Thursday, November 27, 2008

I'm legal!

So..... I'm legal now, well that's what everybody says. I turned 21 yesterday. And I guess usually, people have like great big parties when they turn 21, or uhmm the sweet 16 I think. But I think, or at least I'd like to think that I think of birthdays as well... just another day, it may be special or may not be. It's just another day. And uhmm.. you're also older. There's no need for like a huge celebration of birth or anything.

Anyways, I'm just gonna write about how my day was.

So my day began at around 11.20am, when I received a phone call from my mom telling me that I've to go fetch my sis from school. Hahahaha. So I dragged myself outta bed and then uhm.. went to fetch her.

Oh I almost forgot, the night before I had pessoc, so when I came home, Auntie Lynn and her family(our family friends) and well my family were waiting for me. With a cake that my mom and sis baked while I was gone. I remember vaguely during dinner time, I saw the cake tins on the dining table, and I asked my mom, "oh you baking a cake?"

She was like, "yeah." But the funny thing was it never ever crossed my mind that they were baking a cake for me hahahaha. Anyway thank you very much for the cake, it was uhmm.. butter pecan cake with apricot jam in the middle or in between or something like that. It was delicious! She said it was suppose to be walnut but apparently walnut is cheaper nut so it's not that nice... or something like that. So she changed it into pecan, which tasted really good. No kidding!

Anyways I don't have a picture of the cake they made for me. But what I do have... are pictures of the cake we made for my mom(I did the cutting my sis did the baking haha). Yes, my bday is on the 25th, and my mom's on the 26th. I guess they were definitely planning for me to come out on the 26th but I just can't wait and popped out. Oh and many things happened to the cake!

Lemme show you. Ok, first there was this...
Nice or not?! I cut wan.. the heart shape!! It was literally made out of love.

See! How smooth it is... glazed with uhm... homemade chocolate mint icing I think.
Then... when we found out we had to bring the cake out.. coz Auntie Lynn asked us for coffee and told us to bring the cake too. So we kinda panicked coz it wasn't pretty! So after 10 minutes it came out looking like this(which btw both of us think it looked worse!).
And then, when we were at Starbucks, there were some hoo haa.. and in the end, the cake looked like this! Hahahahahaha....
But all was good, it was still edible and nice. Haha. Oh so anyway, this was today. Yesterday what I did was.. uhmm, ok lemme think back.

Woke up, fetched my sis. Came back and had lunch which was japanese food that my mom brought back. Then I spent my afternoon watching OTH. OH!!! I almost forgot. My sis baked cookies and I helped. Uhmm.. okay. They were cookies made without flour and they're suppose to be healthy.

Allow me to illustrate, with pictures included.

First there was the batter which consisted of uhmm lots of things. Oats, oats, all sorts of nuts, a lil tad too much of raisins(according to my parents who ate it) and uhmm.. oats. Oh! And peanut butter. I know... it doesn't exactly look very appetizing here.
Then after mixing it all up together... we uhh start to make the cookies? I made heart shapes again(I don't know what's up with me and hearts these days) and my sis made good old traditional round ish shapes.
Uhm.. next put it into the oven. While putting it in, my sis will be shouting away, "Pigmentation! Pigmentation!!!" Then will come ask me, "Would you like to have some pigmentation??" Hahaha.
Then the our home will smell like freshly baked cookies and we will also smell like cookies. Which I guess can be a good thing or a bad thing. Depends on people.

When the cookies are done, bring them out and they'll look so yummy. Although... I don't think I know how to eat 'em. As in, I like crunchy cookies, not so much chewy cookies. These are chewy.
Thus ends the cookie part.

So, after making the cookies, I continued watching OTH, hahahaha... sad I know. But it was good! Then everyone came back and we got ready to go for dinner. We went to The Sire, apparently a fine dining place which my dad treated us for dinner. Thanks you, father.

Which was honestly... the food was just okay. It wasn't great. It was just okay. Although sometimes, pictures lie.

My mom had lamb shank. And it didn't really look good. It tasted ok, I think. She didn't quite like it. The vege thingy on the side, which all of us got except my sis coz she ordered pasta, wasn't good at all. And it did look kinda dull-ish. Didn't really taste good.

And this is my sis's pasta. I forgotten what pasta it was. She didn't finish it as she had her tomato soup earlier, and that was not bad.
Oh, wait I just remembered. She had cabonara.

Ok, I... on the other hand, and my dad also. Had tenderloin. Which was quite nice at the beginning. I had mine medium so it was quite juicy.
And my sister who doesn't really take beef, or doesn't want to coz she wants to follow my mom, had a bite of my beef.

All of a sudden, she gasped really loud and went,"OMG!!!! I think I love beef!!!!"


Well.. it did looked good and tasted good. So... haha.

And that ends my birthday. Oh.. wait, I think after that we went home and I continued watching OTH. And I finished the season. Oh and when the clock striked 12am(technically the time on my phone), I went downstairs to get the pig and went to my mom's room and lay it on her bedside table. Wanted to wish her a happy birthday but she was asleep already. Well, anyways.. happy birthday again, mother. I hope you had a good one.


Monday, November 24, 2008


I'm homeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Although I'm like sniffing here and there coz of some dust I think but I'm homeeeeeeeee!

And the best thing is.... my brother bought One Tree Hill dvds last time. And it's the season that I'm watching!!!! Sooooo... I won't need to wait for the thingy to loadddddd! Yay!

Oooooh.. my schedule is gonna be like.. damn packed. I guess it's a good thing... in a way. Let's see. So tomorrow I've a massage thingy in the morning coz of the leg cramps I've been getting. I hope I won't be giggling all the way.. if not worse, cry in pain haha. Then pessoc at night. Then.. well basically free-ish until this Sunday.

When I'll shoot off to KL for mpyo camp and tour. Then on the 16th of dec fly straight back from KK to Penang for pessoc's music camp. Then the concert on the 23rd of dec. Thennnn... only I'm free. Phewww..

Oh wow.. I just realized that it's a month from now. Oh dear. That's long.

Oh well, at least it'll be fun. I mean... I really sure hope so.

Okay... I think Imma head to bed first and start my day home tomorrow when I wake up at home.

Goodnight everybody! I'm gonna sleep on my own bed (with the silly teddy bear sailors and ships and starfish bedsheet included as you can see) in the comfort of my home now.

Goodnight world :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Hello everybodyyyy!

Ok, I'm now on my One Tree Hill marathon. And I'm very slow. Only at season 4, sigh. But Imma catch up. Then.. there's Grey's Anatomy... Ahhhh... Dr. Mcdreamy*swoons*

And then there's Brothers & Sisters which is really really good too. I watched that when I had my operation and couldn't walk and was stuck in a chair.

Yesterday was Heroes marathon.. I watched the whole of season 2 and up to episode 8 in season 3. Hahahahhaha... Heroes is quite nice you know. I hate Arthur Petrelli. Hmph!!!

So I'm having my lil break now, and I'm gonna do my dear brother a favour and show you guys this.

He just started this blog(haha) and the purpose of that blog is to sell off some of his stuff which he doesn't really use anymore.

In comes...

I mean.. the title says it all right?

Ok, so what I know is that he wants to sell of his PS2 which comes with 47 games!!!!!!!!! o.O

Coz he has two of them. I do not know how he has two of them but he just do. Or maybe it's one but another one is uhh... ok I forgot what the other one is.

Ok, not only PS2 lahh. I'm sure got other stuff like uhh.. books.

So.. if any of you guys are interested, you can go there to check it out!

Okie dokieeeee.. back to one tree hill!!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ribbit... Ribbit....

This is gonna be a picture post! Since I'm kinda awake now coz I suddenly woke up sick this morning, went for my exam and lunch then came back to take a nap (coz I was feeling very woozy and body aching and all that shit) which.. uhh.. lasted from 1.30pm-9pm hahahahaha.

So while trying to kill time, I did this!

This is the instruction manual haha. Of.. well, you can see it for yourself by the end of this post.

First and foremost, I have this.

Then I fold it into half which looks like what it looks like below.

Next I fold the top part into half again.

Then into triangles on both side.

Which.. in the end, when you open it up.. the creases looks like this.

Then I did some magic and turned it into this.

Ok lah.. it's not really magic lah.. it's very easy only.

After that, I fold the bottom part into half.

So it looks like this in front.

Then I fold both the sides inward. Like thattttt...

Which makes the front look like thisssss... Looks like a house with eyes and 2 leaves on top.

Then I fold the bottom part again into half.

Then I make triangles again. Small ones.

Then I open it up and twist and turn and all that magic and turned it into this. Like a boat.

Then I pull the flaps down. Like this..

And then I make the legs.

And the hands.. so from the back it looks like this. Sorry a bit wonky coz the paper quite hard.

So from the front, it looks like this.

This is not done yet. Coz you want a frog that can leap. Not a static frog!

So I make it look like it has very very bad tummy ache.

Then fold it into another half. From side view it looks like this.

So.. voila! I have my jumping frog now!!!!

Cute or not!!! Ribbit ribbit... ahhh.. too bad I can't kiss him and turn him into prince charming who will love and cherish me for the rest of his life. Sighh... I can only dream..

Ok, I shall go force myself to sleep now. Coz still feeling dizzy, sigh.. And I've orchestra dress rehearsal tomorrow morning and the concert's at night. Someone please kill me.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Brass Quintet B (heheh)

Oh look! I'm blogging again!!!


3 days in a row... phwoarrr!

But today I'm just gonna post a video clip of... guess what?

Uhmm.. it's us (Brass Quintet B, coz we haven't thought of a name for our quintet yet) playing the Western Fanfare by Eric Ewazen. It's one of the pieces our quintet was playing for that night.

This was the second piece that we were playing for that night. I think we were all quite nervous during the first one, so playing everything quite carefully. And by the time it came to the second piece, which was Western Fanfare, I guess we all just let go and had fun with it. It wasn't perfect or anything but you know (then again, nothing's perfect in this world in a way), we did our best I guess and this is it!

Tell me what you guys think! :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Beloved Ice Cream Guy <3

I met my ice cream guy today...

thus got a huge serving of raspberry and white chocolate..

*and 20% off! Shhhh!*

Ahhh... bliss.

I'm almost always become instantly happy after seeing him. Oh.. or am I too easy being pleased? Hmm...

It's an amazing thing how just one scoop of my favourite ice cream makes me ecstatically happy.

I can finally sleep happy now.

Oh no wait.. I've to go back to studying for my exam tomorrow.

Darn it! :(

But I'm still happy for the day coz I got my ice cream for the day!

Monday, November 10, 2008


After having a few crappy days in a row, ok fine.. not all moments were crappy, but most of them were. Anyway, you know what I realized?

I realized that.. I really really really can't wait to get home. As in.. home home. My own bed. My own bathroom. That home. And oh yes.. my mom's cooking. Now.. that! I really miss.

And I'm very ashamed to say that this is like.. the first time ever that I'm missing home and my family, in a way. *I'm sorry, famiwee, it's not that I don't miss you guys*

Oh look who just called. My family. And they're having dinner now. My mom made Orange Chicken. At least that's what they told me.

Sheesh.. and I don't get to eat.


Ok, I've decided that once I'm home, I'm gonna ask my mom if she can cook for me uhhmm... her pasta(not very sure which type I want yet tho, I'm thinking tomato base!), the chicken breast topped with chopped tomatoes and stuff with cheese on top baked in the oven. Those are the only two things I'm craving now.

Ooooh ooh! And my sister's homemade cookies. Her lemon puffs. Hahaha that one's quite fun to make although she hates baking cookies with me coz she says I give up or get bored halfway making them.

Oh oh! And you know what else I miss?

TV. To be more specific, tv series. Hahahahahahaha. I think I might watch a lot of them when I'm back although I don't think I have much time, coz I have 2 music camps during the holidays.

MPYO which is the tour!!!!! And PESSOC back in Penang playing the Beethoven 9th. I'll be busy busy busy. But I guess it's quite a good thing for me to be busy now. Gets my mind off some things that I don't want to and shouldn't worry about. Teehee.

Just two more weeks and I'll have all that. Can't wait. Ooooh.. can't wait.

Ok, I've to go shower and finish my halfway done theory and study for the exams/tests Imma have this Wednesday and Friday.

Oh, on a side note, I had a very very weird dream yesterday. As I had an ear training test today, which was quite scary for me coz I think I can't really hear shit, I dreamt that I was late for my test. And then in the end my teacher won't let me take it. And then I failed. That was the dream. Oh, and then I think I cried coz I failed. hahaha. That was the dream.

In real life... I almost woke up late again coz I don't know... I didn't hear my alarm went off. Which is technically my phone. I don't know whether I off-ed it automatically or my phone has become wonky.. coz this has been happening for quite a number of times. Luckily for me, I woke up on time, showered and went to school and took the test. And I won't digress on how it went. Hahahahahahahahaha.....

*falls off chair*

Saturday, November 8, 2008


This is me being all oh... so unproductive in the practice room.

I'm apparently going psycho counting my fingers according to Chun Kheng(hahahaha).

Me assignment/presentation I had to do later that day.

Feeling constipated wtf.

Uhh.... peace? Anyone?

I am the sun!!! Teehee..

(all photos courtesy of Chun Kheng *big shiny eyes*)

Okay.. I shall go get some shut eye it's already coming to 4 freaking 30 am. Bahhh....

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


You know, I sometimes find myself wonder why I keep a blog. As in, like... what a blog is for, in a way. Yes, I guess I could use it to vent out all my anger or write down my happy memories so that I don't forget them. Coz you know, I've a memory of a fish. Seriously, I can't even really remember what I ate yesterday! So I guess it serves a purpose for me.

Ok, wait I've to go cut my nails first, they're bothering me coz they're a bit long. Yeah I somehow don't keep long nails. Used to. But haven't been for a long long time.


Ok, done! Where was I?

Oh shit, I forgotten what I wanted to say. See! I'm not lying about my memory. Uhmm... lemme think back.

*after a minute or two (serious! I'm not lying)*

Damn. I don't remember. Ahhh whatever this is my blog anyway right? I can write whatever I want to! Except... sigh. That is so not true. The truth is, I can't. I can't ever blog whatever that I please. People read this, and then if it's like I dunno... if you're writing about how much anger you have and stuff, people will uhmm.. actually I don't know what people will do. The thing is, people read. Not to say a lot but it's still a substantial amount for me.

And it sometimes really really frustrates the hell outta me that I can't just say what I want and when I feel like it. Like, I'm not having a good day today. Nope, not at all. It's a very pissy day for me. And I think I scared a few people haha. And if I wanna just vent it out here, I can't. I can't just write what I want. Well I guess technically if I'm brave enuff or something like that I could. But I'm not and I won't. Like I wanna write about how angry/sad/disappointed I am but...

Damn it.

Ok, you know what? Since this is like going no where.. I'm gonna blog about something relatively happy and fun for me. Ok, scratch relatively. It was a good week for me.

And you know why? Because.. the Boston Brass was here! And.... I have pictures! Although.... most of them didn't come from my camera, I don't know why. But still, there's pictures.

I had like.. a total of 3 performances together with my quintet. This is us. Brass Quintet B. HAHAHAHAHA. There was like an inside joke, I mean I guess you can call it that. Coz we didn't have a name for our quintet and so in the programme that night, our brass quintet's name was like Brass Quintet B. Coz there was another group which was Brass Quintet A.

Ok, maybe it's not that funny to you. Anyways..... this is us backstage after the concert. See, everyone's face is like damn relieved haha.

From left, ChingLing, WeiPeng, Boon Hua, HuangShan and last but not least! Me! :)

It was like.. well, very scary for me. I've never ever performed in front of an audience with just 4 other people together with me. It's just so scary but I think we did well. It wasn't bad. No one boo-ed us haha. Thank god!

And the Boston Brass's performance was just... amazing. To me anway, and I'm sure to quite a lot of other people that came that night. Everyone was like, cheering... screaming even! And when the whole concert is done, they(Boston Brass) had their lil autograph session out in the foyer. And oh my... they have like.. lots and lots of groupies hahaha.

This is me and the Boston Brass(after their groupies left haha).

From left: Jeff and Jose who both plays the trumpet. Andrew who plays the tuba. Uh.... me. J.D. on the french horn and Lance on the trombone+euphonium.

I got my poster autographed by all of them too! Which is up on my wall in my room now.

And this is me with Jose Sibaja(lead trumpet).

He.. has quite an interesting life. One fun fact for you guys. He played the trumpet for Ricky Martin for 9 freaking years! Which meant that.. he toured with Ricky Martin and stuff. He's a really funny guy, from Costa Rica with an extremely sexy accent according to Kelly haha. And he can really play the trumpet, notes so high up that.. pwoarrr.... I'm speechless.

And this.. I mean.. above. Is a picture of me, ChingLing and Jeff. Plus Jose trying to put bunny ears on the both of us. Jeff, is a really nice guy, I think I can say that. In a way, because of how he looks, during their performances, the guys will always pick on him. It's very funny. Haha. Like how they'll be describing each member from Boston Brass. And when it came to Jeff.

Lance said,
"And here we have Jeff Conner. And... he likes chicken."


And then not only that, they were playing some song titled Chicken or something for their encore. So they dedicated that song to Jeff coz he loves chicken so much. And when they were playing, Jose made chicken sounds by using his trumpet. It was so funny. You just have to be there to see it. Well, granted I'm actually quite easily amused by things.

I really hope that they'll come again next year. We learned a lot of things just in one week. And then we also went for supper... a very very long and expensive supper (which came up to SGD460++, and it's like the first time that I've eaten prawn since I came to Singapore, tiger prawn some more. Freaking huge!) with the Boston Brass. Coz they had an early flight the next morning so none of them were gonna sleep. So we hung out at the Newton Food Court or something like that until 3.30am ish. And more. It was quite a fun night.

Ok, I think this blog post is getting a bit long, till next time!