Friday, August 29, 2008


No time no time no timeeeee!!!

Well, ok actually.. technically got lah, today. Coz I'm supposedly free on Thursdays. But I was catching up on my sleep today, so obviously I slept in and then went to school to practice and for the orchestra practice. Haih..

And now I just finished doing my theory homework. Sooo.. got a lil spare time here to blog, but it's like 2am already. Ahh.. anyways, bambi will be coming tomorrow!!!! I'm so excited heh heh..

Uhmm.. ok, I uhh, don't know what to say anymore. I don't seem to have anything interesting to say nowadays. Hmm... I wonder why. Oh, I think my next post or something will be another of my English assignments hahhahahahhaha.

Oh oh!!! I have this!!

I bought this back in Malaysia just before I came back, coz it was on promotion or something. Ah anyways, the point is.. well wait, actually there wasn't really a point in this but oh well.

When I bought this, I was planning on having this for breakfast everyday. Butttt... I don't really have a Tupperware to keep it. Coz if it goes soft I don't think it's nice anymore. Oh, it's very nice wan this cereal. Especially if you eat it with fresh milk. And I like it with the fat milk haha wtf, as in the normal milk.. not the low fat milk. I never liked low fat milk, always tasted funny to me.

Ok, I think this post is long enough to be a proper post edi wtf. Hahahahahhahaha. I shall go sleep now! Niteeeeeeeeee everyone!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My (not so) New Toy!!

Ok, so I've been saying that I've a new toy that I'll be blogging about right? For like ages wtf. Hahahaha, but just never got to it. Heh.

BUT! Fear not! Today I shall tell all of you about it!

Starting.... now.

Ok, look what I've got here!!!

So, yes duh, they're earphones. So... why would I show you my earphones... hmmm... it is coz.....

Jeng jeng jengggggg!!!!

YES EVERYBODY!!! I just got myself (well technically my parents, so thank you very much parents!!!) an iPod nano!!!! Woohooooooo!!!

I couldn't decide which picture to put up, so I let Bambi choose. And he said both also nice wtf. Just that the one with my eyes closed half-way is funny, cute but yet creepy. Hahahahahahha wtf.

There.. this is my cute but yet creepy shot wtf. I personally think that my eyes became wonky. Huh.

And this is my somewhat more normal shot.

Since well, I'm here in Singapore and a lot of transportation done is by bus. So when I've nothing better to do, I can catch up on my music, or music that I should know already. And I admit I don't know much, sniff.

Oh, and notice that it's like... pinkish a bit. Bought a protector along with it, the guy was nice enough to gimme a discount. He let me choose between this (plastic-ish one which protects the screen too) and another rubber-ish one which I think a lot of people use which doesn't protect the screen and at the same price. So obviously I chose this albeit a bit more bulky.

LOOK!!!! It glowsssss!!! wtfwtf.. I know, very lame wtf.

Oh and see! It has a mirror like thingy at the back. Which I'm sure everybody knows lah. I'm just fascinated with it, heh heh. New toy mahhhh.... cannot blame me. And apparently in facebook, I think I was nominated by a friend saying that I'm easily distracted by shiny things. OMGOMGOMG... I think he's right!! wtf.

Ahhhhh... I love me iPod :)

Ok, end of new toy post.

Back to stress now. Sniff sniff.

Monday, August 25, 2008



So much work and so little time!

I know I've been bad for not blogging for like.. so long heh. But really I didn't have time. The concert was ok I guess. Hmm...

And it's now raining in Singapore. I just got back a couple of hours ago. And when I came into my room it looks clean and all but it felt wet wtf. Like.. my table and floor was wet-ish. Ish! But it's ok now.

And I've finally finished doing the work for tomorrow's classes(which I couldn't do it in Bangi coz I couldn't open the file wtf).

Oh, I've also soooo conveniently developed, or more appropriately, bitten myself at the same spot and it became a HUGE ulcer. It hurts a lot whenever I play the trumpet or clench my jaw or whatever. I was almost crying during the concert wtf, coz it just hurt so much. Haih.

And I've my major class tomorrow and I've this huge ulcer. What to dooooo???? Sighhh.

I shall go put lots and lots of oral aid on it and sleep, see if it'll be better or not tomorrow. Dammit! Sigh.

I promise I will update more often now that I'm back and with a laptop haha. And will tell all of you about my not so new toy. Heh.


Monday, August 18, 2008


I'm in Bangi now again for MPYO camp. Which kinda explains the lack of blogging, in a way.

And my audition is tomorrow!!!!


*gasps for air but failed to breathe properly*

1 minute later....


Saturday, August 16, 2008

My secret!

Ok, I know I said that this will be the post of my new toy but.. I just need to do this one first!!!!

I... am going to share with you my secret of feeling fulfilled wtf. Hahaha. Yes. Ahhhhh.....

And it starts with a cup of coffee!!! :) This is the mug that I lugged to Singapore from Penang which my sister gave to me as my bday present last year. I think she was choosing either this....

or the other one with the coffee stain which looks like this! And as you can see, I got the one where Mr. P pooped all over the mug.

Ok, anyways, the next vital thing that you would need is... none other than!!!! NUTELLA!!!!

And then... Plain Crackers by Meiji. It's sooo good you can even eat it on its own.... oh wait.. that's uhm, Gardenia bread. But it's true!!! Plain crackers are really nice!

Ok, then open up a packet of plain crackers which will look like this except with more crackers in it. Reason was when I took this picture I already ate some heh heh.

Then.... take one cracker and... dip it into Nutellaaaaaaaaaa...

It's up to you whether you want to have it with lots and lots of Nutella or just uhmm a lil bit. As for me, I love to dip it deep and with lots of gooey Nutella clinging onto the cracker. Mmmmmmm...... look at me, I'm so fascinated with the Nutella hanging on for dear life on the cracker wtf. Hahahaha.

And then.. this is the BEST part! You bite the part of the cracker which is filled with Nutella, duh!
Then you would go mmmmmmm.... and then uhm, I will then probably have a sip of my instant 3in1 coffee wtf. Then I'll go YUMMMMMMMMMY!

Then you repeat the whole process again. Of course not the WHOLE process, just starting from the dipping and eating wtf.

And then think about how gooooooood it tastes and melts in your mouth. Mmmmmm. Oh, wait a minute, I don't think it melts in your mouth. Ahhhh.. but it's good anyways!

Then you shall savour the last piece of cracker!

And that's my secret to feeling fulfilled wtf.

Now that I'm fulfilled, I shall go back to doing my assignments!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

My Favourite Computer Game Of All-Time

I am a girl. Obviously.

And well, I don't play computer games much. Although I know there are some girls who do play games, and I mean the bang bang games wtf (such as CS, Half-life, Doom... blah blah. Ok I've to admit, I had to ask bambi what bang bang games there are out there wtf).

Oh... and last time every time my brother plays I'd sit beside him and watch him play, like an obedient dog wtf. I just called myself a dog wtfwtf! Anyways, one time he asked me to try. And I think the gun I was holding was a sniper.

And then the first person I killed, in CS lah, not real life wtf. It was with the sniper and some more one shot only... and it was a head shot!!!! I think you call that as a head shot right? As in, the bullet was like in between the guy's eyes. Oh, and I think I did it with my eyes closed wtf. Coz I was scared. Yes, I'm a wimp. But still!!! Power or not wtf, I smacked a bullet between the guy's eyes!!!

But come the holidays and when I have like, lots of free time. And I needed something to kill my time. I sometimes turn to computer games hahahaha wtf. And one of the games that I play is well... The Sims.

I remember I love playing The Sims and every single time I play it, I can't believe how time flies. Oh and normally I think, how normal people play The Sims is uhm... they make families or something then be God. Make them do what they want.

But for me... either it's I'm weird or I'm just different. Ok, I think I'll go with the I'm just different approach. Yes. I love creating new families. I remember when I was creating one, I'd go search for all the dvds and look for a surname hahahaha. Coz I just couldn't think of one.

After I created them. I'd move them into an empty lot and start building them a nice house. Oh, and usually I'd put in the cheat code to get lots of money so I can make a nice house wtf. The money they give is definitely not enough for me. Heh.

Ok, so then I'll make them a really freaking nice house, ok lah.. in my opinion lah. Then I play them for awhile. Be god. After maybe 2 days of playing them, I get bored wtf. Then I make a new family and build them a new house again. Oh.. and usually, I used maybe a week to build them a house. coz there's the garden somemore.

Oh goshhh... I googled The Sims houses or something and I saw this!!! I didn't know there was WINTER in The Sims!!!!! Ish!

I know that bambi used to play it. And he's very evil. You know why? Coz... he thinks of ways to kill the person wtf. Like.. make the person swim in the swimming pool and then take out the ladder. So the person will swim until he dies wtf. So evil! Or put a person in a room then take out the door wtf. Then they slowly die.

When I play I'm usually very nice to them. As in, if I match this couple up, I make sure that they're gonna be together and no one's gonna get jealous or anything wtf. Hahahahahhahahaha.

Oh and I remember when The Sims 2 Pets came out. My brother went to buy it I think. Then I think I played it everyday. But then I remember the dog I had was very naughty one. Everytime pee and poo at the wrong place wtf. I was a very frustrated person back then coz my dog won't behave.

Wah.. the dog damn fat. I wonder what the girl feeds him. o_O

Haih. I kinda miss those days when I had nothing to do. Oh but wait a minute. Then that would mean that I have a very sad life and I'm a lonely person wtf. Coz everyday will stay at home and play The Sims. Sigh... what a sad sad SAD life I led last time.


My Assignment!

Ok, so classes started like.. three days ago and I've like, uhm.. already like four to five assignments already. I think. And I haven't really finished any of them yet. But by the end of this post, I'll be finishing one of my assignments. Heh!

And do you know why?? It's because... one of my assignments was uhmm.. to blog hahaha. Okok, allow me to elaborate wtf haha. As you all know, or most of you know, or if you read my blog read my blog religiously (hahahhahahahah wtfwtf I'm hallucinating coz obviously I don't think that'll ever happen), you would know that I uh..
*whisper* failed my English.

So I just had my English class yesterday, which was Tuesday. And well, it was ok. There'll be lots of reading and WRITING involved in the next few months, well actually the whole 1st semester. And I just found out yesterday that one of our assignments for the whole semester or something is that.. we have to blog. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... isn't that just funny? If you don't then maybe it's just me.

At first, I thought of creating a whole new blog just for these assignments coz this blog that you're reading right now is a bit more of a personal blog. But then again, in a way, it's the same. Coz if I DO create a new blog for the assignments, people still can access this or that blog through my profile. Uhmm.. ok, I'm not very sure if you'd understand what I just said. Ahh... anywayssss, I decided in the end that I would just write it all here.

And uh.. share it with you guys too. Haha wtf (heh). And I shall also refrain from writing wtfs and slangs here and there for those assignments.

Ok, so my assignment starts here! And the title is... jeng jeng jenggggggg!!!!!!


What music means to me?

Music. If you were to ask a bunch of people, what music means to them? I'm sure they will all tell you different things, and will probably be able to answer you right on the spot. When I got this assignment and I saw the title, I pondered for quite awhile, even until now. Thinking about what it means to me. Honestly, and strangely enough, I don't know!

What I know is that I like it, very much. I know that I love playing in an orchestra together with my friends, making music, not necessarily a new piece. It brings me joy and sometimes it makes me sad too. Music is everywhere, and if you have seen August Rush, you will know that it is very true.

I am taken aback by not knowing what music means to me, seeing that I am now studying in a music conservatory and also surrounded by music every single day! What I know is that I do enjoy it very much, although I'm still not very good in what I do, I do think that I might or can be better. I also know that when I do play something good, be it with an orchestra or alone, and I/we somehow made a connection with the audience, I would feel a sense of accomplishment. It's a great feeling.


Ok, so that was the end of my assignment. Uhmm... okayyyy.

The end!

I think my next post shall be about my new toy!!!!!! Yay!

Monday, August 11, 2008

I don't know what this is about!

I know I haven't been blogging much. And it's my fault, sigh. I'm so uh.. busy! Been going to school everyday and uh.. staying up late ish almost every night!

It's actually not that bad here. I quite like it. And we sometimes, most of the time, have this big group of friends, mostly malaysians but now with one guy from china and another from vietnam, who're both trumpeters(and they're like whoaaa with their technical skills, ahh.. to me anyway and so I'm very stressed.. sniff) and we'll uhh, talk rubbish for hours and hours. We played truth or dare last night and it was soooo funny, I haven't laughed so much for a long time.

Hehehe, I crack into a smile when I think of yesterday now.

Classes start tomorrow and it's so damn packed it's not even funny. I technically don't even have time for lunch coz there's this noon recital that apparently all of us have to go coz if we missed two then we might fail or something! So will probably be eating uhmm.. what do I have... oh, it's either cup noodles or this yoghurt bars I just bought! Feeling healthy haha wtf.

Hmm.. well I was suppose to post up pics of my ikea stuff but I don't think I can.. coz well, I don't have a proper cam and the things are all in use now. So basically there's a floor mat, a laundry bag, a uhh.. shit.. the word just slipped my mind wtf. It's used to hang dry clothes wtf. Ahhh.. I'm sure you know what I mean. And uhmm... oh wait, that's all.

Oh.. and I tripped while walking up the stairs just now while coming back. And both my toe nails are chipped off. Sniff. And people saw me fall HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA. Damn funny.

Hmm.. oh, and I'm going to get my new toy in the next few days! Heh heh!!! You shall see!!! Heh heh!!! But I'm prolly gonna be broke after that.

Ok. I think I shall go bathe and wash my clothes and sleep now before it gets too late!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Ok, I remembered I said there was an angry/sad post coming up right?

Well... now I've kinda cooled down already. But fine. I shall be nice and enlighten you guys with my angry/sad story.

Ok, remember I said I had an English test last time? Oh wait, actually I don't remember mentioning it in my blog, or maybe I have. Ahh who cares. Anyways, so I had to take this Qualifying English Test (QET in short) a couple weeks ago.

Apparently everyone who studies in NUS have to take it. Although I've heard that last year or I don't know, maybe even now, some people like.. Singaporeans are exempted from it. But every international students have to take it.

And every year, the topic will be different. The QET has three parts. First, it's the one where they give you a passage and you have to find the words with the wrong spelling or grammar and correct it. Next, it's the comprehension. Thennnnn... comes the most important part. Which is, the 500 word essay. Yeah yeah yeah.. I know that 500 is a small number... blah blah blah!


What if the topic is biotechnology!!!! Then!!!!

Sighh. Ok, by the way that I'm writing this, yes.. you guys have guessed it. I failed my English test. This is so sad. SIGHHHHHHHHH.....


This is like.. the first time I've ever failed an English test! I was like... well ok, honestly I couldn't quite believe it when I saw it. Well, actually they said that this is not considered as like.. failed. But.. TO ME IT ISSSSS!!!!!! I was soooo freaking frustrated it's not even funny!


The fact that I failed my english didn't really sink in for the first 4 days I think. And my friends from the 2nd year.. couldn't quite believe it also. And they were like laughing and laughing saying.. WHAT?! YOUUU???!?!?! FAILED ENGLISH??!?!?!?! And then continued laughing away. Ish!


So fine! It has finally sunk in that I failed and so I have extra english classes to take. For one semester. Well, luckily my class isn't the foundation class where you have to take like.. grammar stuff I think. And mine's only one semester. Not two. If two then I think I would've killed myself by now. Coz that'll just prove to me how stupid I am and that I don't deserve to live anymore. Heh heh.

Haih. So.. it's like that lor.

Sorry Bambi, I know you wanted the IKEA post coz you didn't get to go that day. But!!! Don't worry.. I shall give you something that you have been finding and wanted for a long loooonnnnng time.

It is.... Chicken In A Biskit!!!!

See!! It's oven baked, foil packed and freshness guaranteed!!!

This is my first bite!

OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!! I just put one in my mouth! It's sooooo gooooooood. Yummmehhhhhh!!!!

Hehehehe... I shall get one box for you when I see you okie?

In the mean time... I shall give you one piece of chicken in a biskit!!! Nah Bambi!!

Say thank you!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Wenqi *hug* MyEG!

Ever since I’ve gotten my driving license, all I had to worry about (well that was what I thought) was driving safely. I never really had to worry about the car engine, the water, the oil, road tax, the battery.. stuff like that.

Ok, I lied. I think my parents actually expected me to check the car’s condition and make sure that it’s working fine, not necessarily in tip top condition, but ok. Seeing that I was a girl... a person who doesn’t really care know much about cars, I normally just left it as it is.

Well, that is until one day when my mother drove my car to run some errands and she found out that my car’s road tax has expired. Sheesh! And then what happened was I wasn’t able to drive my car to “work” (teach piano.. coz that was what I did last time and had to cancel my classes and then replace them again on another day. :( ) coz we didn’t exactly have an extra car or whatever.

I remember my dad and I went to the post office to renew the road tax. So I got my car ownership certificate in hand, hopped into my dad’s car and he drove us to the post office. It wasn’t that fun. First we had to take a number, then I don’t know why on that particular day there were sooooo many people at the post office doing dunno what. Then we waited and waited and waited for our turn.

Obviously the picture above is purely for illustration purposes only, coz I was in Penang and I went to one of Penang’s post office.

I wasn’t particularly patient coz I thought it was very quick and I didn’t bring a book with me to kill time. Finallyyyy.. after maybe 45 minutes (I was an impatient person last time ;) ) our number popped up on the screen! I hurriedly rushed to the counter and told them I wanted to renew my road tax.

Then I showed them my car ownership cert, handed them the money and.. minutes later, voila! Road tax disc on my hand and I can drive my car again. But I still didn’t like the waiting.

Few months later, I found out about this lil website called from Nuffnang, duh! And guess what? Now, I can just renew my road tax via online! Woohoo! You know why I’m ecstatic about this? It is because that it is all done online, and I’m in front of the computer most of my time anyway. This way, I don’t need to wait at the (sometimes dirty) post office again!

It is actually quite hassle free and very very very extremely convenient to use. Only a few steps and my road tax disc will be DELIVERED to my very own door!

First I just need to log on to (duh!). Then click on the LKM’s Renewal (LKM meaning road tax disc). And then you just key in some of your details ie your IC number, your vehicle registration number, bla bla bla. And then... this is the best part! (for me anyway) you can either choose to collect your road tax disc at the nearest e-Service centre nearest to you OR have it delivered to your doorstep be it your office or home! Hehehehe.. isn’t this just fab?!

After that your information will all be sent to JPJ for verification, and after they verified that you’re telling the truth(hehe) then you can make payment using your credit card/debit card/E-cash(which is the MyEG’s pre-paid account)!

Then you just sit and wait at home or office, put your feet up your desk like a big boss or however you want it, sip tea or coffee if you prefer, oooh or like what I would do now is eat lots and lots of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups! And then... the road tax disc will magically appear in front of your doorstep! So easy.. so hassle free!

But unfortunately, I won’t be going to do that, as I am in Singapore now for my studies, so I can’t sip tea and eat as many Reese’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Cups and put my feet on the desk and wait for the magic road tax disc to appear in front of my doorstep.

So what I did was.. I taught my parents how to do it online via and I’m pretty sure they will be using it in the future! I say I’m pretty sure coz they won’t be needing to drive out to the post office and wait forever when they can just be at home using just a few minutes doing it online and voila it magically appears at the doorstep!

So there you go!! Please use it, if not for yourself, do it for me(haha) coz I won’t be having the opportunity to shake my legs and home and waiting for it to appear :(

Friday, August 1, 2008

My Goodbye Bag :)

Helloo helloo helloooo... I'm sorry for not blogging for like freaking long wtf. Haih.. A lot happened in that few days that I was in KL. Did quite a lot of things too. ;)

Well.. the joker freaked the hell outta me. Like.. really. When I went out of the cinema I was still like.. freaked out. I know, I'm a chicken wtf. The Mummy was.. hmm.. it wasn't that bad but it wasn't that good either.

Anywayssss... this is gonna be a uhmm.. post with pics of me and stuffs heh. It was my last day in KL, and I went into the office in the afternoon coz the night before was Chelsea night. And duh.. of course it was a freaking late night so I slept in.

Ok, so I went into the office and saw this bag on my table.. as in.. where I sit.

Inside lay a paper. And it said.... ok lah.. you read yourselves. Hehe.

Ok fine, if it's too blur for you, it says..

For WongWenQi,

Hey, Nuffies forever okay!

Lots of love,
Your friends from Nuffnang

Hehehehehehhehehehehe.... So nice right????

They got me a uhmm.. goodbye goodie bag!!! :)

Ok, I shall show you what I got!

There was Yamyam and Hello Panda which is the best thing that's ever created!!! Ok lah, maybe not the best, but it's reallll goooooooood!

And there's this Chloe perfume sample Firdy stole from the counter hehehehe.

And last but not least! The cutest thing I've ever seen other than Banana! A uhmm.. T.Dog Wrist Rest!

I've never really tried it yet.. actually I'm not quite sure how to use it. But still! It's very cute! It has a hole in it's mouth for the mouse to go in..

and then.. you can uhmm.. unzip its belly and see the intestines wtf. Ok I'm kidding. Unzip its belly and let it go through or something.

Anywaysssss... thanks guys! Especially Firdy! I will miss all of you dearly :( All your uh... weird tactics and jokes in the office. Hahahaha...

Oh, and in my next post I have something really sad coming up wtf. Sigh. Actually I don't know if it's sad or angry. Sigh.. we'll see!