Thursday, May 29, 2008


It is 9.20am in the morning and I'm still exhausted. Maybe it's coz I only slept at maybe 3.30am yesterday night.

Aiyah... I have nothing much to talk about now. This past week has been really fun but if you were to ask me what day it was I don't think I'd be able to tell you haha. Coz everyday's quite the same here. The schedule, everything. I don't do what I normally do on weekends or on weekdays.

Had our concert last night.. which was quite a blast I guess. I don't know. Hmm..

Ok.. Then when we got back to Bangi at maybe around 12am, we were starving. So quite a lot of us jumped into 3 cars and headed outside to have supper. Aiyah.. wtf. Why am I telling you all this. Ok, long story short. Reached the mamak at 12.40am? And then ate and came back at maybe around 2am something.

And... right now I have another practice to rush off to. So... uhhh.. I.. uhh.. I've to go.

*waves hand frantically*

p.s. KY.. Nah.. I update edi.

Monday, May 26, 2008


Ok, yes I'm a bad blogger. Don't go away!!! Coz... I've a good reason, ok?

Reason I've been missing for awhile is coz I'm at music camp right now. Like... now. And uhh... I actually missed the curfew already. It's suppose to be 11.30pm, but I stayed up to do some work and ended up tired and sleepy as of now. I think I just said a lot of now's. Hmm...

Anyways... what sucks is I can't use my own laptop coz apparently this place we're staying at don't seem to allow us to uhh... connect to the internet.. with our laptops. The guy said something about intranet or something.

Yep, I spelt it right. So.. it sucks. Coz I think quite a few of us brought our laptops to camp hoping that there's wi-fi available. Well.. technically, there is... but we don't have the permission to use it. Sighhh...

Ok.. this is gonna be a short one coz I'm so sooo tired. And it's not funny that my legs aren't working to my best interest. My left leg wasn't fine and I knew it a few weeks ago coz the blood clot's still there. But I woke up this morning to a very very excruciating pain on my right calve. I almost... almost shouted out.. but didn't coz I remembered there's 3 more roomies with me. And it was 6 something in the morning.

Ah well...

Ok, gotta go now.. the people here are off-ing the lights. And they're eye-ing me.. I think they want me to leave.

Okok, byebye everyone!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Guess who's here!!!

Guess who's here right now in the office!!!!

Jeng jeng jenggggg!!!!!

It is Liew Suet Li back in the Nuffie's office!!!! She was our first ever pretty girl aka nuffiepuffgirls. She went away to a far far away land for studies but is now back for her holidays! 3 months some more!!!

We brought her to eat chilli pan mee coz when she was here working, all we had was mamak fried mee. Coz that was the only place that we thought we could afford to eat(which is quite expensive for a mamak).

Anywayssss... we didn't have anything in particular to do.. so... we made used of my laptop's webcam to take pictures wtf hahahaha. That's what she does when she's bored. Hmmm... no wonder she takes so much nicer pictures. Practice makes perfect!!

While the whole office was busy doing work.

Okok, except cheeky ChayChay... trying to kiss Firdy.


I think I should go back and catch up with Suet Li now. Byebye!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Flipping and Mcdreamy!!!

Remember I wrote a post about the Hong Leong Kiap Kiap game? Well.. now... they have a new game!

It's the fishing game! FlipFlopFlippy!!!It's in a way kinda like the Wii fishing game only...
Except that they have super loooonnnngggg eels that go electrocute you to stop you from getting the fishes. :( I hate the eels. See the stupid eel electrocute me...

When you catch a fish, it'll go flip flop flip flop! I guess that's why it's called FlipFlopFlippy(duh)!

And this time it's even better. By just playing the game AND getting kinda high score.. I might stand a chance to go to the fabulous 8 course dinner at JW Marriott KL AND the movie premier of Made of Honor right after dinner!!!
Anything with McDreamy and I'm gamed!!! Mmmm.. Yummyyy...

See lah... how to resist???!??


And some more it's a formal event... so I get to play dress up if I get to go!! Best (is what KY would say)!

AND!!!!! Guess what! I GOT A!!!!!! AND I GOT THE SCREENSHOTS TO PROVE IT!!! This was my uhhh.. 4th or 5th try I think.... At first I kept getting B's.

B again :( But!!! A better score!
B again!!! But almost A!!!!
Then!!! I got better. Yay!!!
And better!!!!
Although I think if you ask me to try again.. I can't straightaway get A. Sniff.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


I woke up from a strangest dream in the morning. Uhmm.. actually it's quite funny, but maybe I'll leave it for later.

Something has been bugging me since yesterday. Something which... shouldn't, but did anyway. A phone call to a certain someone which reminded me of the bugger. It shouldn't bother me anymore, I shouldn't care anymore. And I don't. I'm just reminded by how enraged I was by the things that person did.

It's a very very stupid small thing, but somehow I'm still bothered. Arrgghhh!! Cut long story short, that person dirtied my hometown. See? I told you it was a small thing.

I still remember vividly how it happened. It was like that. She came to 'visit' Penang. I was with him at the time, like always. Like good host/hostess we are (ha ha), we showed her around, brought her to places with food (duh) and stuff. I felt like she was never thankful thought, always always interrupting conversations and always want and need to be the center of attention. Of course I was annoyed, I tried to hide it but it might've showed.. I'm not sure.

Then this one day, we brought her to some street side with food so that she can try it. We bought 'mua chee'(some uhh.. gooey dough? with lots of crushed peanut and sugar) and then got a phone call, decided to go meet our other friends who're at McDonalds at that time.

So off we went, and then as it was a Sunday, parking was a nightmare. We couldn't find any parking for like.. maybe half an hour? Then we went into a small parking area, parked the car and got out. While walking, the guard called out to us and told us that we couldn't park there as it was a private car park or something like that.

So fine, we got back in the car and as he was reversing the car to get out, I saw something that pissed me off really badly. She threw or maybe a word better to describe this... put the empty styrofoam box? of finished 'mua chee' on the parking lot. As in.. it was beneath our car when the car was there. Like duh, of course it wasn't there before, and when our car leaves, it's obviously one of us who did that. And the guard would know.

At that time, I wasn't worried about what the guard would think of us. All I was thinking was that... how could she ever do that? Like.. throw rubbish anywhere in public as she pleases. She disgusts me. There was a rubbish bin in sight. She could've easily threw it there.

I was furious. And there she was.. acting like nothing had happened. Like she didn't do anything wrong!! By that time we've gone too far to go back.

When asked if she does this in her own hometown or just about anywhere, she just replied, "No comment."

If I had my way and had any courage, I would've smack her right across the face. But I didn't, I just kept it all inside. And not liking the fact that she sucks up to anyone who's somebody. I know this is just a very small thing, but she has done sooo many things to quite a lot of people, to me even when I didn't even do a thing to her, just to get on their good side or something, I don't know. I was hurt, yes. But she didn't know that.

Right now we're not friends, and I can say we never were. When we have friends in common that meet up, ok.. wait.. we don't have friends in common, coz I don't think they consider her as friends. But fine whatever. When I see her, I'll be civil and smile, but her!! She doesn't even acknowledge that I'm there even though she was staring right at me. It was as if.. I was invisible. I was pissed.

But now.. I don't care anymore.

Although.... it would be nice if I'll ever have the courage and just punch her on her face for all the hurt and self-doubt that she's caused me.

*imagining the punch and her going ouchhhh!!!*

Ahhhhh... I feel so much better now.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Cabbages & Condoms!

Ok, remember my preview?

Now.. don't go think wrongly ok? The picture's actually taken from a restaurant..

And the name of the restaurant is......


Yes... Cabbages & Condoms. I think it's a place catered to tourist coz when we reached there.. we don't see any Thai customers if you minus the ones where there's the young Thai girl and an old Ang Moh guy or something.

Ok.. it's very clear to see why the restaurant is named with a condom at the end coz most of the decorations are made from condoms and/or pill. I mean.. there's that hugeeeeee condom where it's made out of condoms (obviously). Or like... statues of people where the clothes are made out of condoms and pill. Stewie and the condom man.

The decoration on the lamp made out of condoms! Colourful ones. See! Can make flower some more!!!

I remember vaguely that there was also this statue of a guy... and the costume the guy was wearing was.... a superman costume! But of course, again... made out of condoms haha wtf. I don't think we took a picture of that though.

Another thing why I said it's more of the tourist attraction or whatever is coz the food there is not that spicy. Which is good for me and Stewie coz we don't like spicy food. Nah!!! Some of the food we ate.

What I like most, ok.. but this one's not as nice lah.. is the mango and sticky rice with coconut milk. The restaurant we went the night before ones were really really goooood. They even had their very own restaurant(home)-made coconut ice cream with uhh... jackfruit or something inside. But the one above is just vanilla ice cream. It seems that Thailand's vanilla ice cream is orange-y or caramel-ish like wan... not like.. white-ish.

Ok.. so, we were done with our food and we asked for the bill. You know when you ask for the bill, they will put sweets with the bill also? Well.. not this restaurant. With the bill, was four condoms. One for each of us.
And they're not just normal normal condoms! They're all flavoured condoms!!! We had two Chocolate Choco-Coconut and two Chocolate Choco-Orange.

And then as we were leaving for the hotel, walking out of the restaurant... we saw this!

Hahahahhahahaha... so cute.

"Sorry, we have no mints. Please take a condom instead!"

Then you will see the decoration of the box is the pill.. and inside the condoms.

Oh.. and there was also this poster ish like thingy.. which they also sell as T-shirts in their souvenir shop. Which is quite funny, I think it tells you when it's ok for you not to use a condom and when it's not.

Remember!!! Safety First!!!!

I guess this ends my trip to Bangkok.

p.s. There were like... at least 20 guys in the restaurant.. uhmm.. all ang mohs... dressed in jumpsuits and uhmm.. have a blonde wig. Some of them unzip their zipper till like low low and revealed their chest hair... and oh myyy they were sooo hairy. And there were stars on their jumpsuit!!

They looked something like this.
We think they might be some performers or something.. there were a looootttt of them. Forgive my drawing, I was lazy to draw the fingers.

Monday, May 12, 2008

My First Spaaaaaaa :)

I'm back! And I've my own trusty laptop to use now, don't need to hog Stewie's laptop. Ok, I suppose most of you would have read that we went for spa from "the other blog"!!!

But I'm going to write my own experience too. Just that uhmm.. there'll be no pictures. Most of them are up in "the other blog" anyway. Although I do have some from a place we went for dinner(coz the other blog haven't wrote about it yet heheh), and it was quite an interesting place I must say, got some souvenirs from there too!

Ok.. so... the spa! Mmmmm..

Never in my life have I been into a spa. So this was my first time too. I knew I always wanted to try it, sooner or later. I just kept putting it off or something, one, coz whenever we're (me & my family) there, it's kinda like.. known that my parents will be going for it and will either dump us kids at some shopping mall to browse for stuff (which I really don't mind) or just leave us be.

Plus! I'm kinda a very extremely ticklish person (eh... I tell you guys this, doesn't mean that when you see me you can tickle me ok? YOU TICKLE ME YOU DIE!!!) so.. the thought of someone massaging me or scrubbing me or whatever kinda delayed my visit to the spa or something.

Ok.. so what happened was.. we went to Chatuchak on Friday, which is well kinda dumb or something coz when I tell people that, they were like, "Why you go on Friday!!! You only go on Saturday or Sunday! That's when all the shops open!"

Then by the time we went back to the hotel, Sheena wanted to go for spa. And we weren't very keen on it, so we just stayed back in the hotel. Then not long after, they came back and told us that the spa was full so they made an appointment for the next day.

Ok.. so the next day comes, and we went to uhhh... some uhh... shopping place, which is suppose to be like Chatuchak except with air-con!! Had lunch at MK, which is a steamboat restaurant (the guys loves this, the girls were just ok with it) and then.. off we went for the spa.

Well, since we're not going to Chatuchak anymore, and we still got some moolah, coz we didn't spend much on shopping, we just spent on food and MEDICINE for Stewie (poor him got sick the first day we arrived :( ). So we thought, why not try the spa, since both of us have never tried before coz we're both ticklish wtf.

We did the Scrub (which they told us that they'll be using rice or something, but they pronounced it as lice)...

The Milk Bath (which didn't have much milk, clever James asked the lady to put more milk for his own bath, we didn't coz we're first timers. First Timers=Dumb Dumb/follow whatever the lady says)....

And the Aromatherapy Body Massage (which is actually quite nice, not really that ticklish at all, just at times... painful a bit)...
Ok.. it went like this!

1. Scrub

Scrubbing the feet - Hahahahahhahaha heheheheheh oooooh hehehhehehehehehe
Scrubbing the back - Oooooooooooooooh that is really niceeeee
Scrubbing the front(tummy) - Heheheheheheh ahahhahahahahahahaha

2. Milk Bath

It's just a milk bath. So it's nice and relaxing. Nothing ticklish here.

3. Massage

Massaging the feet - Oooooh ok... that's hmm.. quite nice.. not bad.. OW OW OWWWW my leg my leggggg.... the blood clot!!! OWWWWW... ooooooh.. ok.. now that's better. (Ok.. these were all me.. in my mind, of course it wasn't out loud lah.. later I scare away the lady wtf)
Massaging the back - Mmmmm that's quite nice.. ooooh ow ow ow!!! Pressure point!!! OWWWWWW!!!! Ooooh ok.. back to nice again..
Massaging the hand - Oooooh.. this is bliss.. mmm so niceeeee (this I love)
Massaging the tummy - Heheheehhehehehhehe ahhahahahahahahahhaha so ticklishhhh!!! (now this!! I laughed out loud and made the lady laugh also)
Massaging my head - Mmmm.. niceeeeee...

Ok.. So.. it went like that.. the whole process. Overall it's quite nice lahh.. I like it and I think I'd go back for more. Quite a few people say that they go Thailand for their massages and spas and shopping.

And since I didn't really shop much during my trip! As in.. the only thing I got myself was uhhh... a liquid eyeliner from Boots (their pharmacy while waiting for Stewie and Sheena to go to the toilet haha wtf) so I guess I shall want to go back to the spa if I were back to Thailand!!

The other post with pictures shall be coming soon haha. Nah... a preview wtf.

Friday, May 9, 2008


YAY!!!! There IS internet!!!!

And the best thing is that... IT IS FREEEEEEE!!!!!!

Ok... I read the comments on my previous post and it cracked me up a lot. "the other blog" hahahahahah.

The truth is.. you guys are soooooo wronggggg. I am no where near Bangkok or even Thailand! Oooooooh! I am in TAIWANNNNNN!!!!!!


I've never been to Taiwan before. Uhhhh... what else is there to say... Hmmmm.... there are a lot of buildings? And... people? Uhmmmmm.... uhhhhhmmmm.... uh oh. Looks like I still don't know much about Taiwan after being here for a day :(

Ok.. this is damn stupid. I want to lie also don't know how to lie properly wtf. Yes you caught me.. I am obviously not in Taiwan coz I've never been there before and don't know a thing about it. At first *ahem* asked to lie to you guys saying I'm in Taiwan, but I'm a bad liar. Soooo.....

Okayyyyy... I am in Bangkok!

Uhmm.. hmmm... we actually didn't take much pictures. We only realized today. Shall remember to take more pictures tomorrow! Uhh... actually, we did'nt exactly do a lot on Bangkok since we got here. Just eat, uhh.. browse at the atas atas shopping complexes coz too atas already, can see only, even if can buy also very painful.

We actually went to Chatuchak just now, it was sooooo freaking hot, and... uhh... I think we went too early, so.. most of the shops were closed. And in the end we went back to the hotel and here I am updating my blog hahahaha (after *ahem* finished his work).

Yes.. *ahem* spent quite a bit of his time working in the hotel room, but it's ok.. *ahem* needs to work. :)

Oh.. I brought my body lotion to Bangkok, put it in my luggage, checked in my luggage, and when I got it back, I opened it up. I realized that uhmm.. it burst open and all my clothes got body lotion :( :( :(

Uhmmm.. there are no really relevant pictures that we took for this post, soooo.. I'm not gonna put any. Hehehehe. Ok.. byebyeeee!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008



By this time tomorrow I shall be on a flight off to some place else!!!!
Oooooh, I can't wait.

My initial plan was to be like, once I reach there I shall blog about it. But I fear that it MIGHT be like last time where I couldn't find any internet connection and Bambi had to blog for me wtf. Soooo... I shall be away! And we'll see if the place I stay at has internet connection. Hopefully.

Now.. I'm going to call a cab to bring us to the airport tomorrow! Hope the cabbie shows, or else we're screwwwwweedddd :(

I foresee I shall be having a splendid time in Dudiduda. Yay!

Monday, May 5, 2008


Today.. I shall talk about the food that I've consumed over the past few days... those that I remember of.

Ok.. so there's today.. where I, and only me... ate a whole uhh.. packet of Arnott's Blackberry Flavoured Tartlets. There are uhh... 12 pieces of tartlets in it. And I forgot to take a picture of them. Only when I finished eating them I remembered to take a picture of it. So.... obviously I only took the picture of the packet.

But it's so soooo niceeeee. But I think I've been tartlet-fied a bit. Coz I had too many tartlets. Just like when there was a time when Stewie kept wanting to eat Genki Sushi.. and after like.. I dunno how long, I told him I cannot do it anymore(for now) coz I've been Genki-fied. :(

And thennn.. there's 2 days ago, when I had NEW ZEALAND NATURAL ICE CREAMMMM!!! :D :D :D

And same thing happened, halfway eating then only I remember to take a picture of it. It was so niceeeee. I wish I could have more but.. it's quite expensive. And I only found out that the flavour that I love love love(Toffee Caramel Cup) is uhhmm.. one of their low fat ice cream. Hahahaha. Coz I was telling the guy who scooped the ice cream for me that it melted so fast last time when I ate at the Curve unlike the one in KLCC.

Then it was kinda funny, coz he looked really shocked, he was like,"You mean... when I scooped it for you, by the time you ate it all melted already????" I think he thought I was accusing him, hahhahahahah. When I wasn't. Honest! Coz I don't think he was the guy who scooped for me the day before when we were with Ming and Cherie(our new NuffiePuff!).

I had my usual Toffee Caramel Cup (which I STILL haven't managed to eat the Caramel Cup itself, ish), Walnut Butterscotch (which was at first tasted a bit funny, Stewie didn't like it, but then I grew to like it), and my new fav, White Chocolate & Raspberry (which is just amazingly yummy!)

Ok ok, and then... there was FRIDAY!!!!

Where when we were all in the office, and we were feeling hungry in the evening, we decided to go downstairs to Bisou, to have some... desserts? Yeah. Chaychay was suppose to follow but then he had a phone call and suddenly work was piling up on him.

Ok, so there was me, Firdauz, Cherie, Yee Hou, Robb and his ZuZu(who's sooo adorable)! Then we were there choosing on what to eat. I chose the Banana Walnut Brownie, which is quite nice actually. But then right.. what happened was, the girl asked me if I wanted to add ice cream, so I thought hmm.. why not? So I said yes. It was damn nice.

Come I show you. Nah!

Nice right? But when the bill came. I went o_O

Coz the brownie was suppose to be RM8. But just coz I said yes to the ice cream, that THING I ate went more than double the price!!!! It was sooo shocking to me. I was so sad/pissed/full/contented/still pissed. I didn't know that the ice cream itself costs like... RM9!!!!! I mean... a freaking scoop of vanilla ice cream costs RM9!


The things I do for food. Eh.. actually I didn't do much did I? It's just the brownie. And as for the others, I was just greedy maybe (i.e. Tartlets).. Hmmm...

Friday, May 2, 2008







Which has........

*big breath*

Two All-Beef Patties,
Special Sauce, Lettuce,
Cheese, Pickles, Onions
On A Sesame Seed Bun!


Ok... you might be thinking, "Hmm.. what in the world are you blabbing about?"

So lemme share with you what happened a couple of days ago, when I was busy doing the cheques(which is all done and sent out by now!) and ChayChay asked me to do something out of the blue!

He just msned me those four lines.. and asked me to say it in 4 seconds. I thought it's unachievable.. coz it was quite long. But as I was busy and ChayChay just asked for 4 seconds, so I thought ahhh.. what the heck, just do it. And he never really tell me in detail what it was for.

Then!!!! After I do it already right... I asked him what is it for? Coz all I knew was that it was for McD's(obviously!)... and that it was a testing video thingy. And I wasn't really dressed appropriately coz come onnnnn... it was a dress down day and I knew I had a long day ahead of me.

BUT I was wearing the super duper cute T-Shirt that Ms. Lim Su Ann got for me as a gift from Bangkok! Thank you limsuann!!! It's a HappyTreeFriends T-Shirt! With Giggles and her brain being cut out, hehe! Ok.. that sounds a bit gory, but it's still cute nonetheless and I love it :)

Ok, uhh.. back to McD's. So then!!! I found out later that they were going to put THAT PARTICULAR VIDEO UP AT THE NUFFNANG WEBSITE!!!!!

I was like,"WTF!!!!!! WHY YOU NEVER TELL MEEEE?!?!!?"

And somemore I just saw it today, Firdauz uploaded it in youtube with his account coz I don't have one. And that video of me has like... freaking 238 views!!!! Who in the world are watching it? Coz it was only up like.. a day ago!!!


But oh well. What to do, what to do?

It's a contest where the winner could stand a chance of winning 10,000 Ringgit!! Now.. I must say... that is a lot of monehhhhhh! But thing is, the videos are judged by the creativity, relevance of content AND effort. Popular votes make up 40% of the judging scale, and McDonald’s own panel of judges make up the other 60%.

So you tell me lah.. how can I win liddat?? When I look liddat, and somemore my first and only try(but I got 3 seconds plus only! woohooo!!) and some more.. I didn't really put any creativity in and like.. no effort wan. I just have my stupid blur face at the end of the video and my voice going up coz I was like.. in a way, asking ChayChay if the video was ok -_-

Sighhh.. how liddat?? Sighhhhhhh... I'll never win the RM10,000. Sniff.

And coz ChayChay told me I've to put up my video in my blog to further humiliate myself (ha ha ha), so here it is lah.. me and my blur face. Sniff.

For more information, go check out the rules and stuff here!