Friday, October 31, 2008

Nah wtf

Ok, so I was talking to my dear friend, skylerfoongyeesing the other day, and she asked me.. why is it that now that I'm in Singapore, I don't update my blog that much anymore?

So this is for you Skyler, wtf.

The truth is... ladies and gentlemen wtf. I honestly, don't exactly know why.

Sometimes I don't know where all my time goes. o_O


And I guess most of the time I don't really know what to blog about, coz I seem to be doing pretty same things everyday. Although... *wriggle eyebrows* this week has been a tiny bit different!

Reason is that.. Boston Brass is in town! And it's been quite fun! And oh boy, they had their lil concert during lunchtime on Wednesday, and they really know how to entertain people! In my opinion lah.

Well, it did make one of my friends Marcus, who plays the flute and who's like a really harcore classical kinda guy go... (he's the one in the middle, I know I know, not really a good picture but it's still a picture wtf, don't know who was messing around with my cam that time tho)

WHYYYY??!!?? Why am I playing classical music!!! It's so boringggggg!!!!!

Then it made me and kelly go..

Huh? Wtf? Are you okay Marcus? Coz it's really not the kind of things that he would say. Haha.

Anyways. Uhm. Hmm. Okay! I know what to say now!

I've a performance with my friends tomorrow. Our brass quintet. Oh wait.. technically it's today, coz it's past 12am already. Oh boy oh boy... Then!!! There another one on Saturday... that's combined WITH the guys from Boston Brass. It's kinda cool haha. But still really nervous at the same time.

Ooooh. And I'll be going to the earlier class tomorrow at 9am instead of my usual 10am coz of the soundcheck thingy at 10.30am. Let's hope my alarm clock/phone doesn't die on me. If it does then I'm really dead.

*prays hard that my phone doesn't die*


Boo! wtf.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy things

Today I'm going to write about something happy. Coz I need to. I need to think of things that make me happy.

Ok, wait. I've to take some pictures now of the things that make me happy.


Ok, I ran out of stuff in my room to take pics of wtf. I should start now.

These are some of the stuffs in my room. Like right in front of me now.

A book which my dear limsuann gave to me as my bday present, that took quite a bit of trouble to get to me. Thank you ms. fireangel for bringing the book to Singapore :)

I remember reading this book. Fine granted there will be people who don't the book, but I really liked it, believe it or not I'm quite easily pleased. I remember laughing and crying and smiling away while reading this book. And I remember that a certain someone said that it was quite cute(wtf) that I did all those just by reading a book. Sigh.

This is a map of the Night Safari which I went to last Thursday with most of the Peabody peeps. It was quite a fun night. It was actually really nice, despite the fact that it was raining and while we were walking along the tracks we were drenched. And we saw a bat.. which was like literally maybe 2 inches away from our faces. A lot of things. It was so fun. Well, until a phone call kinda ruined the night for me but it was still good nonetheless.

These Milk Chocolate Digestive Biscuits which I KNOW will taste really really good even though I haven't opened them yet. Just bought it yesterday together with the Viennese Sandwich from Marks & Spencer.

They're just sooo yummy I can't get enuff of 'em.

And the gooey gooey chocolate. Mmmm.. yummy.

And of course! There's my Piglet. Where I store all my goodies. Lemme give you a sneak peek of what's inside.

Oooh. the Pringles is really goooood. I think lah. It's my first time seeing this flavour. Oh. And Ritz crackers are just so yummy.

And then.. of course there's the people around me.

This picture is missing sooooo many people in our lil clique. From left: Marcus, Sze Ting, Duncan, Kelly and me. I'm really glad that I've this bunch of great friends here. I know for sure that it wouldn't be the same if they weren't here. I'm very lucky. This was taken when I just got my camera. And I think we were playing with the colours.

This is a few of the very nice Peabody peeps. Clockwise: me, Jasmine, Lydia and Chris. We were in the "bus" haha. Seeing them off to the airport yesterday. Which left me sleeping only at 6am in the morning.
This was all of 'em.

And... this was the night before. Which a couple of us also stayed up all night playing... uhm ONE silly game which actually lasted the whole night wtf. And the loser will get his/her face drawn. As you can see... I lost quite a bit. Beside me is Leah. And believe it or not.. this was all done without alchohol. Not that I can drink, coz I'm kinda allergic to it. Ish.

There were actually mug-shots of each and everyone of us. But I don't know who has them for sure. The picture above is NOT the end product wtf.

Ok, I can't possibly put everything in one post. But I'll put this.

This was in Esplanade in the concert hall during Acadamy Festival Orchestra's dress rehearsal.

And remember I said something about Captain Barbosa in my last post? Well... this is him.

The great Mr. Geoffrey Rush!

Do you notice something? He wasn't wearing any shoes. AT ALL!!! He was the narrator for Peter and the Wolf. He's quite down to earth, not a diva at all. Really nice. He brought his son or grandson along to the rehearsal too.

And this is me with Captain Barbosa!

Ok.. now I shall end this post. And.. well, try to sleep. Coz... Boston Brass is coming tomorrow!! Which is uhm.. Deepavali. Oh wait. They're coming today technically and it's Deepavali today!

So.. uhm.. Happy Deepavali everyone!

p.s. Oh, I almost forgot the most important person/thing which makes my day. But I don't have a picture of him unfortunately. Maybe one day I will. That person is the New Zealand Natural Ice Cream guy!

He always know how to make my day. If my day isn't going so well, I can just go up to him and he'd know what to give me. He'd give me a big scoop of my favourite ice cream=raspberry and white chocolate. I don't even need to utter a word. I'm such a regular that I've a VIP key chain thingy. I also recently found out that I quite like their rum and raisin. :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

English yeehaaawwww!

Ok. Sorry I haven't been updating a lot. I know I really should. But.. oh well. I actually have really exciting stuff.. uhmm.. to show u guys. Heh. Something to do with Captain Barbosa. Ooooh.. if you remember who he is!!

Today.. I'm gonna have to uhm.. maybe bore you guys with my English assignment again. Haha.. which I don't really exactly know what I'm suppose to write. But.. uhmm... hmm.


Oooh oh no. I'm feeling hungry. Ah dammit. Nevermindddd.

Okay. English. Oh right. The topic I was suppose to talk about or something is uhm... French schools to offer free English lessons.


Uhmm... ok. What can I talk about that. Let's see.

Well, it's definitely a good thing that more people are learning English coz well, accept it or not, everyone if not most people, are already using English to do business and stuff. And if you can't speak English(not necessarily good English like... good grammar and stuff), it's quite hard to get around. Like in Singapore, which is I think an English speaking country.

I'm not so sure about Malaysia though. Coz I know some people will be asking, so what do Malaysians speak at home. Me and my friends will be like.. uhh.. uhmmm... everything? We kind of mix everything up. A lil bit of Mandarin here, lil bit of English there, once in a while a Malay word. Haha. Weird huh. But that's us(at least me and my friends).

I really think that English is a very important language. Granted, I'm not saying that my command of the English language is great, I mean.. all of you guys know that I uhh.. "failed" my QET (ha ha), but at least I can get by. And I remember my favourite subjects in high school was English and art. Hahaha. Mainly coz I was better at those 2 subjects than the rest.

Well, all in all, I guess I'm just saying that I think English is an important language and it doesn't really matter where you come from, but you should learn it coz you never know.. you might just travel to an English speaking country one day and it'll definitely suck if you can't converse in English and no one understands you and it'll be one sucky trip. Unless that's what you want(which I don't think so, but maybe I'm wrong).

Ok, I think I'm gonna stop here coz I'm kinda talking nonsense already. Trying to make the post longer which is working but I might annoy some people haha. Ahh... anyways.

Here's the article if you guys wanna read it.

Okayyy I'm not so sure if you guys can read it. And yes yes I know I've a camera now but it was just so much easier using my webcam and just take a snapshot. Don't worry. I do use my camera. I'll prove it to you guys in my next post which will be up hopefully by uhmm.. Thursday or Friday? Hmmm.. we'll see!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Ok, so I'm gonna quickly do a picture post and get on with my assignments! Yes!!! You read it right! Imma do a picture post!!!! AND!!!! The coolest thing is... from now on... there might be MORE picture posts wtf.

Yes everyone. I finally have a camera!!! And!! Not only that! It's PINK!!! Which stands for uhh... pinkpau wtf.

And todayyyy. I'm going to show you the very first few (ok... quite a lot lah, but not that much) photos I took with my PINK camera! And I'll be finally showing you where I study! Oh.. except that I realized that I forgot to take pictures of the practice rooms.. but those are just rooms lah.. most of them with a piano inside. But I took a picture of a piano!!! Nah!

Most of them are Yamaha grands.. uh uhh... those bigger than baby grands wtf. I know I play the piano also.. but I dunno what you call them wtf. Heh. In the ensemble rooms and the piano priority practice rooms are Steinway & Sons.

This is uh... the skyline or uhh roof of my school. Yah you can see the sky wan!

This was taken uhhmmm... at the second floor corridor. The colour of my school quite neutral wtf. Do you remember limsuann... where the 2 people are standing.. that's where we took a photo when you came to my school!!! When we thought we were seeing each other for the last time before you went to US but turned out to be wrong.

This is the wall wtf. And sometimes when you lean on it and you're wearing a black top. When you get up.. your top will have the imprint of white lines wtf. And then if you use your finger to touch it... like.. from one end to another.. there'll be bits of white thingys on your finger.

These... my friends.. are the scariest thing you'll ever see. You see.. my school is currently having like.. an exhibition of (uhh.. some really nice.. but most of them just plain weird to me..) art by this guy.. I forgot his name. And the dolls are the scariest things... And it's like once you walk into the school you can see them.

They have long black hair and there are 4 pairs. So... one of them will be flashing their panties to the other. And their panties are like.. polka dot wan. There's yellow, blue, black and red. And guess what? their eyes matches their panties. It's actually quite scary when it's late at night and when you're going back home you see them wtf. But it's been here for quite awhile already so most of us are used to it.

This is the New Zealand Natural cup without ice cream already wtf which I indulged yesterday. A THREE scoop!!! And guess what else! Today.. when I had my English class, my teacher was telling the class that she's gonna make us do something which we all won't like. And it's writing an essay. And to make us uhmm.. happier doing it and maybe some ideas will spring up while writing, she bought ALL OF US new zealand natural ice cream!!!! Thank you Ms. Lee!!!

Like... wow! There were like.. almost 10 of us!! Each was to get one scoop of chocolate mint ice cream but me and my friend got TWO! Coz uhmm... one didn't come and another couldn't eat ice cream coz he said if he were to eat, he'll get stomach aches wtf. So I indulged 3 scoops yesterday and 2 today!!!! Teehee...

This is my heart wtf. <3>
This is the moon today. Which was really really round and bright. And this picture was taken by Duncan wtf. Not me. Hahahahhahahahahha.

And thissss... is Duncan.

And his brand new very very oh so expensive camera which costs SG659. And him being very very high taking pictures with his cam and exclaiming that he's getting orgasms every time he sees his pictures wtf.

This is a plant. A green plant.
Which looks a bit plasticky to me wtf.

And this... (well not this exact one, it's just for illustration purposes) is the stoney place we always hang out at while waiting for the others to finish their classes so we can go for lunch or like... when we just finished our dinner and are too full to go practise so we sit here for awhile and talk crap about music.

And this!!! My friends... is how Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music looks at night when we have a concert going on at night. Coz usually the lights won't be on (save electricity mahh) on normal nights. Only when the school is having some concert then the lights will be on. Like... just now.
This is like the pathway walking up my school. And when it's raining and you don't have an umbrella. Die edi lah. Coz I can gurantee you that you'll be soaking wet. I know coz I was wtf. It's actually a really really nice building.

And lo and behold!!!! My PINK camera and her lovely case. Taken by Duncan's super camera wtf.

p.s. ok I guess it's not really a quick post coz I took an hour to blog wtf. Better get back to my assignment now!

Monday, October 13, 2008



And my feelings are like...

1 second... yay!

another... oh god....

the next second... woohooooo!!!

and the next... sniff... gonna have to eat plain crackers for the rest of the week wtf..

and it goes on and on and on...

And you guys will find out soon what it is wtf. Coz it'll be quite obvious I think.

I need to sleep now.. and hopefully, when I wake up tomorrow, my dry throat is gone. Damn irritating! It gets even drier when I play the trumpet! Which is like... ughhhh.....


Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Since I'm quite stressed out now coz my audition is TOMORROW!!!!! *faints* I shall blog about something which made me happy.

Ok... lemme show you something.

You see this? Cute or not!!!!! Say cute wtf.

Haih... my blogging skills are kinda off edi. Sheesh. How liddat!!! Sighh...

Anywaysss... Ok, I'll just let the pictures do the talking ok?

Yes... that, my friends... is a piglet storage box! See!! It opens up like Pooh!

So after I fixed it up.. it looks like this!
Ok, so actually when I got this... it's more of something I want than I need, obviously!! BUT!!! Do not fear! I've found some use for it! Piglet now keeps all my food! And my table now is very very cleannnn!

I mean... if my mum were here, she'd be suprise to see how clean my table is! Meaning, not a lot of things on my table(only Piglet, my lappie, my cup and the hot water boiler can be seen) hahaha.

Ok, I don't really have anything to say already.. :( Very "unhappening" my life wtf.

I shall go back being stressed and uhh... stressed now.
Haih.... let's hope that I'll be ok tomorrow...

Monday, October 6, 2008

A Wish!

My dearest Lim Su Ann...

Happy happy happy happy happy 20th Bday~!

I realized that I don't have a single picture of me and you in my laptop. Sniff. I shall steal from your blog wtf.

I miss you very very very much from here in Singapore and this ldr sucks. Sniff. I know you will be very very happy today :)

Ok, everybody... go wish limsuann happy bday now! It's an order wtfwtf.



Friday, October 3, 2008

Freaking pest!!!!

Ok, this is gonna be a quick one coz I've a test tomorrow morning and I uhh... wanna watch an episode of Desperate Housewives wtf.

Oh, guess what happened yesterday!!! I was watching Desperate Housewives... 4 episodes in a row hahaha... only slept at 4am coz I didn't have any classes today. Anyway... while I was watching... I felt something crawled by my UPPER THIGH quickly.

I looked down....








I hate hate hate hate despise despise despise depise terrified terrified terrified of cockcroaches!!!!!

Luckily it wasn't a huge huge freaking gigantic one. It's around a thumb long. AND IT CAN FLY......... ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

So naturally, I screamed. And then I found out that this time I am really alone, and no big strong guy can help me kill it. *sniff*

So I build up my courage and uhmm rage to kill it but I couldn't find something to kill it with wtf. I had no choice but to use the yamaha trumpet catalog and smack it hard. And all the juices came out wtf. Damn disgusting!!!!! But of course I was damn happy that I killed it. Then I threw it away in the toilet. Sighh.... why do cockcroaches exist!!!!!!!

Ok, so... that's it. I managed to kill a cockcroach. My first one ever.

Ok... Imma watch an episode of Desperate Housewives now. So good, it made me cry and laugh so much yesterday. Yes, I'm a wimp unfortunately(but a wimp who has killed her first ever cockcroach! Don't play play ahhh).