Monday, March 30, 2009

Things on my table

Like the title says... things on my table. So it's gonna be a post about things on my table wtf.

Ok lah.. I admit, I don't know what to blog about already.

Actually I should be doing some work, but instead I'm blogging.


This is my passport. Well, at least it's inside. I got this passport cover in.... I forgot. All I know is it was in Singapore and I thought it looked cute and I thought my passport looked plain and ugly wtf. And there's place inside for my to put my student passes and stuff. I like it. It's... cushion-y. :)

A box of winnie the pooh kleenex that I bought like.. in the first semester when I was here. It came in 4. This is the 3rd one I'm using. I used quite a lot in the first sem. 2 boxes. Let's see.. it's for... when I spill something, when I've got running nose, when I cry(which was quite a lot last sem I think coz I used 2 boxes wtf, if it were the same this sem, I should be on my 4th box but I'm still on my 3rd, so.. progress!! wtf), when I see some dead insect that creeps me out.. uhmm.. can't think of any other already.

A (still unopened) bottle of evian. *giggle*

The very very expensive water but one which apparently is very tasty and doesn't taste like water at all. This is just for myself to remember that if I were to finally open this evian.. I used to have a big bottle of tasty evian in my room.

A big bar of chocolate that me and some of my friends bought together. I've yet to decided whether to open it or not. It looks good but I'm not sure if it tastes good. Maybe I'll just bring it back home, as in home home when I finish school in a few weeks time. Yes!!! In a few weeks time wtf. Then.. I'm done with my 1st year. Like.. wtf. It went by in a flash. Time passes so fast here it's ridiculous!!

My watch and phone. Which both I dump on my table once I get back to my room. At that same spot every night. Well... around there.. I'm not sure whether it's like exact exact same spot but.. you know. And a cd at the back that I bought quite some time ago of famous classical trumpet concertos wtf haha. :)

This box of clarinase has been on my table a lot for this past week. Coz of my stupid nose and the stupid flu bug that I brought back with me. It's working.. but right now I feel like I have something stuck in my throat that's preventing me from breathing freely wtf. Sometimes I wish I could just shove something up my throat and then it'll clear out and everything will be fine and I can breathe and I can practice properly wtf. I hate flu. :(

And this my friends... is..

Mr. Yummy wtf.

The end.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Evolution wtf

Guess what?!!?

Remember my ice cream man? The one I blogged about before, who gives me bigger scoops of ice cream whenever I buy??

I met him!!!!

*big shiny eyes*


Except that uhmm... he's.. uhh.. not my ice cream man anymore.

Now.. he sells donuts wtf.

So.. now, from ice cream man.. he has evolved into donut man.

Hmm.... I think I still prefer my ice cream man. And he still remembers me!! Hahaha.. and we were in the donut shop talking about how nzn ice cream is the best!! I didn't buy any donuts though.

Oh... and I got something which I am totally in love with now.

It's a cocoa butter chapstick. It glides on smoothly and the smell itself is sooo yummy!!! So yummy that when I let my friend have a whiff coz he was looking for a chapstick too, he said, "No, I can't buy this one.. I might just eat it." Hahahahaha wtf.

It's yummilicious wtf. Mmmm.. I love it!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


I promised that in this post, there'll be pics right? Well, guess what? I'm not lying.

Allow me to illustrate to you what we did in class today!!

This is our class picture!!!

Ok, by that picture, I guess some of you can already guess that we were playing around with the oh, the so mighty mac's photobooth.

So of course, we've gotta have taken some pics with effects...

Hahahahahaha wtf...

And there must also be a somewhat scary one...

And a lot of them with stupid faces!!! Which was the best actually!!

And then we took like four in a row thingy pics!!!
This is my favorite one!!! Coz it's so colorful and everyone looks.. well, happy.. and... most important of all... stress-free wtf..

And then we had to pretend that we were on a roller coaster wtf.. I've no idea what's up with me and the peace sign...

Thus ends my illustration wtf. This is apparently how me and some of my friends release stress...

And to prove to you that we were in class...


That's our teacher at the back... SHHHH!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I realized that I just abandoned my blog for a week. Well, I've good reasons for that. But, I'm now too tired to go into it.

Coz when I came back, I brought back with me a flu bug and also.. what I think might be food poisoning wtf. I'm now getting better now, slowly but it's still a pain in the ass having to go through it.

And I woke up this morning with my neck feeling all twisted. It may be the way I was sleeping last night or maybe.. coz.. I took a quick 2nd shower right before I slept. Sorry mother, I know I'm not suppose to do that. But I was all sweaty and sticky after cleaning my fan.

Oh.. and cleaning my fan is another story wtf. Lo and behold, the fan story!! Yesterday my facebook status was something like, there were times when I wish I was taller.. which is now. Coz... I thought by standing on the chair I'll be tall enough to wipe my fan clean. But noooooo.... I was only tall enough to wipe like.. half of the fan or something like that. And note that it wasn't easy.. I was tip toeing all the way wtf.

So I managed to wipe half clean. The other half? I was sweating like mad. And... guess what? I fell down wtf. From the chair while one of my hands was wiping the fan. As I was falling, I realized that my hand was still holding on to the fan.. I only let go like 2 seconds later and heard a big "clang clang clangggggg"..... So now I have a cut ish thingy on my leg for falling off the chair.

Anywayssss, after I finally manage to wipe it clean with dettol and what not, I went outside my door, as in.. body outside door, hand creeped into room to turn on the fan to the lowest. And luckily the fan didn't fall or something. Coz I was afraid after the "clang clang" thingy that I'd be in trouble, that... I won't show up in school the next day and days later, my friends will only find out that I uhh.. died in my room coz the fan came down on me and sliced me into half or something wtf.

End of story.

And now, I'm going to pop a clarinase in and go to bed, crossing all my fingers and toes that I won't have any... breathing difficulties wtf. Coz now, I feel like there's something stuck inside me preventing me from breathing or something. Sighhhhhh... add that in with a blocked nose and some cough. What fun!!!

The next post is going to be with pictures. I promise. I have pictures in my camera but haven't imported them into my computer yet.

Good night everyone!!

p.s. Happy bday brother!! Altho I'm not sure if you'll read this, but happy bday(tomorrow which is the 25th)!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Still alive


No time to blog everyone!!

Having MPYO camp now!

Busy busy busy!!!

Had dinner with some friends today in klcc.. lil penang wtf. But I'm gonna blog about it when I go back to Sg. Probably. Coz the internet connection is just bad in Bangi and can't really access a few sites and stuff.

Anyways.. oh. Happy Birthday little sister. I hope you had a great day and made the apple crumble that you wanted to make.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Ok.. so I've decided to not go on with the stalker part 2 post. Well.. at least for now. I don't know yet.... but prolly not gonna do it. I'm a very indecisive person wtf. BUT!!! When I do know what I want or don't, I will stand by it.

So today, I'm gonna show you guys a lil something I got just coz I was curious.

I was out with my friends last Saturday I think, and we were at Watsons I think, I've a memory of a fish. And I saw this.

I've always seen this in Cheers or other places but never got to know what it was. And so that day, out of curiosity, I got it. I was also a fan of kinder bueno! It's not such a great thing that I quite like these kinda stuff coz I'm quite prone to getting mouth ulcers. Oh.. the ulcers just healed like.. a day ago.

I remember it was a dollar something. I forgot. So.. I got home and I think only a few days later I had the time to check it out. I had to obviously peel it open like below wtf.

One half looked like this. I know it looks a bit.. uhh.. obscene but it is what it is! I haven't found out yet whether it is yummy or not coz my ulcers just healed. But I shall. Soon!

The other half on the other hand.. looked like this...

Turned out to be uhh.. pieces of toys? or something. And I've to fix it up to see what it becomes.

And you know what it was??? WTFWTF. It was this!!

Apparently you can have like.. a picture.. preferably someone's head cut out and put it into this cartoony hairy tarzan's head. Very.. uhmm.. I don't know what to say.

The figurine is now on my table staring back at me...

Yes. Staring at me. wtf. *shudder*

Monday, March 9, 2009

Stalker (part 1)

Right. So as I mentioned the other day, I think I've got a stalker. But now that I've really really really thought about it.. maybe the guy isn't really a stalker per se. But he is.. a potential stalker.*scary thought wtf*

It all started out like this. Ok, wait. if I wanna tell this story that means I've gotta go like way back. I'll try not to be long-winded. No promises though.

We shall be calling the "stalker" Michael Jackson. You'll understand why later. Oh and one thing to know about me, maybe, is that one of my "principles" is that I'll never ever date anyone in school. In my school anyway, it's nothing really against the peeps in my school. It's just that, things might get complicated and it's just no fun. And I'm not attracted to anyone in my school anyway wtfwtf.

When the 1st semester was about to end last year, I was walking alone in school at the 3rd floor and Michael saw me and took the opportunity(wtf) to get my number. Being me, I didn't exactly know how to say no(dammit). It was really really stupid of me to give him my number. I don't usually give out my number in school, coz well... a lot of time, people just want our number just so they can ask us about homework wtf. And it's really really annoying.

And right after he got my number, he said when I'm free we'll have lunch wtf. In my mind I went: fuck fuck fuck!

*I'll use a lot of fucks in this post coz there's just no other way to say it.

So I just told him it's highly unlikely coz I'm very very busy. When it's kinda a lie at that time. What to do ahhh...

I didn't know how to shake the guy off coz I was alone, I know that's not a good excuse. But anyways, so he got my number. And I later found out from my friends that he tried getting my number from my friends before last time wtfwtf.

Anyways.. right. A lil info on this guy. He's uhh.. a creepy guy. Weird. And it's not only me who thinks like that, all my friends do too. What else can I say.. he just.. creeps me out!!

So the last few days when I was still in sg last sem, he managed to call me wtf. Asking me if I'm available for lunch the next day. I lied and said no. I'm very busy. The following day? I'm going back to msia already, which was also a lie wtf.

And then. I never heard from him again.

The end.


No lahhhhhhhhh wtf. It's not that simple ok.

So he stopped calling coz I really went back to msia a couple days later and only got back like.. in January. And I kinda totally forgotten about it already, thinking that everything's fine and stuff. Coz I was like, soo damn busy this sem.

And then me and my friends noticed something.

When I'm in school. And he sees me. He'll fucking stare at me in a damn damn creepy way and not look away until I go away or something. I just didn't really bother with it although it freaks me out a lot. Gives me creepy goosebumps all the time. And I do mean.. every single time he sees me, he'll stare.

And then the big day came. Guess what day it was!

It was valentine's day wtf.

I was out with my friends in orchard, and then we only came back about 11pm I think. So as I was in the bus back, I fell asleep. And when I woke up, I received an sms :) and a misscall from a number I didn't know.

So.. when I missed somebody's call, I usually call back. I soooo wished that I didn't that day. Sigh. So I did call back, asking who called me. And this creepy creepyyyy voice came out. Asking... "Is this Wong WenQi's phone number??" (in mandarin of course).

In my mind, again. I went: fuck fuck fuck!!! Shouldn't have called back. Fuck fuck fuck!!!

You know what I did next? Hahahahaha. I stuttered a few Uhmms and Ahh.... and canceled the call. Hahahahahhahahahahahhaha. I just didn't know what to do. I was in shock wtf.

And stupidly again. I thought that was the end of it. How wrong I was. And I still remember, during that time, my friends were all like having shocked faces hahahaha.

Anyways, I still remember we were at 7-11 buying drinks, coz they were thirsty or something. Then... surprise surprise. He called again. I hesitated picking up the call, coz it was on vibration wtf. Then the music came next wtf. And I realized that I had to end it. I have to like... "clarify" to him that I'll won't go out with him.

So I picked up the called in a monotone voice wtf. Seriously. Coz I wasn't amused.

Out came this creepy voice again, asking the same question, "Is this Wong WenQi's phone number?" I still don't get why he uses my full name wtfwtf. Makes it even more creepy.

Ok.. so the convo was like that. Well I think all this was conducted in mandarin if I remember correctly, unless I forgot what the mandarin word it was for something then I used english.

him: is this wong wenqi's phone number? (in a creepy voice)
me: yes. (in a monotone voice)
him: hiiii..... uh uhh happy valentine's day.
me: - (no answer wtf. I didn't know what to say wtf)
him: uhm.. i just want to apologize for not calling you back this semester when i said i would last semester. i hope you're not angry with me.
me: there's no need to apologize. (i seriously don't remember him saying he'd call me back, i really wish he didn't)
him: i want to ask whether you'll be free for lunch tomorrow?
me: no. (bear in mind that i'm still replying in a monotone voice wtf)
him: how bout the following day?
me: no.
him: when will you be free to go out for lunch with me?
me: i don't want to go out with you. (yes i said that wtf)
him: huh??? (prolly pretending not to hear)
me: i do not want to go out with you, for lunch or whatever. i don't want to go out with you. (more stern and clear this time i think)
him: but why?
me: because i don't like you. (i'm sorry but i was desperate)
him: (i think he was a bit shocked coz i guess he never thought that i'd be so direct wtf)
me: ok?
him: oh.. uh uh... ok then. bye.

I don't know exactly know what he said but the call was done. And I was happy coz.. I thought, yes. I'm off the hook.

I mean... if a girl said that to you, rejected you, some more on valentine's day. You're prolly gonna stop calling the girl right, and move on to your next "target" right?

And this was my first time like saying all these things, straight to a guy. I don't do this stuff. It's hard for me to say no wtf. I need to learn how to, and I am still learning. I was actually a bit scared when I was saying all those stuff to the guy, coz he's a weird guy, and I don't know what happens when things don't do his way. It's scary.

And look, it's not that I was being very mean and unreasonable. Fine, I was mean. I didn't know how else to do it. But I asked one of my friends, and he was like saying, yeah, if he was a girl, he would not go out with the guy. Even if he was desperate(if he's a girl I mean), he'll still won't ever go out with the creepy guy.

The good and lucky thing though, is that.. I have my friends with me. And they all know about him and stuff. So I guess I'm still ok.

The story obviously hasn't ended coz you guys still don't know why he's called Michael Jackson. This is just part one. I think I need to break it into two parts coz it's getting a lil bit long.

So.. I shall blog about the part two like.. in the next few days. Right now, I need to go sleep.

Friday, March 6, 2009




at 7.56am in the morning wtf.

I think I'm prolly gonna be konked out tonight... meaning Friday night. Coz in my mind it's still Thursday. Mmm.

I shall go bathe now and get ready to go to school.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Ok, quick update since it's late already, even though I'm feeling a bit hyper now wtf, dunno why.

- I think I've a stalker wtfwtfwtfwtf.

- Like... seriously. WTF.

- Don't worry mom and dad, I'm fine.

- I've a super long day today.

- And I'm gonna have yet another long day tomorrow.

- And Jon Dante's (ok, he's the principal trumpet in MPO if you're wondering) gonna be comin to give the quintets a masterclass which I know, is gonna be just awesome!! :) (which means I'll be uhh skipping one of my classes haha wtf)

- My two huge ulcers are still there, still hurting very much, sadly. Yay me wtf.

- I still haven't really started to write my essay wtfwtf. I know.. it's quite last minute, tsk tsk tsk. Badddd.

- Soooo... I'm prolly gonna just not sleep tomorrow night. Probably. Hopefully not. But I doubt it.

- I've run out of things to write now so I'm just gonna drink my carrot juice and continue on my theory homework wtf.

- Gnite everyone! I hope everyone's week's going great!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I'm back... again

So I'm now back in Singapore.. looking like this...

Coz I feel quite tired.

And having to keep on doing this...

As in.. pulling my lower lip out, coz I stupidly again bit myself on the lip for 3 times while eating at the same spot!!! So now it has turned into TWO ulcers wtf.

That's just greeeaaaattttt. Lucky it's not at the spot where my mouthpiece should be at. So.. it's still ok.

Had a great few days of "holiday" and not thinking so much about work which explains why I haven't really even started on my 1500 word essay coz I tried reading the text book during the break and fell asleep wtf and nothing went into my brain.

So after I finish blogging and taking my shower, I've to start on the reading... again. Hopefully not falling asleep to it.. again. Sigh.

Ok now I don't know what to blog about. And I know I haven't been blogging for dayssss. I think I've lost the touch for it. Or just... am not in the mood for it.


OH!!! I met up with Skyler yesterday night for dim sum! And it was really good except for the fact that we were both really full from our own dinners and the only thing that she commented was.. "still eating slow huh??"

Hmph!! It was still very nice catching up with you, Skyler. After so long never see you edi. :)

Ok lah, I think I'm just gonna leave this at that and go take my long awaited hot shower. And then study then sleep.

Sigh.. life as a student wtf.