there's the Giraffe.. which I find kinda cute.

Then.. there's the ugliest.. in my opinion lah.. coz by this time I was already quite bored colouring it. And so I wasn't paying much attention to the poor Elephant.

I also had to colour the background coz of uhh.. some unforeseen circumstances. Heh heh.

Anyways the party is next Saturday and everybody.. and I mean EVERYBODY who goes to the party will have to dress up as an animal! I hear that Ron, one of our very very nice clients will be going as a Panda. I heard he's going to put on a black shirt and paint his face white with black patches around his eyes. Hehehe. So cute.

I was walking around Sg. Wang with Su Ann and Michelle(Stewie's cousin and an avid reader of Pinkpau's) and we spotted a cap with a panda on it. It was a promotion of Kung Fu Panda I think. We were tempted to buy it for him but then it was very very expensive :(

I shall not disclose what I'll be going as.. coz that won't be fun anymore. Let's just say it might be red and black OR very colourful! Ok lah.. maybe NOT that colourful but still.

Now.. I can go to the Nuffnang Wild 'Live' Blogging powered by Maxis Broadband peacefully knowing Robb won't kill me coz I haven't blogged about it. And see!! I some more put so much effort and time to make them look very nice.

Stewie said he prefers the original one compared to the coloured ones coz he says the original ones are cuter. Which one is nicer leh?

Oh.. also note that you can see the original ones on the paper.. for Hippo and Elephant, they look like they have tone. It's coz I used pencil to colour to make some shadows and stuff.. coz I was too free coz there weren't any colour pencils in the office. Not that I'm complaining coz what office has colour pencils!!

p.s. I just realized that I got the title wrong HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I found a Companion!

Yes, that is right. I've found a companion to accompany Banana!


Actually I wanted to write something else, but that something else is not ready yet, technically. I want to make it nicer first. Fill in all the nice colours... and you know lah... some more using MsPaint coz I don't have Photoshop or whatever, sniff.

And while I was painting it, Su Ann kept calling me weird. Sniff.

Oh, and I've also found a new craving!! But I shall only reveal it in the next few days. Coz.. still have one more didn't open yet.

Anyways.. back to the topic which is I've found a companion.

And it is.....
Monkeyyyyy!!! (and Banana)

They suit each other really really well don't they? Hahahahahahahahaha.

I mean.. it's a Monkey... and a Banana...


p.s. That's actually the Monkey that came with the pretty flowers and behloons (which flopped edi) given by one of Nuffnang's clients to Stewie for his bday. So.. dear Marilyn, this is how the Monkey looks like.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Surprise!

EDIT!!! Got some pics edi!!! :)

Ok, I said in my last post that I'll have something to write about now. I shall keep my word and today's topic is (hahahahahha... -_-') the suprise/prank.

So I guess most people knew that Stewie's bday was past friday. And a week before that, while I was away at camp, all us nuffies were already planning something through emails, of course.

And the best thing was... Stewie didn't suspect a thing. Even though there were moments when I was with him that uhh... I almost almost gave him some hints. Eh wait.. actually I did gave him some hints but he was still oblivious to it, hehe. I mean.. *phew*

What happened was the nuffies brought in Marilyn(the client) into the evil evil plan. She should be given the best actress award!!! (for making the fake meeting seemed so real hehehe!)

How Friday, 6th of June went.. is like this.

Morning came, Yee Hou was already outside waiting with that new car. So we hurriedly got ready. And Stewie was wearing this... uhm... quite old, washed so many times till the collars are weird shirt. I knew that pictures will be taken later so I urged him to changed into a nice shirt.

He was like, "Why? I just have a meeting later with Marilyn." Not knowing that it was a fake meeting.

To cover up I guess, I told him that well, he should dress nice, especially when it's his bday! So he changed and off we went to the office with Yee Hou.

So the fake meeting is to be taken place at 11.30am in KLCC. Marilyn's suppose to be late. And Stewie didn't like the new car so he had Yee Hou drive him back home to get his own car. Which was at 11.20am and all of us in Nuffie office was panicking. Ok, maybe not all.. maybe or probably it's just me. Coz we didn't have much time left as we were taking the train to KLCC and I kinda wanted everything to be perfect.

Oh before that, in the office.. we changed his nuffnang leaderboard ad unit to a happy bday wish. And so a few days ago, because Firdy didn't keep his emails well hidden, Stewie saw some emails titled "Boss's Bday!" So Stewie knew that we, nuffies were gonna do something on his bday, luckily he thought it was just that leaderboard bday wish. *phew*

Ok, so bla bla bla, Stewie went home, the we rushed to the train station and took the train to KLCC. Then when we reached, I bought a behloon for him. A happy bday behloon with uhh.. helium inside or something which cost my arm and my lil toe. And I'm so glad it's still floating now and hasn't gone dead yet.

We nuffies were hiding outside Rotiboy until the time is right for us to go up. And then I got paranoid, because Marilyn smsed us and told us that she'll be late coz there was traffic. And it was nearing 12pm. And she said Stewie was walking around KLCC. Knowing Stewie, I was afraid that he'll get super hungry and come get himself a rotiboy(which he loves). So I had us hide near the train station. Ish..

Ok lah.. so bla bla bla.. then Marilyn came, and led him to San Fransisco Steakhouse, I already made a booking the day before. I chose that coz he likes their steak and there wasn't really anything other restaurant in KLCC that he likes. So.. okay, they were there and Marilyn broke the bad news to him. Saying *P&C client* don't want to advertise with Nuffnang anymore coz of bla bla bla.

We were all downstairs waiting actually. Coz the people at San Fran took the cake I pre-ordered upstairs. And our plan was to bring the cake up to him singing Happy Bday. Suddenly we received yet another sms from Marilyn asking us to come up quick coz he was taking the news very badly. Hehe poor Stewie.

So.. then the cake came. And we went up quietly(well at least I hoped we were quiet) burst into a Happy Bday song holding the cake walking towards him. He. Was. Shocked. He totally didn't see him coming!!!!! YAY!

See his shocked face and all.. pointing at Tim2(Waffle) and Lee Meng I think.

And then he was all touched and happy that even the Penang Nuffies came down. I somemore had to lie to him the night before. Coz he was counting who was coming for his dinner that night. He was inviting all the nuffies. And I couldn't just tell him that uhh.. the Penang Nuffies will be down coz that will just spoil his surprise. So I lied to him and told him somebody else was coming, and it was suppose to be a surprise. So now that I've told him, he has to act surprised when he sees them.
This one's with Yee Hou in it.

Ahh.. that was all. For the lunch surprise.. that is. I asked when the night ended on whether he had a good day, and he said yes. *sigh* That was all I was hoping for. :)

The bday boy with his behloon :)

p.s. I don't have the pictures *sniff* All the pics are with uhhh.. hmm.. actually I dont' even know who they're with. I only have pictures from the night and the day after. Sighh... Eh.. which Nuffie has the pics, gimme!!! *please?*

Thursday, June 5, 2008

I'm Back!!

I can't believe it's been a week since I blogged.

I'm now in the midst of planning something. Shh shh secret secret!!!

My blog has actually been left alone for quite a long time huh. Hmm.. Aiyahh... I don't know what to say lah. Things I want to say but I can't, it sucks.

I'm fully awake now, unlike a few days ago I was like a zombie or something. I feel like my blog is becoming like.. point form. Hahaha. Oh oh... one thing is my legs doesn't hurt anymore. Well, that is if I don't press on it. So yay!

So what have I been doing this past week. Well, I was at music camp. Which was I must say, quite fun. Sure there'll be some well.. "miscommunication" and stuff but overall it was fun. And I could say that I've made some new friends there in a way. Like, you know there's always a few cliques. I guess I mixed around and.. it was different but still nice.

Oh.. and I realized that uhh... quite a few of them at camp knows that I've a blog. I mean, I don't even know how on earth they found it. Although I know that one of them, of all things... google-d my name and found my blog. You know who you are, and if you do read this, please update your blog, it should not be left alone for uhh.. months, it'll feel uhh.. lonely.

When I came back from camp and got uhh.. proper internet haha, the happiest thing I saw was... MSN!!!! Woohooooo!!!!!

Uh oh... I don't know what to say anymore. So.. this is going to be another short one. Ish. BUT!!!! When tomorrow ends, I definitely should have something to talk about! Can't wait!

Now I shall wait patiently for Ms. Lim Su Ann to come. We're suppose to go shop for something. And she says if she ffk me I have the right the pinch her. And Lim Su Ann, if you do ffk me, I shall pinch you hard until you turn pink ok??? Kapisch?!?