Saturday, July 26, 2008


I'm a very indecisive person.

Lemme try to tell you how indecisive I am.

Ok, so I woke up this morning and felt like blogging. But then... when I turned on my lappie, I didn't really feel like blogging anymore. Then, a minute later, I wanted to blog again. But once I sat down, I didn't really feel like blogging anymore. So I went to bathe, while bathing, I was thinking that.. I should blog, then this indecisiveness will just go away wtf.

So here I am now. Blogging. Although, really.. I don't really feel like blogging now. It's the same with food and choosing what I want to eat. One minute I feel like eating this, then a second later I want to eat another thing.

Sighh... It's not good to be an indecisive person. I waste a lot of time because of this!!!


Oh oh!!! Another example is like.. uhmm... when choosing something to wear, I'll stand at my closet or well at this time.. my luggage(haha) for a long time before finally deciding to wear that particular outfit or something. Or well, mostly I just put on something, then a minute later decide to change to another outfit. Then 2 minutes later, I'd changed back to what I was wearing in the beginning.

This is so frustrating wtf.

Sighhh.... stupid head! Make up your bloody mind!!! Sheeshhh!!!

Ooooh ooooh!! I'll be finally watching The Dark Knight later!!!! Batmannnnn! Wheeeee! At the Curve! Woohoooo!!! And then will be meeting gorgeous Kim and bad Tiger later for dinner!!! Maybe weird KY who would walk soooooo far from klcc to Pudu just to eat the siu yoke rice and awesome awesome SuAnn, that is... well.. if she sees my sms later wtf.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Investment!!

I think I just made an investment wtf.

On a bag!

Don't shake your head yet!!! It's not exactly just a bag.. it's a soft case for me to keep my trumpet in it when I travel. And it's soooo much lighter and I can sling it on my back so no need to use my hand to carry it.

Uh oh.. why do I look naked wtfwtf...

Nahh.. another one to show you that I wasn't naked!

Like last time, my hard case is like.. soooo heavy it's not even funny. After lugging it around for quite some time, it'll become like super duper heavy. And I'll get an extra flap of hard skin on my hand wtf.

And with this, I can carry it around with me to KL or Penang or wherever and it's so much easier and lighter. :)

Haih.. ok lah.. I dunno what to write already.

Oh.. uhmm then I realized that I am broke edi coz spent so much on that bag wtf.. everyday have to eat biscuits.

See my sad face wtf. Ok I'm lying.. but everyday eat century egg porridgeeeee!!! Which is actually quite nice so I don't mind heh.

Haih.. ok lah, I'm bored.

I'm going to KL tomorrowwwwww!!! Wheeeeeee!

Monday, July 21, 2008

This is now.

I know I said there will be some pictures but guess what! I lied. Ok lah, actually I don't have the time to take pictures.

So now... I'm gonna talk about how my life is here wtf.

Ok, so basically it's like this. I wake up in the morning at about maybe 9am/10am ish (I know it's quite late but I will be waking up earlier when school starts) and then wrap myself in a towel and take my things to the bathroom and shower and brush my teeth, duh. Then, come back to my room and change.

Then walk to the bus stop and wait for the bus to go to YST Conservatory. Then practice my trumpet for about an hour or two ish. Then it's.... lunchtime!!!!!! After lunch, I'll come back to YST again and then practice for a few hours... if my lips and take it wtf. Then it's.... dinnertime!!!!!! Then uhh... I'll come back to my room, go shower and brush my teeth so I won't have to go out again later. And sit my butt down on the chair and here I am typing this.

There!!! This is my life now wtf. Nice or not!!!! I've been doing this everyday. Uhmm well, it's just that sometimes for dinner we will go out to the city or something. It's okay. It's gonna get tough. Hmm.

Oh.. yeah, we had the musicianship orientation like I mentioned in my last post. Guess what! Actually it isn't.. technically speaking. It's actually a placement test to see which class you would go to. There was sight-reading (ughh!! sucks for me a lil bit coz I had to transpose :( ), composition wtf, theory, singing and stuff. Haha.. it was scary but quite fun lah I guess.

Uhmm... What else... oh.. uhmm.. I know my parents won't be happy when they read this haha.. I am still living out of my suitcase. SOOOOO.... I'm going to go unpack now. I promise. No more excuses sitting here surfing the web. NO!! I shall go unpack properly now! Yes I shall.

So uhh... off I go now.. to unpack wtf.

right after I finish talking to Sklyer... heh heh...

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Sigh sigh sigh.. I know I haven't been blogging much. But I have a reason!!!!

Reason is.. I've been quite busy. Uhhhh... what else.



Oh!!! I know! I have a musicianship orientation tomorrow wtf. We're suppose to bring our instruments during the thingy.



Can I blog tomorrow? Coz then I'll take some pictures and post it up!!


Ok, babai.


Wednesday, July 16, 2008




Just came back from Oxford Street, went to Guardian to buy some stuff. AND!!!!

I didn't check my bag after I paid for my stuff.

I bought 3 things and ended up with 2!!!!!!




And what sucks is that among the 3 things, the one that I needed MOST was the one the stupid forgetful cashier didn't put in. Haih... I know lah.. it's also my fault that I didn't check. BUT STILL!!!!! No excuses for her!! She should be doing her job right!!! Hmph!


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Just Breathe

Ok, this will prolly be a short one coz well.. not only I didn't exactly get better, I'm having trouble breathing and I don't know why. Like.. really. It's like someone has closed off a part of my throat or something. Wtf is wrong with me?? Sigh.

During this afternoon, I've had quite a lot of mixed feelings, I mean... I think I can call it as that, which of course I'm not gonna tell you everything coz some things are meant to be kept private. I think it has set in, I am sooo totally terrified of the coming months. Fine. Years. Just put in any synonym of scared and I'm it.

The people here, well at least my batch, are like.. I think at least maybe 85% from mainland China. I'm not sure if I wrote about it in my last post but I'm not gonna be bothered to check. I'm terrified coz I know for sure they're gonna be like... WHOAAAA. And like how one of my friends, also from Malaysia, illustrated it as.. ok, picture this.

There's this plate of Mango Chicken (only coz we ate that for dinner which is actually quite nice, it's like home-cooked food in a way) and he used his spoon and scooped up a teeny tiny bit of the mayo and said. There... THIS is our talent. And THAT(the whole entire plate of Mango Chicken) is THEIR talent. They're that good.

Although one of the advisers? I think. I guess I could call that guy as our adviser. Told us that we all have our own weaknesses and strengths. And well, we.. might be a lot better in the English language than them, but they're very very strong in their practical, which we lack. :( And that is an extremely crucial part studying here.

So we're (meaning uhm.. 3 of us Malaysians and some other people I think, oh and there're only 3 of us Malaysians I think, or maybe one more I'm not sure coz the person hasn't arrived yet, or maybe I heard wrong) are exempted from the English Language class coz he thought that we could use the time to practice our instruments. Although!!! All of us will have to take QET(Qualifying English Test... I think) this Friday. AND!!! If we were to fail, we gotta take extra English classes for the semester I think. Quite a lot of the seniors said that the test wasn't really easy.


Competing with them is gonna be sooo freaking hard. When maybe half of them studied in like.. music schools before coming here. I think. Sighhhh...




uh oh... I think I stopped breathing.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Die you pest! DIEEE!!!!

Sigh, I know I said that I was gonna blog yesterday, but yesterday... I was feeling like shit. I was so sick it wasn't even funny. I had uhmm.. sore throat, lots of sneezing and blocked nose, a teeny tiny bit of coughing and lots and lots of body ache. And what's amazing is that even my toes and fingers hurt!!!

But I'm feeling so much better today, thankfully. Coz orientation starts tomorrow, which is uhmm.. today coz I'm planning to publish this post at 12am. I hear we're gonna do our medical check ups tomorrow. I hear there'll be needles. Oh, I hope there won't be any running done during the orientation, coz I can't run yet. But I can walk up and down the stairs quite properly edi.

Oh.. actually I just realized this when KY told me. I didn't mention that I'm already in Singapore. Hahahahahha. He thought my previous post was a picture of my room in Penang coz I didn't specify. Hahahahahhaa. Oh well, I am indeed in Singapore already. Staying in uh.. lemme check, Prince George's Park Residence.

Keeping me company is my Hello Panda biscuits by Meiji which I <3.>And this is my key. Or a transponder as they call it. I use it to access only my floor and my room. Haih, seems so cool although it's prolly a normal thing wtf.

ANDDDD!!!! My bed looks a bit different now!! Nah!!

Can you see it? Yes???

I have a new fluffy pillow and a bolster now!!! Coz seriously, I couldn't really sleep on the first night, coz the pillow was too uhmm.. how can I say it. Hmm, if you sleep on it, it's like there's nothing at all, it's like your head is on the mattress itself. So I had to practically sleep on Banana on the first night, which is NOT a bad thing coz Banana is very nice to sleep on. Except that I'm scared that it'll lose a lot of weight if I were to sleep on it too much. :(

And yes that is my trumpet case beside my bed which serves me as my uhmm... phone/alarm clock stand wtf. Coz I don't have an alarm clock so I use my phone as the alarm clock wtf.

Oh.. andddd!!! Apparently there's a new pest in my room. No lah, actually it's been there edi the first day, I just didn't know that it was that bad.

The new pest is!!!! Ants. Stupid annoying lil ants. Crawling all over my things. So I went to the shop uhh.. near here. Asked the shop lady coz I couldn't find an ant killer coz all I see was mosquitoe killer and cockroach killer. And got this!!!!


Haih.. no matter. Anywayssss... the nice lady told me that she uses this thingy in her own home also. Says that it works. Well I myself have never seen such a thing. But I thought, ah what the heck, I just need to get rid of them. And what's irritating about it is that it's on my desk. AND!! I just found a few crawling around my bed! Horror of horrors!!!

So I open the packet and found this!! I was bewildered by it wtf. I've never seen such a thing. So I'm suppose to throw "poison crumbs" all over my table and hope that the ants will take it back to its home to give it to their family and they all die together? Or the greedier ones who eat it all by itself and dies on the spot?? Aih what to do? Already buy so have to use.

What's the joke is that I didn't have any scissors with me wtf. I didn't know that I needed scissors. Actually I didn't even bring pencils with me wtf. I only have a couple of them for the scores in my trumpet case. I only had a nail clipper with me, so I tried opening it with the nail clipper. It didn't work wtf.

I had to walk all the way to the store again to get me a scissors wtf. THEN open it and put these crumbs around my table and wherever I want to to kill all the damn ants.

Nah.. the scissors which cost me 1 dollar & 90 cents wtf. Somemore got a cap to close the sharp part although it's not really that sharp anyway.
And... suprisinglyyyy... it worked!! In a way. Either that or the ants are sleeping and they're not coming out wtf. I saw an ant an hour ago, just beside me... and i think it was the greedy ant, coz it was dying wtf. I suppose it took a bite of the "poison crumb" and died. Bwaahahhahahaha... I feel so good.

By next week my room will be free from ants!! And the box says that it works on cockroaches too! Well I certainly hope so, coz I'm terrified of 'em. I'll run if I see one, and especially one which flies.. eeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

I am Sick :(

Haih... somehow someway I managed to fall sick right after I cleaned up my room.

I think I'm too sick to blog now... sniff.

Can't breathe...

Nah... a preview of my room.

Sorry lah.. that I didn't tuck in the bed sheet properly.. coz it's too big and I got headache. And also my bed sheet is too big for the bed.

And yes.. that is Banana.

I shall go sleep with Banana now. Will blog tomorrow lah.. I promise. That is.. if my headache is goneeeeee!


Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I actually wanted to blog yesterday, but dunno how the time flew by sooooooo quickly. Sigh.

I wanted to change my blog skin. I browsed and browsed and browsed like there's no tomorrow wtf. And then!!!! I finally found something that I quite like. And you know what's the funny thing? I put the code thingy all in edi right? THEN!!!! It won't work!!!! Dunno why :( I noob :(

Why I wanted to change was coz well.. I wanted a change, duh! And I'm also leaving for Singapore this Friday!! Which is like.. soooon o_O And I find that my current blog skin is a bit.. hmm.. dark. So I want something white, well not white white until you become blind. But something... fair? Hahahahhhaahhaa.. Haih. Dunno when that'll ever happen.

And you know what happened? I didn't know that my blog template changed until Simon msned me and asked me if I'm changing my blog skin or not. You see!! I noob or not? Haih.

Oh.. I have something else to say. And it's about a movie titled P.S. I Love You. I love love love love LOVE the book, thank you
limsuann for getting it for me for my bday. (which uhh.. I'm suppose to lend you the book after I finished it, but I'm going away on Friday and you going away in August wor.. HOW???) But the movie??? It was another thing!!! Haih.

I got soo disappointed that they screwed the movie. And I personally find any movies ok, but I don't know why I didn't think so for this one. Well, maybe it's coz I've read the book. Hmmm... They changed a lot of things. It didn't go like how it went in my head when I was reading the book. :(

I mean, you can see how bad it is when only 20 mins into the movie and 2 people have left the building wtf. And 60 mins into the movie, Bambi already wanted to shut it off but I managed to stop him hahaha. Haih...
I understand when you have to change some things here and there.. but to me, it's like a whole different story.

And very very sadly to say, the acting also wasn't that good :( Bambi kept saying how he expected better from Hillary Swank. Haih.
So sad, so sad. Bambi was saying today how he remembered that when I was reading the book, I would suddenly cry (ok lah, maybe not like cry until like baby but got tears in my eyes) or laugh out loud. But the movie didn't make me do that. :(

I don't know why Cecelia Ahern would let them make the movie until it turns out sucky. Haih... HAIH....

Haih... I'm too sad to blog now already lah, coz I'm reading about it in wikipedia. Nah.. I give you the link and you can read yourselves.. and see what SIGNIFICANT differences there were in the movie.

Haih... nah.. it's
here. :(

this is the real story which is really very very niceeee. I love.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Just another day

I really have not been blogging much have I?? Hahaha...

Sigh.. ok I know I said I won't be talking about my leg anymore but I promise this will be my last one. The stitches are out and the results are in. I won't be dying anytime soon and I still will have both my legs. Yay! :)

Ahhh.... once I got the stitches out, the night itself I went to the cinema with the Nuffie boys in Penang and Firdy since he came down also. And we watched WANTED!!! Bwahahahaha. And you know what? Angelina Jolie was really.. I must say.. really hot in that movie. Oooooh.. and believe me, I don't say a woman's hot very often. Even Bambi agrees!

And thennn.. oh.. that was last night Friday. This afternoon Saturday, we watched Hancock!!! We were suppose to be watching together with the Nuffnangers in our lil private screening but coz of my leg, I couldn't make it. It's quite ok other than the fact that the cinema kept censoring the word asshole until dunno what they're saying edi.

Ok, seriously, I just reread what I just wrote and I feel like... ugh.. dunno lah. Like damn sien. I don't really have anything interesting to oooh lemme share with you something that cracked me up. Might not crack you up. But.. oh well.

Bambi says:
Bambi says:
woooo ooooo
Bambi says:
oooo oooo
Bambi says:
wenqi says:
what are u writing
wenqi says:
Bambi says:
Bambi says:
Bambi says:
i singing that song
wenqi says:
what issit?

And you know what it was? It's Ne-Yo's song - Because of You.

Hahahahahhahahahhahahahha... you know... the beginning of the song? Where he went Wooo oooooooo... OooooooOoooo... Oooooh.

Hehehehehehhehe... why do you always crack me up Bambi? Hahahahahahahhahaha....

Oh.. I forgot.. apparently what I had was the blood vessel tumour.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Ok, I think I shouldn't/can't talk about my leg already coz I just realized that most of my posts before this if not all, are all about my leg wtf.

Just to update, yes I'm better and walking/limping without feeling THAT MUCH pain. I can finally walk! Yippee!! And I'll be going back to the hospital on Friday to get the stitches out and the report of the "wantan" will be out also.

Why I haven't been blogging a lot is coz I honestly don't know what to blog about. And I don't want to keep on talking and talking about my leg wtf. I haven't been out of my home for more than a week already. Ever since I came back to Penang after the Nuffnang Wild "Live" Blogging Party, I was "shipped" off to the hospital and after the surgery, I was "shipped" back home.

I haven't seen the outside world for more than a week already. Ok, don't count the one time that I went to the hospital last Friday for a check up. That one doesn't count ok?

Sigh... at least Bambi is here to accompany me. Although he's like working, walking up and down on the phone, kind of ignoring me BUT it's still someone. I don't feel that lonely anymore, heh heh.

I've been watching a lot and a lot of movies and series lately, but I think most of you already know that wtf. Oh, and I kinda fell in love with this song. Ok lah, maybe not in love lah. But I think it's very sweet and cute. It's by Jason Mraz and it's called I'm Yours. I'm not sure but I keep hearing different versions of it. Maybe there's something wrong with my ear.

Here's the official video of the song. I think... heh.

Haiyah... ok lah.. I dunno what to say already. Oooh oooh... I know what I'll do now, I shall go back to eating my pint of New Zealand Natural's ice cream, my favorite one... Raspberry and White Chocolate. Thank you Hui Li and Caryn for getting it for me :)

Although I think they cheated us... they didn't put full full wtf. :(

p.s. Have you guys seen the Happy-O-Meter???? It's sooo cool and cute!! Heehehehehe..

p.s.s. Oh.. the boys and girls who have cashed out in May, you can expect your cheques soon. I don't know if it matters if I say this here or not, but please if you guys read this, please do make sure that you guys have your payee name correct, ok? If not, it's very troublesome. ;)

p.s.s.s. I actually wanted to say something else wan.. but then I so conveniently forgot already :(