Monday, September 29, 2008


I just realized that it's been a week since I blogged. Well, no time for me to blog now coz it's time for sleep.

There's a freaking long day ahead of me. Which is like... starting in the morning.

I'm so dead.

Let's all hope that I'll survive.

p.s. krispy kreme still rocks to the max!!!

p.s.s. I think this is my shortest ever post! Ah well...

Monday, September 22, 2008

Travelling and DOUGHNUTS!!!

Ok, lemme use PICTURES to tell you what I wanna say.

First, there's this...

Then... there's this!!!! (hehe)

AND THEN.... There's this!

And then!! Heh heh. There's this. (forgive the state of my hair and my expression as I was just fresh out from shower after a long day but was apparently amused by the big white fluffy bathrobe)

And then just a couple of hours ago.. I spotted this!!!

Ok fine, I lied. Bambi told me there was one near the office and so, there. Here... if you can't spot the excitement of that yet, lemme show you a closer picture!

Do you see it?! Do you?! DO YOU!!!! IT'S KRISPY KREME!!!!! YES IT IS!

And straightaway when I got there, to the counter I mean. The girl behind it just literally shoved a fresh and hot original glazed krispy kreme doughnut at me! And I just stood there looking at the really yummy doughnut and at the girl, but the girl was already busy shoving doughnut to other customers.

I got a free donut! A free Krispy Kreme original glazed donut! *big shiny about to water eyes wtf*

Nah.. it looked like this. The one that the girl gave me. It doesn't look nice in this picture but it did melt in my mouth...

Ok, I admit it, in the picture it looks a bit disgusting. But oh well, I got it freeeee and you shouldn't complain when it's free and it was also very yummy!

Ok, then I bought 3 original glazed doughnuts and walked back to the office. I didn't buy so much coz I kinda felt that it was expensive. For one donut. Even if it's like.. the best one in the world.

Look at them! Staring at you. Ok I know I'm not a good photographer wtf. This is just to show you guys what it looks like. I do know that they're just doughnuts . They're just really really good doughnuts. Hehe.

And so I went back to the office and waited for bambi to finish work, but some meeting was cancelled and I came back to the hotel alone to practise a bit then rewarded myself after a while of practice with krispy kreme!

While in the office, some random pictures I took. This is the bookshelve from the sofa I was sitting at.

And part of my dress and bookbag wtf. It's really big and it can fit my laptop!! Cute or not the ribbon?

Oh, and I sorry I'm not a true blogger, I didn't go snap pictures when I was in the Krispy Kreme shop. I was shy. So I guess these were the choices of doughnuts available.

I think when I go back there I want to try this one. Coz if it looks so nice already here, it'll definitely be nicer if I eat the fresh one!! I really really want to try this one... coz it has caramel, duh.

And... this one. Coz I miss limsuann and also coz it looks quite yummy.

Although I do not know why they both have crosses beside them.. I'm so scared that it means they don't make them anymore :( Haih. Nehmind! I shall see tomorrow!

Oh oh, and you see the original glazed doughnut.. look at the back.. look at all the icing!!! Yumm... although sometimes it's a tad sweet after having quite a lot of it.

But I still love it! See! A wonky-shaped doughnut!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Laundry? hahaha wtf

My clothes and towel and a pair of jeans are in the washing machine now. This is like, the 2nd time I'm using the washing machine. I'm really praying that later when I go down in half an hour, my clothes are still ok. I really hope that the washing machine I chose is not wonky.

The reason this is the 2nd time I'm using the washing machine is coz... I'm feeling a wee bit lazy to do my laundry for a couple of days now. But I've washed my concert attire and everything black 2 days ago.

Aiyah wtf. Wtf am I writing about?! Laundry?!?!?! -_-

Yes. I suck now. I think. sniff.
I really can't think of anything that I WANT to blog about.

Like.. really. I don't know.
Why is this happening?! And for a few days now, I have these mouth ulcers and they hurt like hell and makes practising HELL for me. Even now. When I'm just typing, they hurt. Sighhh..

And I keep getting mouth ulcers! How lah liddat! Sniff.

Ok, I don't really know what to talk about edi now.

Oh! I'll be going down to KL or up if you wanna say that, this saturday. Uhm... wokayy.. that's about it.

OH OH!!! And for the first time since the longest time... I slept at 10pm yesterday!! I SLEPT EARLY!!!!! And I felt sooooo good in the morning. Well, that was until evening came and I started to feel a bit sleepy again wtf.

Oh and below is a lil happy session we all had after our concert. All woodwinds and brass players except the one in the middle(hahahahahah).

Oh and you see!! I have colour on my cheeks!!! Which is quite rare I must say. Hahaha.

Uhm. Ok, I think that's really all. I shall click publish now.

p.s. limsuann, if you're reading this, email me when you're online and stuff. As in when you are usually online. Coz I haven't talked to you for WAY TOO LOOONNNGGGGGG...... :(

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Ahhhh.. Sunday's here. And here I am sitting down on my chair typing this wtf. Hahahaha and in a bit later like... 10 mins I'm gonna go down to have lunch with my friends and off to school for practice and HOMEWORK!!! Tons and tons of homework!

Ok fine, maybe it's not tons. But it takes up a lot of time doing just one. Hmm... ok. Uhm.. just had our concert last night. Aiyah wtf. My friend just called me and told me that the others are already at the canteen. Imma continue this when I come back at night ok.

Uhm... ok. I'll show you guys a picture we took yesterday. As in the trumpeters of YST(minus Dat the vietnamese coz he wasn't playing in the concert coz he's in the new music emsemble). Ahhh anyway, here it is.

One with flash.
And another blur one without wtf.

From left- Wang Han, Chuan An, me, Huang Shan and Jia Yin

Ok, gotta go now. Babai!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


OMGGGGG.... I'm feeling soooooo lazy today wtf. So so lazy.


Whyyyyyyyyy??? Why is this happening to me?! I've to go to school to finish doing my homework!!! Haih.

And also have orchestra rehearsal at night and the concert is like.. on Saturday. Whooppeeeeee!

I better eat before rehearsal. Oh, and I found out something very interesting. For me anyway. I think if I'm like.. super hungry. Such as yesterday again, coz I ate a tuna wrap from Subway (which was very yummy btw) at 11am and lasted until like... 10pm wtf.

So of course around 6 something pm during rehearsal my tummy will start growling and stuff lah. But I couldn't give my tummy food wtf. So... coz I got so hungry and wind will go into my tummy and then I'll feel bloated. Somemore I'll be playing the trumpet and takign deep breaths very often. Try taking deep breaths on an empty stomach then blowing the air out and see!! Feels very weird.

Ok, so my mouth will be super duper dry, I drink water also no use wtf. Once the water is consumed, my mouth will turn dry again. Haih.

Uhm. uh oh. I forgot the point wtf. Ok, I THINK my point was that my mouth will turn dry and I won't be producing any saliva(hahah eww?) when I'm super hungry.

Uhmmm... Ok. I shall go bathe now and go to school like a good girl coz I booked a practice room from 2pm-4pm (I think). Babai.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Belly Belly Unhealthy!!

Oooh, it's uhm, English assignment again today haha. Uhm, this one's gonna be a lil bit different I guess in a way. The topic was suppose to be the topic of our choice. And... stupid me just thought it can be just like any blog post that I've done in the past. Well duh, turns out that I was wrong.

What our teacher told us to do was to pick an article of our choice and uhm... I guess write about it. About what we think of it. Well, that day, the article that I chose, coz it was just right in front of me and that article is really like.. in your face kinda article. I shall show you why in a bit.

The title of my chosen article was Belly Unhealthy(haha). Uhmm... ok first lemme tell you a summary of the article.

I'm quite sure that as all of you know, females have menopause. But do you know that men.... also have something similar I guess in a way, and it's called andropause. It means low testosterone levels due to ageing and it gives rise to the development of more central fat or fat that accumulates around the waist. And well, I guess that's the pot belly then. Yes, pot belly might be associated with beer drinking and obesity but it's also a common indication of andropause.

According to some studies, apparently 30%-50% men aged 40-70 will experienve andropause. And check out the 4 symptoms!! Low libido(sex drive)*gasp*, weak erections*horror of horrors for the guys*, feeling constantly tired and developing a pot belly. Hehe. And! And! It's also possible for lesser9built men to develop pot belly!!

But the good news is that it is apparently very treatable. For andropause, that is. The guy can choose to either undergo testosterone injections or go on the pill. As for the pot belly..... don't be lazy ok guys? Just stay healthy through healthy eating and regular exercising.

Oooh ooh, and the article gave us 5 ways to fight the flab! I'm not gonna really elaborate on this coz it kinda speaks for itself. So you can lift weights, keep your metabolism steady, eat smaller dinners, eat more fibre and stay hydrated!

Ok, in case you want to see it, here you click it to enlarge it, I think.

Ok, so now I think I'm gonna talk about the issue? Or something. Like what I said in class that day. So ok, the question is that, do every man get it and is it genetic?

Uhmmmm... I'm actually not quite sure what I'm suppose to do here now.

Ok, I shall say now, that it is not genetic. Coz I think it depends on one's diet and lifestyle. Uhm... I said quite a bit already in class and I can't really seem to recall but if any of you have any other comments, please do comment hahahah. I know what I wrote probably just put you to sleep but if not I'd really appreciate it. Pleaseeeeee! Thank you!

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Oh my gosh. I know. I'm totally like, not blogging. Sigh.

Well, one thing is time, definitely for weekdays. It's like.. *poof*!!! Where'd you go?!? It's so not funny.

Weekends are more, well, relaxing in a way. And I just came back not long ago from the tv room. Me and my friends were there like chatting away. And now I can't sleep, coz one of my friends was being an asshole, in a way, by telling us a ghost story or what happened to him, and it's so not funny when it was 1am in the morning at that time.

So everyone didn't really dare to go back to our own rooms to sleep. Hence me blogging here. Coz, yes I'm a chicken wtf. Sigh, I wish bambi's here to gimme a hug. Dammit! Stupid story!!! Arrghhh!!!

Okokok!!! You know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna watch a dvd I borrowed from the library. And it's.....


Ok, so I'm gonna watch this until I fall asleep. So in my mind it'll all be carmen carmen carmen and the music.

Oh, and Skyler's in town! As in Singapore! I met up with her yesterday. And had to wait for her for like... one hour and thirty minutes at the MRT station. And I didn't have anything with me, as in a book or something. And the funny thing is that I didn't charge my iPod and it ran out of battery. What luck is that huh?

And and and!!! the worse thing is that.. I didn't know that people can't wait inside the mrt station as in once u get to where you want to go, you don't *beep* out. So I was sitting on the bench there and when she came and we were heading out. While I put my ezlink card there to *beep* me out, it stated "overstay". wtf. Sniff.

Then I explained to the lady at the counter what happened, and the very nice lady told me that she'll do my a favour and just minus off 65 cents coz normally if someone overstayed, 2 dollars will be minused off. Well, thank you nice lady at the counter, I am forever grateful. And then Skyler treated me for dinner for waiting for her for so long. We shared a pork rib dish and a cheesy fries(don't know the exact names for them) at Indulgz. It was quite nice!

Ok!!! Time for Carmen!!! Bye byeeee!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Hello again, I know I haven't been blogging as much as I used to last time but oh well. Heh. Anyways, I just finished a class and here I am in the computer lab doing some not yet overdue work.

Bambi left for KL already early in the morning so I won't be seeing him for quite some time. Sigh. But I think time will pass really really fast seeing my schedule. Oh yeah, my schedule is like this. Technically I only have 5 and a half hours of classes that I need to attend a week, not including the 4 hours of English class. And you see.. that's not a lot of classes right? In a way. But I really do not know where all my time went!!

Well, in a way I do. Yesterday was like the longest day of my life wtf. I had classes non stop from 10am-6.30pm wtf. Ok technically they're not all classes, there was my major lesson, brass sectional, brass class, orchestra practice. All that dump into one day. And I survived it by just having a piece of bread and an egg since breakfast till around 4.45pm! Then I sneaked out from orchestra (coz I was only playing for one song) to eat a noodle in a cup.

Oh anyways I was saying at the beginning of this post that I was gonna finish an assignment right? Well, guess what! It's another english asssignment and I'm gonna do it right now. The title is (heh)...


Music Scholars Versus Musicians.

What is the definition of a music scholar? Ok, this is weird but I can't really find it. I tried and tried and tried and I only found scholar which I found from here. Anyways, a scholar has a few meanings...

* A learned person.
* A specialist in a given branch of knowledge: a classical scholar.
2. One who attends school or studies with a teacher; a student.
3. A student who holds or has held a particular scholarship.

So I'm assuming that a music scholar means all that except that the knowledge that they have is about music. Duh.

Ok, and about the definition of a musician. It is..

One who composes, conducts, or performs music, especially instrumental music.

Which I found from here.

There are some examples which our english teacher gave us. For music scholars and musicians. Oh no, wait. I think they're all just musicians. Well at least I think that. For the classical period, the examples of musicians are Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Weber, Haydn and Tchaikovsky which is quite right I guess because all of them composed music. And I'm pretty sure all of them have conducted before also and that they know at least one musical instrument. But then again! They can also be catogorized as music scholar because they are all learned people and have vast knowledge in music.

Ok and then there's the examples from the contemporary period which consists of people like Richard Clayderman, Kitaro, Dick Lee, Andrew Lloyd Webber and the list goes on. And again, I think you can call all of them musicians AND music scholars. You see, what I really think is that all this is in a very fuzzy place. Haha! Fuzzy! Got this from Dr. Makarome's class on the first day!

I don't think that you can really pinpoint which one exactly they are. It's very difficult because they are really both. Another question that I've to answer was what would I see myself as in the future. Like.. whether I'll be a music scholar, a musician or both. Well, as all of you can read from above, I said.. FUZZY! I think I'll be both. I mean, I AM kind of already both.

Reason is.. ok fine, I don't consider myself as a learned person but I am attending school and studying with a teacher right now, and I also.. well, hold a scholarship. So, for now I am a music scholar. As for the future, hopefully I'll be a learned person by then and I'll be able to consider myself as a music scholar again haha.

Another reason is, I'm playing in MPYO and we perform and yes of course we're not professional musicians but we perform music with our instruments so yes! I am a musician. And well, hopefully when I graduate from here I am able to find a job but it is a very very VERY EXTREMLY tough out there and there are a lot of competitions out there. So, right now, honestly, I do not know where I am going to be in a few years time. Hopefully, very hopefully.. a good place.


The end.

Ok, time for my lunch now everybody! Happy lunchtime everybody!!!

p.s. reason for the uglehhhh font was coz i couldn't change it, dunno why wtf. Somemore I went through a bit of trouble publishing it!!! Ish~