Thursday, February 28, 2008


Being a.. dare I say.. musician is not that simple. For me anyway.

It was extremely difficult for me yesterday when I went for my class. Coz my tutor was asking me to feel all these feelings that I don't really feel like feeling. Afraid that they will consume me and then... you know lahh.. :(

It wasn't a good day.

I just really wanted to.. just.. dazed out... blank out my mind or something. But I couldn't do that. Because I had to be or try to portray to be a bitch(which I didn't even come close to), confident(which I'm not really there yet, I'm more skewed towards the insecure side).

And there were soooo many other feelings that I'm suppose to feel when playing my music. So that you know.. the music won't come out like.. it's being played by a robot, or a machine. It has feelings, and you would feel what the musician was feeling... or something.

Luckily we were playing in the concert hall(woohooo which is an awesome awesome thing!!) And when I was playing that ultra sad song, I had tears in my eyes but my tutor couldn't see. So pheww... Aiyah but I'm suppose to FEEL the music what.. so I think that time when I played that song.. the song really did sound sad wtf.

One thing happened during lesson that I thought was funny. My tutor talks a lot. And he said it himself too. I was just asking him... pointing to a certain piece of music and asking him whether I should still do that. And then.. he went on a bigg and I mean BIG speech about do I really want to do this? What do I want to do with my life? Bla bla speech lah.. I'm sure you guys heard of that speech. It was very funny.. coz after that big speech he was looking at me.. waiting for me to say something.

Then I went, "Uhh... Mr. Bourque.. I was talking about the Arban Characteristic Studies piece, and whether I should still play that piece during the audition. I AM going for the audition, you don't need to worry about that...."

Then he was like, "Hahahhahahahaha.. you were talking about THAT!!! And I went on blabbing and blabbing! Why didn't you stop me?!"

I was like, "Uhhh..."

Ok.. the truth is.. I forgot what I said.. or maybe I didn't say anything at all.

And it was really funny when he asked me to be a bitch. Like a REAL BITCH. I tried. I really really REALLY tried. But he said I'm not there yet. I have to be more angry. As of now.. he said I'm not a wimp, I'm not a bitch, but I'm somewhere in between.... but skewed towards the wimp. :(

Can someone teach me how to be a bitch??

Pretty please??

*big shiny eyes*

p.s. And here Stewie complains that I'm always very emotional! Doesn't he know that most musicians are crazy?! And I must say.. very very... emotional wtf. You can't blame me!! I'm a.. musician!! *laughs hysterically*

Oooh.. I wanna blow bubbles!!

p.s.s. Ok.. now you guys know what I mean being very very.. emotional and crazy?? I watched Dan In Real Life and I cried :( Am I sensitive or am I sensitive??

Excuse me everybody, I shall go and try to be a bitch, be happy, sad, angry, confident for the next 2 hours now.

Update: I forgot to say.. I'm also suppose to be drunk. Coz one of the pieces I'm playing is a story about a drunk guy.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

5 Things

I ran out of things to say.. so I stole this from Pinkpau. (Pinkpau I miss you... faster come back from Hong Kong ok??) Her meme of 7 things.

Why 5? Coz uhmm.. I'm afraid I won't have that much to say? And I feel like writing 7. I don't think that make any sense at all.

5 Known Things About You

1. I am cute. (I cheated. I asked Skyler and Michelle what they know about me and they both answered this. Tsk tsk... whyyy?!?)
2. I despise smokers. Like... really. (I apologize to all the smokers out there if I curse at you. Wait.. I don't.. coz you brought this on to yourselves!! *cue hmph emoticon*)
3. I play the trumpet.
4. I uhh... curse. End of discussion!
5. I eat slow. (According to Stewie, and he's been telling everybody about it :( )

5 Lesser Known Things About You

1. I play the trumpet. (what?! some people don't know what...)
2. I uhh... curse. (refer above)
3. I secretly kind of like hot white guys. (Skyler says I should put that in coz she didn't know about it until recently)
4. I don't open up easily.
5. I worry about the silliest thing. (Cannot tell you what, it's a secret.. or else later you guys will laugh and laugh at me. Notice it's at me and not with me)

5 7 Wishes

1. I wish I'll do good at my audition this Sunday. (OMGOMG it's THIS Sunday.. I want to die liao.. howw howwww?!?)
2. I wish that life is not that complicated. But then again, maybe everyone does too.
3. I wish for something I cannot possibly say here. (heheh... *evil grin*)
4. I wish I was taller.. a bit. (because I feel short when I wear flats)
5. I wish for Michael Buble to serenade me all night looonnnggggg! (this came from Skyler, coz I don't know what I want, and this seemed to be a nice wish)
6. I wish I'm not that forgetful (Like... at least try to remember to check if the office toilet has toilet paper before I go in, which I keep reminding myself but always seem to forget. Luckily I had some extra tissue paper in my pocket, pheww!)
7. I wish that the work I've to do (cheques for Nuffnangers) will just be done by the snap of my fingers! (Damn a lot you know, very tedious.. by clicking pay me, you Nuffnangers just gave me more work. Sniff. Work which I shall be doing later. At night!! :( )

5 Things You Like About Yourself

1. My eyes
2. My boobies (HAHAHAHAHAHA seriously wtf)
3. My uhmm uhmm... shit.. what else?? Uhmm... my ability to sometimes.. JUST SOMETIMES play nice sounds on my trumpet.
4. My friends... eh wait.. I think wrong already lah.. it's about myself. Hmm... I shall copy pinkpau and say my figure wtf
5. Crap.. I cannot think already. (Die lah how?? Why 5 things also I cannot think of??! Sighh..)

5 Things You Dont Like About Yourself

1. My forgetfulness.
2. The fact that my attention span is preeetttttyyyy short.
3. My figure (hahahaha coz I'm eating more and more and not liking exercising is definitely not helping)
4. My ability to make conversation at the wrong time when people are stressed, thinking I'm making them forget about their stress. Instead I was making them even more stressed. -__-
5. Having days when I can play (trumpet) well and some not that well. (why can't I just have the good days and let the bad days be gone?! :( )

5 Things On Your Mind Right Now

1. What to eat? What to eat??
2. Should I watch Grey's Anatomy later or practice my trumpet? Hmmm...
3. I soooo don't feel like doing the cheques....
4. I feel thirsty.

*went off to pour some water for myself*

5. Hmmm... what am I thinking about? Va-jay-jay. Hahahah wtf.. am I going crazy? Hahahahhaha

5 Things You Hope To Accomplish Soon

1. Uhmm.. let's say I do pass the audition, then I hope I'll do ok in the consevatory. Or else die lah...
2. Finish reading the book Su Ann got me... P.S. I Love You (I'll try to finish reading it before you go away so that you can read ok, Su Ann?)
3. Be a good person? (HAHAHAHA... I think it's a bit ... uhmm... I forgot what I want to say already :( Nah you see?? Proof of my forgetfulness wtf)
4. Shit... (I cannot think already. What do I want to accomplish?? Shit lah.. why do I not have goals.. I am such a sad person :( )
5. Poo... (still thinking and I only came up with poo??? Wtf.. I'm still a sad person with no goals.. I'm doomed in life. Pee. wtf. -__- )

~The End~

Oh wait.. Come I put a cute pic of my and Ruffles in wtf. Like some people do HAHAHAHHAHA.

I shall dedicate this picture to Ms. Lim Su Ann! Come back quick! We miss you. Ok lah.. Ms. Liew Suet Li also. We miss you a lot also.

Monday, February 25, 2008

I Sleep Better With Chipster!

I love chips. And you know what I love more?


Especially the Sour Cream & Onion! It's just sooo yummilicious!!

Since I'm a Nuffie, I've seen some kick-ass "I Sleep Better With Chipster" posts. And I'm sorry everybody, I don't think I can top theirs. All I did was take silly pictures of myself and try to at least get my creative juices working.

It's damn hard you know... :(

Ok.. this is what I came up with.

I... am a.. well.. quite a clumsy person. My balance is.. like.. NOT good. Really. So.. this was what happened...

I was sighh.. okok... "camwhoring" with my Chipster and Ruffles(my teddy). And.. guess what happened.


Sighhh.. In this case, Ruffles was able to lure my Chipster into bed with him. You see!!! Ruffles with 2 packets of Chipsters! Not only ONE!!! TWO!!!!

What a player.. sighh.


Okay guys... I'm very unoriginal...

Yes.. unfortunately that was all I could come up with. Sighh....

Psst.. Stewie just scolded me for putting myself down. Ok.. I shall try not to do that anymore. No promises though.

But aiyahh... since I'm a girl and I've taken like... loads and loads of photos to show how much I LOVEEEE Chipsters. I'll just bombard you guys with them ok?

Ok lah.. I lazy to crop and put the pictures together already... damn tedious.. some more the Ruffles story took damn long to do. I'll just slap my pics in.
Come.. I give you(Chipster) a kiss... Mwah!

Mmmmm.... Yummyyyy... *Slurps*

Yes I love Chipster. Yes I do! <3


Almost done. Just a last one.. dedicated to Chipster and all the Nuffies!

Mwah!! Mwah!!

p.s. I'm gonna be there at the Nuffnang Pajama Party. Are you? Have you done your post yet? If not, I quote Gwen Stefani.. "What You Waiting For?!?!"

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Where in the world is my Chipster?!?

I just came back not long ago from The Curve. And like always.. Stewie would be doing some grocery shopping at Tesco, which is just next door.

We were finding some potato chips and like usual, we'll go straight for Chipster!!! Especially the Sour Cream and Onion! That's my fav!!

But.... but.... I really do not understand!!! Neither does Stewie!!!

We went there(the munchies section) and there wasn't a pack of Chipster on sight!!





I want my Chipster!!!!

What on earth just happened?? Did like... all of the Nuffnangers especially Boonage whacked all the Chipster?? And.. and... left none for us??? (for the Nuffnang Pajama Party which is gonna rock your socks btw)

I don't like you anymore Boonage!! You whacked all my Chipster! :(

I don't care... tomorrow die die also have to buy my Chipster! At least one!! Although I'm pretty sure one is not enough for me.. but.. NOTHING ELSE MATTERS!!!!

I will get my Chipster!!! *fumes*


Update: Pinkpau just enlightened me with some information. She said it must be Yat and his group of friends who whacked all the Chipster!!!! Sorry Boonage for uhh.. my lil outburst wtf. YAT!!! I shall have a word with you when I see you wtf!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Being Angry and A Tag?

Ok... I'm right now blogging at uhmm.. lemme check.. uhh... Jarrod & Rawlins. This uhh.. I think it's a restaurant thingy drinks place or something. They have free wi-fi!!!! I love free wi-fi when I've a laptop to use! *big smiley face* Stewie is having meeting here, and I took his laptop and I'm currently doing.. this.

Ooooooh.. I'm getting mad. Coz there's a bunch of guys sitting outside SMOKING!!!!! HMPH!!! And this place is open-air wannn... I want to dieeeeee...

So far my day hasn't been good. Practiced my trumpet this morning, but I don't think today was my day, as in.. I didn't play as well as I expect I would. Sighh... I'm mad at myself for not doing so. It's just not my day... :(

That was the first thing which made me mad. Then.. in the afternoon I followed Stewie to a meeting. And it was in Berjaya Time Square, and.. we had to wait for the freaking lift to come down.. and it takes freaking foreverrrr... And and not only that... we were the first there, but last who went in. And what I hate is... these people who went in right, at least have the decency to press the button to keep the lift doors open lahhhh... not just let the door slam on me when I'm already having a bad day. So stupid lah these people.. no brains wan! >.<

I anger now.. stupid stupid people polluting the air!! Bastards all of them!!!

Anger!! Anger!!!

*rant over*

Ok.. now.. I'm gonna do this 'Would you rather...?" in a way tag thingy that came from Skyler.

Would You Rather…

have a permanent smile OR a permanent erection?
Uhmm.. I think I would rather have a permanent smile coz I don't think I smile enough and it is rather nice to be able to hide your feelings about some things behind a smile. Tho it has its down side, like what if I've to got to a funeral?? Then.. horrors of horrors wtf.. they would have me killed and I'd still have a smile slapped on my face.

breathe green gas that you could see in the air OR everytime you fart, the air around you butt would turn bright pink?
I'll take the former. Reason is the smell of green grass isn't THAT bad right? Unless I misunderstood the question. Then die lahh..

be stuck in the body of a five year old your entire life OR in an 80 yr old's?
Duh.. of course I'd rather be stuck in the body of a 5 year old. Coz I'll be hopefully cute and I don't have to worry about all the things grown ups have to. Oooooh... how I envy those 5 year olds now..

feel pure pleasure, happiness and ecstasy for the rest of your life -- but really just be a brain floating in jar of syrup in a lab OR be a normal person -- but feel no pleasure or pain, no happiness or sadness?
I'd rather be the brain.. I mean come on... at least I can feel. Feelings are everything. Plus a lot of people would prolly be staring at me(brain) all the time to figure out things or something!! And I(brain) will be famous!!!

be locked in a room with Ronald McDonald OR be locked in a room with Michael Jackson?
Michael Jackson. One, coz I'm a girl. Some more it's not like I'm a small lil girl. Last I remember, he only liked lil boys. AND!! I can ask him to teach me how to moon walk!!

have ridiculously large ears OR a ridiculously large nose?
Ears. Duh.. coz I can get my hair to cover them. Where else is I were to have a ridiculously large nose.. no amount of make-up would be able to cover it up. ;)

be the mysterious leader of a secret society of assassin-midgets OR have a direct mental link to all the world's information?

The latter of course! Coz I'll be smart wtf. And I'll know everything! I'll be very knowledgeable!! Woohoooooooo!!


I'm now sharing a plate of sausages and steak with Stewie here.. it is very very yummmy!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I <3 Movies!

Lately I've been watching quite a lot of movies. The most recent ones are uhh..

1. Vantage Point

Which I watched when it wasn't out yet!!! Ooooh.. a press screening. One of the joys being a Nuffnanger wtf. You people out there who hasn't watch it yet should, coz I think it is good. Quite a lot of people do too. I don't think it's out yet. And I don't know how to write this without having any spoilers.

I hate hate hate spoilers. I like watching the movie and finding out things by myself. I do not like spoilers. I mean.. what is the point of watching the movie if you already know what's gonna happen??

Anyways it's a good movie. Basically it's like.. well an assassination bla bla bla. And the whole movie will be replaying how it went from different perspective. I know some people might get annoyed by this(replying over and over again, it's the same thing and yet it's different in a way). But it didn't irritate me at all. I quite enjoyed the movie.

Oh looky look! The smiley president who doesn't know that he won't really be smiling any much longer.

But one sad thing happened during the movie. It was a really really really sad thing. I was watching the movie, like normal. And each of us have like a free popcorn and drink. And you know what happened?

I was like.. eating halfway, and got tired of holding my popcorn. So.. I put it beside me, as in.. beside my legs, near the arm chair there. Then.. I reached my hand in to take a pop and put it in my mouth. Next thing you know.. my popcorn wasn't there anymore. :(

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!! I found this picture of caramel popcorn drizzled with chocolate.. looks sooooo yummyyyyyy... o_O

Thing was.. I never realized there was a hole there. So when I took some popcorn to eat, the whole popcorn fell down to the floor. I was like.. oh noooooooo... I lost my popcorn wtf. Sniff. So in the end, I only had my drink to accompany me. No caramel popcorn. Sniff.

Oh crap.. I think I uhh.. went out of topic wtf.

Ok ok, back to what I meant to say.. you guys should really watch this movie. It's awesome! There's also a quite well not bad looking guy in there.. a bit scruffy looking with the chiu chiu and all but still.

Behold!!! The chiu chiu guy!!

And! And!! The lost guy, Matthew Fox is in there!! (blurry pic i know)

Oh look, I just noticed that Dennis Quaid has a doubly triply chin going on over there.

-The End-

Oh wait... I think I'm suppose to write more wtf. Coz I said movies.. not MOVIE.


2. Jumper
Not this jumper!! D'oh!

This one... Jumper the movie.

Ok, I thought Jumper was.. ok lah..

Not great but not that bad either.

I only watched it coz there's Rachel Bilson in it. And Hayden Christensen in it. But then again, I was never crazed over him anyway.

Quite pretty what right?

I think maybe people watch it coz of the hype. Like I only watched Cloverfield coz of the hype it caused last time. And luckily I didn't puke or felt really really dizzy.

It takes you to quite a lot of places though... I'm kinda lazy to write where.. coz I can't remember all. Some like this...

Here is some of the cast of Jumper. Diane Lane and the British guy, Jamie Bell is missing though.

Eh.. wait a min.. he's not missing. He's in there. I was just blind. Sorry.

Ok, enough of Jumper.

3. World Trade Centre

Damn sad this movie. I didn't realized it was sooooo long ago d. And if you check out the Wikipedia page on 9/11, you will notice that it's a damn detailed page.

And I say damn sad coz I'm a sensitive person and yes. It made me cry wtf.

Damn scary wtf. Imagine what if it were you at that time and at that place, what would you do? Would you still be alive? bla bla bla.. damn scary.

Plus sooo many people died on that day. And they even showed us the 'falling man'. As in.. because the building was on fire, and smoke everywhere and people couldn't breathe, so they just jumped off the building. Hence the 'falling man'.

Damn sad lah this movie.

Ok lah.. I dowan to talk about this already, or else later I emo again.

-The Real The End-

Monday, February 18, 2008

I am sore :(

Yes. I am sore. My lips.. that is.

And not only that, I've proof to show you that I'm not lying.

See!! I wasn't lying. Okay, it's not exactly the most flattering picture but you get what I mean.

On how I got this.. is a whole different story. You see... I was playing with.. my precious.

Vincent Bach. Quite nice right the case. But damn heavy with the amount of stuff I put in there.

Ok reason I'm playing with him is coz I've an audition coming.. like.. very soon. In approximately uhh.. two weeks. Ahhhh OMG OMG!! It's two freaking weeks?!?! That's the only time I've left? OMG... shit. I never realized it was so soon. Will somebody please do me a favour and just kill me already??


Pretty please???
Ok my attempt was the puss in boots shiny eyes, and I found this picture of not bad looking Antonio Banderas who was the voice of Puss in Boots. But Puss in Boots isn't exactly doing the shiny eyes thingy.

So ok, I found another picture.. so there you go..

*big shiny eyes*

(after some 20 minutes later, when I'm all calm and cool)

Ok.. what I wanted to write was uhh.. how I practice trumpet here.

It's a tiny bit tricky since it's quite late at night, well ok.. around 9 something at night. And I don't want to wake the neighbours up and have them throw rotten eggs or tomatoes at me. Although I wonder how they can do that. What I do is this.

First and foremost, I have my trusty trumpet(ok, not always trusty coz sometimes it makes me sound like a duck which is not a nice feeling. But then again, I guess it's probably not its fault, it's mine coz my lip muscles aren't what they used to be if I stop playing for awhile).

And then... I have my mute(which is just a straight mute where we normally use for orchestra, I don't have the practice mute sighh).

Then... I have a... cloth. Haha. Yes.. A cloth. Of all things. A cloth, it's dirty a bit as you can see from the wiping and stuff but oh well.

Ok. What I do is.. (a trick that my tutor, Mr B. taught me)

Stick the mute into my trumpet and take the cloth to wrap around it. So.. it is a tiny more difficult to play and need more air to play and since I've small lungs, I'll get dizzy and stuff haha. But.. you gotta do what you gotta do.

So.. after I do all that, my precious looks like this.

HAHAHA... oh wait a min.. I don't think I'm suppose to laugh. So.. uhmm.. HMPH!!!

And up close and personal.

It looks like.. like.. like... uhmm.. the taliban thingy haha.

HAHAHAHAHA... Look at the comic. Like.. WTF?!? Why the guy likes to smell the other guy's fart?? HAHAHAHAHA...

Ok.. on second thought... my precious doesn't look one bit like that. I think it just looks like it has a cold and I'm keeping it warm by doing that. Just like having a scarf on a person to keep their necks warm.

Awww.. look what I found. I think I remember her as one of the many mice who helped Cinderella make her dress or something haha.

Ok.. wait a minute. Come to think of it, I think I'm just imagining things too much. I did what I had to do to be able to at least practice at night. And if that meant making my precious look a bit uhh.. silly and ugly.. so be it.

My precious won't be fussy. It's not like Stewie's camera, it's a she. And SHE WEARS A TUTU!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA... she wears a freaking tutu!! Ooooh.. that would not do any good to Stewie, coz he is a confident man. And I've confirmed with him. He says he's confident but not macho, but.. with his camera who wears a tutu? Would it be any harm to his confidence?? *Gasp*


*kept laughing until I accidentally fell asleep*

Sunday, February 17, 2008

My Funny Valentine <3

"My funny valentine
Sweet comic valentine
You make me smile with my heart
Your looks are laughable
Yet you're my favourite work of art"

Or so Michael Buble sings.

Fine fineee.. or how Frank Sinatra sings.

So... like I promised KY, I would be writing an entry about how my valentine's day went. And here it is. Ta daaaaa!!!!

This everybody!!! Was my 2008 valentine!!

Isn't he adorable?? Isn't he the most cutest boy you've ever seen??

Yes. He.. was my valentine! Is anybody jealous?? Anyone?? NOBODY?!?!?


Ok lah. The thing is.. I went to my uncle's open house somewhere in Sungai Buloh on valentine's day. It was also a uhh... a Hokkien day thingy... 'kiu long iaa' or uhh... 'bai ti gong'. I think. I THINK it's like you pray for the sky? god or something. And what I know is.. if us girls are having period.. or like that time of the month again... we can't pray.

Uhmm... okayyy.. so.. about what happened on that lovey dovey day was...



Actually nothing great that I could think of right now.

But but but!! My brother was there also! And here I present you... my brother(and me).

p.s. I think I spot somebody I know at the back!!

And (him and) his girlfriend. HAHAHHAHA.

Yes yes. They both spent Valentine's Day at my uncle's too!

And well, apparently there was suppose to be a lion dance thingy going on too. But I didn't stay long enough to see it. Reason is coz Stewie has work the next day and have to wake up early the next morning for work. And I really want to thank Stewie for driving all the way out to nowhere so that I can go for my Uncle's open house. Thank you Stewie. I shall always wash your cup and pour you water in the office without complaining. I promise. *big shiny eyes wtf*

Sooo... that's my valentine's day went. Truthfully, I don't really give a *toot* about the day itself. I think it's like... overrated. Really.

On second thoughts... it's still nice to receive flowers or chocolates. Ahh.. then again.. I can always buy myself chocolates... yummyyy!! Mm mmmmmmmm... *licks lips*

Which reminds me.. that my aunt gave all of us chocolates coz it was valentine's. And mine is still left in the fridge. Oooooh.. I shall remind myself to eat it tomorrow.

Oh right. And this is me.. uhmm.. after dinner back at home. Showered, feeling clean and feeling really... bored.

I mean it. Really. Really. Bored.

B-O-R-E-D. Bored.

The end.

p.s. Sorry this post took so long.. I was quite busy the past few days with my classes and all.. Blehh.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hearts Hearts Hearts! <3

Happy V-day everyone!!!!

I hope everyone's having a lovey dovey day!

Uh... ok.

I shall let you guys know how my day went after tonight.

And who was my valentine?

hint: I've mentioned him before in this blog... not too long ago.

Ooooh! Ooooooh!!!

Okay, I shall dedicate this picture to people who hate hate hateeee valentine's day...

And THIS!!! For people who love love loveeee valentine's day!

See!! I'm a fair person right?? :)

Happy Valentine's Day everybody!

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Phewww... that was a lot of hearts! Ok lah.. I lied, I just copy pasted. :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Stupid Flies!!! Bugger...

Lately... these few days, believe it or not... I have been addicted to kiap-ing flies wtf. (Ok, not only me, but almost everyone at Nuffnang has had at least a go at it haha)

What I'm talking about is the Nuffnang ad I have on the left. If you guys have noticed.. the cute Hong Leong ad on the left. With a fly pleading not to get "kiap-ed" hahahahaha.

But no way!! NO FREAKING WAYYY!!!! Flies are gross.. they mess up our food and they're annoying like mosquitoes (bzzz bzzz bzzz around people's ears wtf).

Ok.. to tell you the truth, when I first started out playing. I suck. Yes. You read it right. I... suck at kiap-ing flies. Sniff.

I've been playing non-stop(yes during working hours too, shhhh!!) for a few days and these are the proof of my non-existent talent in kiap-ing flies.

See! So sad, from 17 back to 12 flies. I suck. Sniff... :(

But see.. not bad right? I went up to C!!! I was so happy wtf.

And then TA DAAAA!!! I got B!!!!!!! Whoppeeee!!!!
I'm improving!! I'm improving!!!!! :D

After trying for maybe 20? times... I finally... FINALLYYYYY... get an A. wtf. Sighh.. I was screaming and gleaming with joy hahahaha.

But.. what's not fair.. is that.. Stewie, who has played only once, was saying oh.. it's very easy only! Peanuts!! So I said.. prove it to me then!!

And... on his SECOND TRY with no warming up whatsoever!!!

He got.....

Wait for it...

Wait for itttttt......

It is not fair!! It is NOT FAIR!!! (some more beat me in killing 32 flies, I killed 31 only, sighhh)

(or fineee... maybe there's a slight chance that I suck at this game. Sniff. Oh, it's fun nonetheless! So so fun!)

By the way, if you see properly, once you kiap the fly, they'll die and their eyes will turn X-es and their tongue will come out. See??

Cute right???

Omg.. did I just call a fly cute???